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“Pardon my father, Christopher Bollyn”

Fri. 1/18/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
First hour: Christopher Bollyn was America’s first journalist to report extensively on the evidence suggesting that Israel and its American accomplices perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.  His reward was to be brutally assaulted by police, then set up for long-term imprisonment, on blatantly bogus charges, by the Zionist criminal machine that owns and runs Chicago. He has been living in exile, with his family, since 2006.

Just mentioning Christopher’s book Solving 9/11 on TV causes Zionists to have apoplectic meltdowns.

And check out his new article on the War for the Gold of Mali!

Now that the radical Likud neocons are being rolled back, it’s time to bring Christopher Bollyn home! He writes:

Dear Friends of 9-11 Truth,

My daughter Catherine, who really misses her home, came up with the idea to petition the White House to ask for a pardon from the president for me.  She had followed the secession petitions after the election and thought it would be the thing to do.
Her petition can be viewed and signed here:

The petition needs 150 signatures to go onto the big board at where the public can view and sign it.  My posting on the petition is here:

Thank you.

Second hour: Dan Johnson is the founder of People Against the NDAA  (PANDA). Their mission:

1. Nonviolent nullify, void or repeal the indefinite detention sections of the NDAA.
2. Stop laws trading our liberty for “National Security.”
3. Engage a younger generation in American politics so this can never happen again.

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    Why the New York Times is Anti-American

    Why would the New York Times publish an anti-American editorial that calls for giving up the Constitution and the system of government it provides? To understand this we need to understand what the New York Times is, and who it really represents.

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