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Zio-Nazis run wild in Palestine

Yesterday we learned that three Israeli suspects have confessed to burning to death Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair. The killers even re-enacted their grisly deed for police.

“The Western media is treating this incident as an isolated outrage. It is not. During the past 14 years, Israelis have murdered one Palestinian child every four days, on average…”

Full story:

  ISIL funded by US to break up region

“The US has been used by the Zionists to create these divisions – sectarian divisions, ethnic divisions – in Middle Eastern countries in order to break them up.”

Full story and link to Press TV “The Debate” show:

5 Thoughts to “Zio-Nazis run wild in Palestine”

  1. Anonymous

    Bravo!! On your recent article at VT (PressTV) ( and the included debate.

    I was laughing at the Rolex picture. I posted these comments about all this at my blog, here,

    My remarks…


    One more thing… “Isil leader Al Baghdadi“? Doesn’t that sound like a possible CIA-fake-named leader? Yes I know there’s Baghdad, Iraq. But… “Baghdadi”… kind of sounds like “Big Daddy” to me. And who’s “Big Daddy”? Could it possibly be “THE USA CORP” and associates? (aka, “the deep states”).

    My “guess”… only the “Big Daddy” (aka, “the deep states”) would give a Rolex to the “Baghdadi ‘Big Daddy’”!

    Could it be the implied message is, "Big Daddy is watching you"?


    Keep up the GRAND work…

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin, you did very well in your debate with that guy named Korby – what a jerk.

    I don't know how you keep your cool when facing such an imbecile Zionist / state dept mouthpiece.
    He infers that Assad has funded the ISIL terrorists but by now everyone knows it's the US and Saudi gov
    financing them.

    You made some very strong points which the other guy didn't even bother to counter.

    Good job!

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice piece on the Veterans Today website. We need to be cognizant of the fact that US taxpayers are subsidizing Israel with circa $3
    billion/yr (probably a lot more). So in effect, Israeli attacks on Gaza are de facto US attacks. From my observations, few in the US really care.

  4. Anonymous

    Here's a point for you…. WAR PROPAGANDA.
    While history shows them "evil Nazi's" and their women throwing roses at their husbands going off to kill kill kill.

    Then you have those like Bill O'Reilly demanding that YOU support OUR Troops as they go off to wars based on total lies and has the nerve to tell YOU that if you can't throw "roses" then :SHUT UP!

  5. Anonymous

    There's a program called "Archer". It's an animated program. The premise revolves around an "intelligence" agent who's boss is his mother. The show is vulgar and adolescent in it's humor. The interesting part is that the agency is called ISIS. I watched part of season 1, episode 1 and couldn't take it. Probably not surprising to learn but interesting and possibly revealing on current events. The show reminds me of the "Office" show with a change of venue.

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