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Did I just get a death threat live on Press TV?

Does Israel flack Kenneth Katzman’s demand that I be “taken off the air entirely, from every show, everywhere in the world” sound like a death threat? (How else could I possibly be removed from all of the hundreds of shows I guest on, as well as those I host?)

I guess some people just can’t handle the truth.

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12 Thoughts to “Did I just get a death threat live on Press TV?”

  1. Anonymous

    reports are coming in saying you are launching missiles at Israel from your compound in Wisconsin

  2. yeah, they're building an iron dome around the skull of the next israel flack press TV guest

  3. Anonymous

    Methinks Katzman doth protest too much.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm not usually up this early, but the planet literally woke me up at 5 AM with a fire alarm that went off in my pension. Then, I was unable to get to sleep because the planet was speaking to me in an extremely agitated, impatient way: Israel is planning to use a submarine to detonate a nuclear bomb.

    It going to be coordinated with HAARP, so I assume there's going to be an earthquake and tsunami involved.

    The planet has said, "If they do this, this time I'm going to cause it to backfire, and they will end up blowing themselves up permanently and completely."

    The planet has had panic attacks since 9/11. The explosions were extremely painful.

    It's possible for a planet to die of shock.

    Not from the explosions themselves. But from shock.

    You're the first person I've told about this. We might be able to stop the lunacy before it happens.

    All best, Kevin, and keep up the great, great work. God Bless You!

  5. Anonymous

    It was interesting to note that Mr. Katzman did not say anything about why the U.S. and Israel should be allies. He seemed really beside himself after hearing what Kevin Barrett said. He looked truly uncomfortable.


  6. Anonymous

    "Does his demand that I be “taken off the air entirely, from every show, everywhere in the world” sound like a death threat?"

    What Katzman and his ilk really want to kill is the TRUTH. He wants the truth taken off the air entirely, from every show, everywhere in the world…basically exactly what they have already done on mainstream, zio-jew-controlled media. It was gratifying to watch this zio-jew cockroach squirm when Kevin trumpeted the truth about 9/11 and Barak's connection.

    Kudos to Dr. Barrett for having the cojones and the resolve to carry the fight to the enemy like that. If Katzman et al make good on that perceived death threat, then if one of us fall, two of us must spring up to close the ranks. A Fibonacci sequence of truth has begun and cannot be stopped.

  7. Anonymous

    YOU WERE SUPERB on Press TV, as always!!!!
    My biggest hero, thank you,

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin & Friends of Survival on the Earthplane,

    Keep up the good work! I thought i should share w/ you my latest mystical experience: While watching the 3rd pres. debate, i was starting to be influenced by the huge charisma Obama wields— when on our new TV, the image around his face morphed into an animal face— not a wolf exactly, not a dog, but in the same family & frightening! It lasted about a minute & then morphed back into his handsome self again. IT WAS CLEARLY A SIGNAL NOT TO BE CONVINCED HE IS ANYTHING BUT AN INSTRUMENT OF THE ANTICHRIST— I kept questioning Heaven as to "What was that?" & while improvising on flute w/ Christmas music (in preparation for my upcoming volunteering for the elderly— & in general to ground Angelic energy) the name ANUBIS came to mind. I had already connected Obama to Egypt & some ancient hierarchical structure. Upon researching I am now sure that Obama morphed into ANUBIS THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN JACKAL-HEADED GOD OF DEATH.

    Their agenda is population reduction (or mass death) & one-world government by & for oligarchs. A pastor friend of mine whom i met through his TV ministry that included respect for 9/11 truth seekers (of whom he is one), visited a shrine to the New World Order somewhere in Georgia that consists of four 19-ft.-high massive granite columns that have carved on them: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I can send you the links. The 1st commandment regards limiting the population of humans on earth to below 500 million— which implies mass extermination. This fits in with the geoengineering that is stupefying U.S. & also killing our Nature.

    I've been asking everyone I trust to read Bill Cooper's book: BEHOLD A PALE HORSE Tho faulty in some areas (global warming comes to mind) Cooper copies hidden gov't documents that reveal this plan & its connection with Luciferian worship going back centuries. This is THE TRIBULATION, Kevin. I am not someone who believes LITERALLY in the Bible's every word (Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, is a METAPHORIC LANGUAGE, for God's sake— similar in that way to Hawaiian, for example) but we NEED TO UNDERSTAND that our education system has very methodically deprived U.S. of the ABILITY to read signs & symbols (I believe this to be part of Operation Paperclip)— so people can't access the intuition that helps U.S. READ ICONOGRAPHICALLY— and God speaks in symbols & signs. I studied with Meyer Schapiro @ Columbia University & have thus a jump-start in this field, thank God! Schapiro was a leading expert on iconography— something that has been cut out of even university-level studies for the most part.


  9. Anonymous

    funny he had no problem with Kovel's statement that Barak had killed more people with his bare hands than Netanyahu or Lieberman- people who kill with their bare hands are beyond reproach i reckon

  10. Anonymous


    I am refreshed and relieved that I came across your work on Veterans Today! Your link to Kevin Bollyn's book was the best thing that I've come across on the net while researching 9/11 truth.

    Now, every day I jump onto as well as and I am fascinated (and angered) more and more everyday. The truth was basically right in front of us but hidden so deep at the same time. May the truth set America free once again!

    I truly appreciate your work and your exposure of the greatest crime in American history. Glad to know you are a Madison guy only 25 minutes away from my home, too. I am passing the word along to family and friends.

    The truth is hard to accept sometimes so I can already say I've been called loony and a conspiracy theorist and all the rest. Too many people have been brainwashed into believing Israel is our "friend" and that they are our greatest "ally" in the phony "war on terror". However, you along with Christopher Bollyn present us with the hard-hitting truth and it cannot be more appreciated!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Anonymous

    as always, Kevin, you rock the casbah!

  12. Kevin, long time listener and appreciator.

    I recently completed a video expose that is a true labor of love for me. It is entitled "The Batman Theater Shooting: It's time to see behind the cloak", but that title is a little misleading.

    In reality, a 55 minute setup is used to provide context for the Aurora shooting in which I go into 7 other "Staged Events". In addition, I provide a background into the US and Intl. involvement in financial crimes that are the background motive for these events.

    It's worth it for the 9/11 profile alone. I hope you'll watch and endorse some of its ideas…

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