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What is Really Happening in Syria?

Watch this brand-new Press TV interview on Syria

Shortly after reports of the Houla massacre – all blaming the Syrian government – started blanketing the corporate media, Press TV asked me for a response.  I replied: 

It is so easy for people to rush to judgment in these situations and go with their first impressions based on their prejudices and I think that we have seen a lot of that with the conflict in Syria and we have seen it with other areas as well and in Syria, it is just so hard to know exactly what is going on because it is not a simple case of a peaceful Arab spring movement going up against the government.

It is a very complex mixture of peaceful protesters and some non-peaceful, some violent opposition members of various groups and terrorist mercenaries working basically for the US and the Zionists attempting to destabilize Syria and these operators typically use deception to cover their tracks and to stage events in a false flag manner.

We saw that with 9/11; we have seen it in many other instances. So we have a huge credibility problem coming from the Western leadership and that manifest itself with the UN personnel as well.

So we really need to be careful and try to get as many actual eyewitness reports as possible and work hard to try to figure out what is actually happening on the ground in Syria.

Having learned the hard way to ask “who benefits?” whenever media hysteria breaks out, I continued: 

 It is not obviously going to benefit the Assad government to be staging something like this right before Kofi Annan shows up.

Since then, the BBC has been caught faking “Houla massacre” photos and trying to suppress its own interviews indicating that anti-government forces were responsible for most of the deaths in Houla, and that the victims were government supporters.   

One quick-and-dirty but reasonably accurate way to figure out the truth, and sort out the worse guys from the bad guys, is to listen to Paul Wolfwowitz and other neocons: Whatever they say, you can bet, is a lie, and whoever they favor is almost certainly the greatest of the evils. So when Wolfwowitz appeared in the same BBC interview calling for an invasion of Syria, it’s a sure sign that all decent people should be opposing that prospect. 

In my new Press TV interview, I cite 9/11 as precedent, blast the lying Western media, and opine that Houla was probably a false-flag operation designed to trigger an escalation of the Western-sponsored attacks on Syria:

6 Thoughts to “What is Really Happening in Syria?”

  1. Muhammad from Ifriqya

    putting up 15 months of killings and still not able to go ahead with the supposed plan of invading syria or changing its regime with hesitant condemnations now and then ,I don't see much logic in this claim , my take is that US doesn't give a damn about Syria putting aside the protection of israel wich the actual syrian government fulfills amazingly

  2. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today, seems to include Veterans Today featured writer Kevin Barrett in one of Mr. Duff's trademarked sweeping, unsupported, secret intelligence-based assertions:

    "One issue, I am seeing endless phony reports, many we publish, trying to cover for Syria’s mass murders. They are all real and those denying them are cranks. My question is to Assad himself, it being obvious that he is never going to be subject to the same pressures that led to Gaddafi’s demise, why then is there so little realistic dialog and so many deaths on a daily basis? Despite claims to the contrary, expelling diplomats and hiring reporters who are no more than paid press agents is unlikely to prevent escalation."
    – Quoted from Gordon Duff,"Friday, June 8, 2012 Checking In – Issues Foreign and Domestic", under subheading "More Issues".

  3. While I sympathize with the anti-government protests in Syria and elsewhere, and do not doubt that the Syrian government is killing some of its opponents, I differ with Gordon in one important respect: Given the 9/11 big lie and the war on Islam it launched, the US and its allies have no business in the Middle East, period, until the time of truth and reparations; nothing the US and its allies say about this region should be believed, and the prime duty of everyone who cares about this region is to throw the US and its allies out, by any means necessary.

    Gordon seems to think its fine having US-supported mercenaries, air support, etc. helping overthrow nasty regimes like those in Libya and Syria. I don't. The US has no credibility, and any mercenaries aligned with the US and its allies – starting with the hideously evil regimes in Israel and the Gulf, regimes that make Syria look like enlightened despotism – should be considered the worst kind of terrorist scum.

    I know they believe they're fighting for Islam against an evil heretical tyrant. This belief is incredibly short-sighted. They are falling into the same trap that some with the same orientation fell into prior to 9/11. It's a huge strategic mistake.

  4. Muhammad from Ifriqya

    Hi again ,
    to me random shelling of cities like Homs demonstrates the ethics of this government in other words scornful vengeance against entire populations who dared oppose this same government (see personal videos on opposing pages like ""- I don't think projectile blasts are the work of special effects artists)

  5. I'm not convinced the West played any sort of major role during the first 12 months of the Syrian Revolution . Press TV, an Iranian propaganda machine cannot be trusted like most of the West's news media. The truth being the first casually of war – in this case a "civil war", the Governments in the West have failed ALL opportunities during the first 12 months of applying any non violent means of pressure on the Assad regime. To enter into Syria's civil war with military intervention by NATO / UN military at this stage would be careless with certain unfortunate consequences like in Libya. Humanitarian aid, medical supplies, food, water, heating oils and such are the best any one in the West can do to help ALL Syrians. Citizen news Youtube Reports, from Edmonton, Canadian rallies in support of the Arab Spring- A testament that the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring don't want any military intervention by the West.

  6. Anonymous

    Kevin, you are absolutely right about Syria.

    to Muhammad from Ifriqya:
    your self deception is amazing! the goal of the Zionist-USA alliance is clear about Syria: regime change just like Iraq and Libya, this is not a secret, it's well known from the nineties. To achieve this goal they are not putting troops on the ground (although it is the last option for them,
    The US-Zionists are using the 1979 Afghanistan option in Syria today, using the same donkeys (Muslim Brotherhoods and the Salafi)they've used back then, and having the Gulf idiot Sheiks finance the whole gig for the benefit of Israel.

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