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Bob Cornuke on lost & found Temple Mount, Tom Goodrich on WWII anti-German holocaust

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First hour: Christian Zionist Bob Cornuke of Bible Archeology Search and Exploration Institute says the “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem – the site of al-Aqsa mosque, the Islamic world’s oldest and greatest architectural monument – is NOT the site of Solomon’s Temple…so the Zionists can stop desecrating and planning the demolition of the mosque. Quick, somebody call off the Crusade!

Second hour: Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944—1947, argues that the REAL “holocaust” of World War II was not the Nazi killing of 6 million (or was it .6 million) Jews, but the deliberate and militarily useless Allied mass murder of millions German and Japanese civilians by firebombing; the murder of more than a million German POWs who were either slaughtered by the “take no prisoners” Allies or deliberately starved to death; the Morgenthau plan to kill tens of millions of Germans (which was partially implemented, then withdrawn); and the mass rape (often followed by the murder) of millions of German women by Russian and, yes, American soldiers. (That’s why your great-uncle or grandpa would never talk about the war.)

Maybe it’s time to convert Holocaust museums to “Anti-German Holocaust” museums?

5 Thoughts to “Bob Cornuke on lost & found Temple Mount, Tom Goodrich on WWII anti-German holocaust”

  1. Anonymous

    Here is something sent to me by the pentagon:

    There is something else we should mention about that meeting in Jerusalem in 1990, a meeting US Army intelligence recorded. From the transcript of that meeting, a statement made by current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the lone American at the table, word for word:

    " If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is the golden cow and we will suck it dry chop it up and sell it off piece by piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s largest welfare state that we will create and control.

    Why? Because it’s gods will and America is big enough to take the hit and survive so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate, destroy them very slowly and make the people suffer for refusing to be our slaves." …Benjamin Netanyahu at Fink’s Bar, Jerusalem

  2. Anonymous

    They're still at it.

    "Times of Israel staff call for nuking Iran and Germany"

  3. Anonymous

    It's hard to grasp what's going on now with Netanyahu and Zionism and the American people. If they wake up, what's next?

  4. Anonymous

    The “wailing wall” was the remaining wall of the old Roman fort later used as a garbage dump for menstrual rags and other offal until 1000 A.C.E. when an Islamic sultan started paying people to remove garbage. Your guest was disingenuous. I read this theory in the old Spotlight newspaper in the late 1980s. Herod was of mixed parentage and would not have built his temple in the City of David but, rather, in Jerusalem where its ostentatiousness could be appreciated. As for the rapture/tribulation, this is a recent theory (about 100 years old) unsupported by scripture. As most Jews are irreligious, why the hysteria to build another temple anyway? I think the Book of Revelation says there will be a “New Jerusalem” that comes down from heaven—not a temple (abomination of desolation) built by Bibi. Of course, it also said that, if it were possible, even the “elect” would be deceived.
    Your second guest was way better. Curtis E. LeMay in charge of Air Force bombing in the Pacific, once reportedly said that if the “Allies” had won the war, he and the rest of the leadership would have been on trial for war crimes. The BBC recently dropped the casualty figure for Dresden to 20,000! Your guest was right on.

  5. Anonymous

    Of course the "Eisen" surname would be a tipoff from the beginning, but check the West Point Yearbook (whose entry calls Ike a "Swedish Jew.")

    Just started catching your show- keep up the great work.

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