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Will the War on Islam end in 2013?


Public opinion polls show that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims know that the “War on Terror” is a barely-disguised War on Islam.

And it isn’t just Muslims who understand this. So do all serious Western strategic thinkers.

One of the few who is willing to say it openly is James Schall, Professor of Government at Georgetown University and Hoover Institute strategist: “I always thought it was a mistake not to say what Iraq really was, that is, a war against an expanding Islam.”

But today – eleven and one-half years after the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center launched the War on Islam – that war is bogged down in the mother of all quagmires…

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2 Thoughts to “Will the War on Islam end in 2013?”

  1. I no longer accept the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth position on 9/11. The "controlled demolition" hypothesis is convincing only until you look at the evidence of what actually happened to the various materials on that day – not only the materials that constituted the World Trade Center buildings, but the materials that constituted physical objects in the surrounding area. I believe Dr Judy Wood's forensic analysis, which points to the use of a directed energy weapon, comes closest to the truth.

  2. Well, I'm leaning toward mini-nukes, but don't have the scientific background to have a strong opinion. Most of Architects and Engineers' work is solid regardless of which demolition technology was used.

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