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Only Israel benefits from Syria war

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, author and Middle East expert, from Madison, to discuss Human Rights Watch (HRW) recent report over Takfiri militants killing 190 civilians and holding over 200 others hostage in Syria’s western province of Latakia in August alone.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Reports have poured in, regarding the rights abuses being committed by these Takfiri insurgents for a while now and now we have these documented evidence being presented by the Human Rights Watch.

How does one even begin to justify this reality on the ground in Syria?

Barrett: Well, you cannot justify it; this whole war in Syria never should have happened. And indeed the government in Syria bears some of the blame, because it reacted in some ways … in a very ill-thought-out way to the demonstrations that set this all off.

But I think that was a trap; it was actually set by the people who are currently arming the insurgents and sending them on these missions of death and destruction. It was a trap for the Syrian people because what they really wanted to do …let’s name names and say who it was. It was the Israelis and the Saudis who have done essentially the same things now; they have been virtually merging into one country of Saudi-Israelia, And the hard-line faction of neo-conservatives here in the US that want to destroy Syria for Israel, turn it into three small balkanized little states and go through Syria in an attack on Iran; that was the grand strategy.

So, it is not at all surprising that these mercenaries, extremists, takfiris and some honestly misguided people who have been led to wage war on Syria and the Syrian government have been committing these kinds of atrocities.

This maybe the first one that Human Rights Watch calls fully documented, but there are dozens and dozens of other similar events that are pretty well-documented by various kinds of media; and in fact, even the August attack was quite obviously a false flag by Bandar Bush and his Saudi intelligence terrorists. This has been exposed by everybody from an AP correspondent to a number of other people on the ground in Syria.

So, it does seem that so-called insurgents are committing at least their share, and it looks like a lot more than their share, of the atrocities in Syria. And yet the Western media is completely ignoring all of the violence and carnage that is being waged by the people that the Western governments are actually arming and supplying.

In fact, the Western governments here are allying themselves with al-Qaeda. They are complicit in the murder of ambassador [Christopher Stevens] in Libya, well over a year ago. He was involved in an operation to transfer arms from al-Qaeda linked extremists in Syria to other American backed al-Qaeda extremists, I am sorry, from Libya to Syria.

So, all kinds of terrible blowback is coming out of this; it was a terrible mistake by everyone involved to create a Syrian civil war. The only party that is really going to benefit from this is the Israelis who have managed to smash a large and coherent country on the borders they are occupying. Now the Israelis are never going to have to worry about giving back the Golan Heights of Syria, it is fully destroyed. That is the end game of this Syrian civil war.

Press TV: Mr. Barrett, jump in if you may; Mr. [Anjem] Choudary [the other guest of the program] is questioning the validity of this entire report to begin with. How would you respond to this? What benefit does [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad get from killing 190 civilians and holding 200 hostage?

Barrett: Right, I do not really understand Mr. Choudary’s claim that the Western media and groups like Human Rights Watch are somehow biased against the so-called Syrian rebels.
I think any objective analysis of how the Western media has been covering the Syrian conflict will show that the Western media, the people who own it, the big power brokers and the Zionists, who actually are the people who have the majority share of the Western media, have been bending over backwards to beat the drums of propaganda for the very Syrian rebels that Mr. Choudary supports.
I think he should ask himself why that is. I mean, I do not know if he is living in a bubble and not reading any of these newspapers and not looking at any of these reports, not listening to speeches of people like [US President Barack] Obama who is even itching to go , bomb Syria on behalf of these rebels that Mr. Choudary supports.

But it is pretty ludicrous to try to claim that Human Rights Watch and these Western institutions are somehow huge fans of President Assad and enemies of the Syrian resistance. In fact, everybody in the world, except Mr. Choudary I think, knows that the opposite is the case.

So, I think that Mr. Choudary has managed to sort of wall himself up in some kind of information bubble, where he does not see what is actually going on in the world and on the ground. Instead he is intoxicated with all of this sort of radical jihadist, Islamist rhetoric. And he has managed to do his own cause a lot of damage by not recognizing what is really happening in the world and specifically in Syria.

It is very clear that the Islamist political movements around the world are managing to survive and thrive despite the war on Islam and especially political Islam that was launched by that 9/11 false-flag attacks.

But this is no thanks to people like Mr. Choudary, who failed to make a distinction between legitimate, rational, reality based Islamic political movements such as for the most part, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamic movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and even elements of the Islamic resistance in places like Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.
There is legitimate Islamic resistance in much of the world; most of it is focused on peaceful democratic activism; occasionally, there is legitimate Islamic armed resistance as Hezbollah and Hamas against the Israelis; but to back these Takfiri lunatics who want to cut the head off of everyone who does not accept their extremely narrow-minded bigoted and obscurantist interpretation of Islam is a terrible crime against the real Islamic political movements around the world.

So, I really would ask Mr. Choudary to step out of his bubble, take a look at what is really happening and stop discrediting his own movement.

Press TV: Mr. Choudary mentioned the Jabhat al-Nusra or al-Nusra Front as commonly known, saying that they are protecting the Muslim cause and fighting against Israel. what have these Takfiri groups in Syria done up until now against Israel?

Well, of course they have done nothing against Israel. Al-Qaeda itself is a very loosely organized ideological movement, not a real organization…but there is still no evidence that al-Qaeda has ever even tried to attack Israel or Israeli assets. Rather it has gone around attacking its fellow Muslims primarily and then doing incredibly stupid things like allowing the Zionists and the US National Security State to frame it for supposedly conducting the 9/11 attacks which were an obvious inside job.

Yet these so-called al-Qaeda people are so incredibly stupid that they do not even recognize it and then they run around, trying to claim credit for it, thereby completely destroying political Islam around the world, making us look like idiots.

It is really sad and I would like to correct him: I agree with him that Khalifa would be a good thing and I agree with him that sovereignty belongs to God, I am in full support of the Islamic Renaissance around the world, but I do not think that it is going to succeed when these Takfiri groups who are extremely narrow-minded sectarian, are supported by the world’s biggest degenerate criminals in Saudi Arabia, running around killing the people that do not agree with them, running around slaughtering people of ethnic groups or Islamic groups that they do not agree with.

These people are not going to establish Khalifa, they are going to establish Khalifa in their own minds as they do damage to the larger cause. To be a Muslim is really about working for truth and justice and this applies to everyone; you need to work for truth and justice for everyone to protect people….(of all religions and ethnicities)…

Press TV: If these allegations are proven and it as documented evidence will it go any further from the UN Security Council, maybe to the ICC [International Criminal Court], very quickly?

Barrett: I doubt it; unfortunately I think Mr. Anjem is wrong, I think the Western institutions are still supporting war against the Syrian government, hoping to destabilize Syria, I do not think they want actually look into Human Rights abuses by the Takfiri groups that undercut their case for war on Syria; but I hope I am wrong.

We have seen a few signs of movement on the part of the Obama administration recently. They did refuse to bomb Syria under [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s orders. So, who knows? Maybe the policy will be shifting in the right direction, God willing.

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    Kevin, Chowdury is according to our people from pakistani descent here in the UK an MI5 asset like I am told that Bakri is an Mi6 asset from his best friend…

    here we have to be carefull as we have takfiriyah created by both sides , shias have their takfiriyah in iraq the 'fayluqas'… they are active in syria as the plan the zio plan is that all the groups they control are to fight each other in several countries, syria, jordan, lebanon, koweit, bahrein, saudi arabia, iraq, yemen, oman

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