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LIVE RADIO! Controversial BIG IDEAS get aired! Josh Mitteldorf on “Anomalies, Mysteries, and Consiracies”; Ron Unz on “Israel and the Holocaust Hoax”

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First hour: Scientist Josh Mitteldorf, trained in physics and accomplished in biology, is not afraid to ask taboo questions about such incendiary issues as UFOs, ESP, free energy, weaponized weather, hidden history, and of course the kinds of political conspiracies discussed on this show. Among his recent posts is “Anomalies, mysteries, conspiracies…maybe they are all related.” It ends with this remarkable hypothesis:

“The story of our universe is the story of Consciousness creating a domain for itself and a playground for its myriad dissociated aspects. A very particular set of scientific laws was needed to make life possible, and the kind of life we know, based on our particular chemistry of nucleotides and proteins, is unique. Maybe the Earth was seeded with life by alien civilizations billions of years ago, and humans were created as a hybrid species several million years ago. Since then, various ET tribes have clashed in their plans for earthlings. Some want to enslave us, and appear to us as gods to be worshiped, or make deals with our leaders, giving them technology in exchange for fealty. Others want to empower humanity and see where we will go on our own. The present era is one in which these forces have come to a head. The enslavers (following Enlil) have superior mechanical technology, and have traded this to a group of humans that have vast underground bases with anti-gravity and zero-point energy technologies. The liberators (following Enki) have superior mental technologies and have been leading our psyches toward emergent transcendence, even as the enslavers are making every effort to damage our nervous systems and poison our cultures so that we do not have the spiritual capacities that would support our transcendence. The fundamental tension that makes life interesting is between Yin and Yang, Right brain and Left brain, Female and Male, cooperation and competition, Satan and Jehovah, Prometheus and Atlas, Enki and Enlil.”

Second hour: Ron Unz‘s new article “American Pravda: Israel and the Holocaust Hoax” opens with a review of Tom Segev’s The Seventh Million: Israel and the Holocaust. Unz notes that Segev’s research confirms Lenni Brenner’s argument that intense Nazi-Zionist cooperation throughout the 1930s set the stage for the creation of Israel. But Segev’s account of the Holocaust draws heavily on such highly dubious sources as the sadomasochistic fantasist and “Auschwitz survivor”  Yehiel De-Nur, whose ludicrously pornographic accounts of life in the camps were eagerly devoured by the founding generation of Israel.

Unz notes:

“In reading Segev’s account of the role of the Holocaust in Israeli society and the sort of outrageous Holocaust stories that dominated the narrative in that country, I couldn’t avoid noticing a strong connection to much more recent events.

“The surprisingly successful Hamas attack on October 7th was deeply embarrassing to the Israelis, and pro-Israel propagandists soon began heavily emphasizing ridiculous hoaxes such as the claims of forty beheaded babies or a baby roasted in an oven. All of these frauds were provided by extremely disreputable characters, but eagerly accepted and promoted by leading Western political elites and media outlets.”

Is the canonical account of the Holocaust, like the “beheaded and roasted babies” myths of October 7, the product of mentally disturbed fantasists like Yehiel De-Nur and Yossi Landau? Is there something about Jewish culture that favors the production of sadomasochistic fantasy as a response to tribal trauma? And/or something about Jewish power that forces the whole Western world to accept such insane fantasies as historical reality? Let’s ask Ron Unz…

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  1. Ron Unz is the king of the Limited Hangout. He pushes the vaccine agenda. Nobody with his knowledge could possibly believe in the Covid injection. He is an intelligence asset for gathering leading anti-Jewish information. His Unz site is good, but you can trust him as far as you can throw him.

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