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Eid special: Eric Walberg on “re-assessing political Islam”


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This week will witness worldwide celebrations of Eid – the biggest Muslim holiday – so what better time to invite Eric Walberg, author of From Postmodernism to Postsecularism: Re-emerging Islamic Civilization.

Eric Walberg – unlike some of my colleagues at certain normally excellent publications – got the Egypt coup story right from the get-go. That’s because he knows Egypt so well, having worked as a journalist in Cairo for many years.

Eric’s new articles, discussed on this show, are:

Re-assessing political Islam: Part 1

 Re-assessing Political Islam: Part II 

One Thought to “Eid special: Eric Walberg on “re-assessing political Islam””

  1. Eric has indded proven that he was right form the start and we were not far behind Kevin..

    eid mubarak to all of you insha Allah

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