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Congressman James Trafficant, Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell on TJ Radio

Broadcast on Friday, July 22nd 1-2 pm Central; listen at: First hour: Co-host Peymon Mottahedeh interviews Congressman James Trafficant! According to informed sources, Congressman Trafficant was taken down by the neocon-led coalition responsible for the 9/11 coup d’├ętat. Set up for a bogus prosecution (like Congressman Mark Siljander, another good man hated by the Likudniks), Congressman Trafficant was expelled from Congress in 2002 and imprisoned for seven years, conveniently removing a thorn in the side of the 9/11 coup forces. Oh well, at least he wasn’t Wellstoned…and is still with us to tell the tale here on Truth Jihad Radio!…