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NSA disables FFWN!

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False Flag Show Trial in Boston

1) Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy “Guilty!”

2) Boston Marathon bomb trial: FBI agent mistakes Grozny for Mecca in Twitter photo

5) Judy Clarke, Dzhokhar’s attorney, in apparent violation of Rules of California Bar

False Flag 9/11

6) Farrakhan: ‘Lying, murderous Zionist Jews’ behind 9/11

47 Traitors

11) Did Congressional “traitors” violate the Logan Act?

12) Obama flips off Bibi with Nowruz celebration at White House

13) Ohio terrorism suspect wanted to shoot Obama in head – a message from Bibi?
14) Obama/Holder retaliates: Does Sen. Menendez bust involve drugs & child sex slaves?

False Flag ISIS

17) Almost 50,000 Twitter accounts linked to ISIL

War on Russia
22) Dempsey proposes sending lethal aid to Ukraine
24) Saving ancient artifacts as new justification for invading ME to take out Assad
26) Game Changer How Russia’s S-400 makes the F-35 obsolete 
27) Wolfowitz doctrine driving world to war (Paul Craig Roberts)
Crimes of Zion
28) Times of Israel staff call for nuking Iran and Germany
29)  Israel demolishes EU funded shelters,7340,L-4635604,00.html

30) French Cartoonist Zeon Arrested for Anti-Zionist Work 

32) Ex-Mossad Chief describes Netanyahu’s speech as “bullshit”
War on Freedom
33) “Vigilant Guard”: Humvees with machine guns go door-to-door in South Carolina
34) Wisconsin capital marked by third day of protests after police shooting

Odds & Ends
36) Nearly 33 percent of the Americans above age 16 are not part of the workforce

39) Swedish official confirms chemtrails are real

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