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Byron Belitsos on “US liquidating dissidents”

Non-lethal weaponry puts its victims in a bind – if they complain, they sound “crazy”!

My Press TV article “Disable the purveyors”: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?” has gone viral (it currently gets 20,000 google hits).

In the article, I cited Byron Belitsos, a West Coast activist and publisher, who had described to me the apparent electromagnetic harassment that he and other 9/11 truth activists experienced during the first few years after 9/11.

Byron wrote to me to say:

Kevin, your piece is a very important one, but you attribute statements to me that are quite incorrect in regard to the technology and other aspects of this incident. EMF attacks are vastly more sophisticated than the use of vans beaming people from close proximity. That’s 1960s technology. Please get better educated about this subject, and please check with me before quoting me. I have published a lengthy paper on my experiences with EMF attacks (and much else) entitled “Weapons of Mass Coercion.” Below is an excerpt, and the long paper is located at my blog here:
Best regards,
Byron Belitsos

 . . .And this was the situation on the ground—when “it” happened.

Just as the work of this motley collection of activists, whistleblowers, and writers was gaining traction nationally, people in and around the group began falling sick. Individuals reported strange symptoms, mysterious physiological effects without a known source. The reports soon began to reflect a familiar pattern, albeit with variations: Generally, many (but not all) of the activists experienced an odd, sometimes flu-like, “electrical” feeling; the more sensitive or discerning ones reported that a discrete energy had seemingly—and silently—entered their body. They could feel an unfamiliar, stinging, tingling, painful sensation sometimes centered at the throat, other times the heart or the hara (so-called third “chakra” just below the belly button), or at times infusing the entire body, often moving and branching out quickly from the point of entry. The feeling was immediately disagreeable and negative, they reported, and was often accompanied by sleeplessness, disorientation, exhaustion, depression, or anxiety—and almost always a foul physiological feeling. These were some of the more personal reports I collected:

“It was a nondescript toxic feeling.”

“I had a spasm in my back on the ribs—whole area was swollen—and the effect was debilitating. Had difficulty even turning over in bed.”

“It’s oppressive, can’t move—can’t  even ask for help. Immobilizing.”

“Some days it is purely emotional: I was losing it all day and crying.”

“The typical attack started with a pain at the base of head, basically the brain stem. Then it would shoot up into the head and envelop the whole head.”

“It came in and my whole body was electrified. Came in at the chest.”

“All my thoughts were ‘terminal.’”
“For the first 40 minutes my heart was uncontrollable, just racing and racing. My chest was so constricted that I thought I couldn’t breathe!” [More detail on this latter report that involves the executive director of is provided at Appendix B]

In my own case, I would feel the gradual onset of a negative stinging or tingling sensation, usually beginning in the hara or in the heart center, and then extending from the front to the back of the body within 20 minutes. This incoming “electrical” sensation was always accompanied by involuntary muscle contraction, an appearance of redness, and a rise in temperature in the area of contact; it would be mild at first, and then increasingly painful, sickening, and debilitating. Within the first hour, the energy usually spread to the head area, where a rapidly tingling and disturbing sensation would afflict sensitive areas of the tongue, mouth, and eyes.

It soon became clear that attacks were usually designed to strike the victim at regular times and on particular days of the week; but for some it was as if a remote device had been beamed at the person 24/7, although in these cases it was less discernible. It was clear that these were intended to be nonlethal “warning” attacks that would let up once the individual was somewhat “neutralized.”

For those who experienced periodicity, there was a different pattern for each one. M.J. was every three days. F.C. every two days. C.B. was once a week. Another person was hit 5 to 6 times per week.

In my own case, I was usually hit for two to three hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays—over a period of three months.

Others, perhaps less sensitive, simply went to bed sick or depleted, without the felt experience of an energy source hitting them at a specific time or place on the body; they were sick nonetheless for no clear reason. Some just seemed to get “upset” and negative. The variable response is likely the result of a medical phenomenon known as “electrical sensitivity.”

With so many reporting strange effects or illnesses, the group soon compared notes. Some of us at first thought that these energetic hits must be powerful “psychic attacks”—and we soon learned that, indeed, such human-generated energetic attacks are well noted in the literature of shamanism and parapsychology, and that they can be interdicted by a well-trained psychic.

Everyone was desperate to halt the attacks on them. Given the emergency circumstances, we were most fortunate to locate and work with an advanced healer and psychic. This man, who worked primarily pro bono over many months, was sympathetic to our 9/11 work. He acted, in effect, as our “psychic body guard,” as he had done for others, including celebrities.

But this person, P.G., soon determined, to his great surprise, that our particular attacks were different  in kind: they were unstoppable. During the designated time that the signal was “on,” one had to suffer through it. Fortunately, our psychic was able—by using a distance healing technique—to “clear” the energies once the attack came to an end, and he even taught some of us how to rid ourselves of the after-effects.

The effect of P.G.’s clearings were unmistakable and required 10 to 20 minutes of time. One felt as if the noxious energy slowly left one’s body, organs, and nervous system. Then, after the clearing, you simply had to rest and recover emotionally and energetically from the temporary trauma. We were unsure about longer-term effects at the time.

Having engaged in shamanic “psychic combat” before, P.G. was at first amazed when he detected that there was a machine on the other end, not some psychic adept; in fact, he reported that he could, through remote viewing, actually discern the machine operators as well. And he was equally astonished to realize that a specialized software-driven computer could not only emulate psychic energies, but could also transmit them to a discrete individual, and do so much more efficiently than the genuine psychic attacks he had intercepted for previous clients. Attacks on us, he reported, were highly controlled; they varied in intensity, form, and energetic frequency; and all were obviously generated by remote operators working with a bank of machines of some sort that sent out electromagnetic beams. We therefore came to call the phenomenon “EM attacks.”

“When I first detected this,” P.G. told me, “I said to myself, ‘This just can’t be right—I must be mistaken—it can’t be a machine!’ I could not accept it emotionally at first. I was beside myself. It is just so scandalous . . . It had an entirely indifferent energy signature; you can sense it having no feeling.”

Some activists stayed apart entirely, in disbelief, even though P.G. could detect attacks against them using his own advanced “remote viewing” skills; but these folks refused to believe it.

One targeted activist went it alone. A member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and a hardware engineer in Silicon Valley, he took it upon himself to come up with a hardware solution to the bombardment against him. He built an enclosed space formed by conducting material that he believed would protect a section of his home. (Known as a Faraday cage, such enclosures are routinely used to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electromagnetic radiation.) But this approach simply did not work. This middle-aged man soon became sick and distraught; his girlfriend left him; his landlord evicted him because of his claims to be under attack by some invisible force. And then this man, a beloved, intelligent, well-educated, and gentle activist, disappeared entirely, moving to a mountainous area to escape attack.

Because of this episode, the targeted individuals in the group were severely set back for a time. I myself suffered over 20 episodes of attack, with most events closely witnessed by others, including an MD physician who came to fully believe my claims.

Now ill and distraught, I quit the 9/11 movement and entirely closed my book publishing business. My one full-time employee had also been attacked and knew it; she had quickly left the company with my approval earlier on.

Finally, I put an entire house-full of furniture in storage and left the country for six weeks, sojourning in Cyprus, Greece. I did indeed shake off the attacks through this drastic action, but upon my return, I needed extensive medical treatment for a severe immune system collapse and multiple related problems, such as months of fatigue, loss of libido, numerous allergies I had never before experienced, and entrenched viral and bacterial infections.

During the entire process, P.G. and I also became convinced that cultivation of a spiritual consciousness, devoted prayer, and cultivation of an energetically healthy body or “biofield” all offer effective ways to interdict at least some EM attacks.

On the other hand, the attacks we witnessed varied in kind and intensity in almost every case; one could not necessarily be prepared for every form of energy that the perpetrators had to throw at you. And some attacks were “diabolical”; attempts to disable or dislodge them with healing or loving energy (a well-known shamanic technique when faced with a hostile psychic attack) actually empowered the attack; every and any kind of interdiction energy actually fed these attacks. That’s another reason why P.G. early on decided to wait for the energy zapping to cease before he performed the “clearing.”

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  1. I am not sure if I had these types of machine attacks but I experienced similar symptoms, headaches, sounds in my ears all day and night, diziness, fatigue etc… , coming and going from nowhere. Well, I read Quran and listen to Quran for long time durign the morning up to lunch time and believe me or not, the symptoms fell down. I use as well back seed in my food, ginger, and olive oil to boost the immune system. And thanks to Allah swt, it is the best shield you can build around you and your family.

  2. Anonymous

    While still at the beginning of the article, I thought this might involve some sort of black magic/jinn, and further on they did address that possibility, so they are on the right track, since you cannot ignore this one aspect that is anything but superstitious, it is real, not saying that this is definitely the case in every case here. But they should try using the Quran as a shield, but of course they'll have to convert to Islam first if they're not Muslims yet. Abd btw, these nwo criminals have plenty of access to humans, esp children, to use in their diabolical rituals, and this ain't like sacrificing chickens, it's much much more powerful.

  3. Anonymous

    oh for petes sake Kevin…I can't believe you are putting this palaver on your blog…..
    "Look….here come the boogie men with their secret ultra high tech bad vibe rays and chakra destroyers….quick …marty …grab the Koran and hold it up in front like a shield…they can't come near us then….."

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