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FFWN: Hamas to the Gas Chambers!

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0) Help FFWN Drop Truth Bombs

1) JFK Coup’s 60th Anniversary—Related to Gaza Genocide?

 Best of X

2) Incredible Shrinking USA

3) Destroying a Mosque Doesn’t Defeat Our Spirits

4) Elon Musk Calls Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory ‘The Actual Truth’

Don’t Say That!

5) X’s Elon Musk says ‘from the river to the sea’ implies genocide could lead to suspension

6) Charge stayed against Calgary pro-Palestinian protester who chanted ‘from the river to the sea’

7) British Police Arrest Hamas Supporters — So I turned myself in

Successful Raid or Conspiracy?

8) The October 7 Hamas Assault on Israel: The Most Successful Military Raid of this Century

9) Truth Vs. Conspiracy In The Israeli Regime: Israel’s Real Goals In Gaza


10) Aid to Gaza halted with communications down for a second day, as food and water supplies dwindle

11) Turkey files lawsuit against Netanyahu with ICC over Gaza genocide

12) Israel, the United States, Palestine and Genocide

13) Fact or Fiction: Israel needs fake nurses to justify killing Gaza babies

War on Hospitals

14) Raid on al-Shifa: Israeli forces fire at civilians inside hospital as Hamas calls US complicit

15) ‘Nearly a cemetery’: WHO says Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital unable to bury dead bodies’s-al-Shifa-Hospital-unable-to-bury-Palestinian-dead-bodies-

16) Analysis: Israel’s ‘war on hospitals’ vs Hamas military exaggerations

Hamas to the Gas Chambers!

17) Killary to Genocide Joe: “Hamas Must Go!” (Atlantic)

18) Billionaires (of no discernible ethnicity -KB) discuss $50 million anti-Hamas media blitz

19) Israeli president claims ‘Mein Kampf’ found in ‘children’s room’ in Gaza

20) 50+ Israel Lies in 5 Weeks (shadowbanned tweet)

Hannibal’s Cannibals

21) Hannibal Directive: As Oct. 7 plot unfolds, it’s clear Zionists killed their own

22) Listen: Israeli officer admits air force targeted Palestinian and Israeli civilians in line with “Hannibal Directive”


23) #World4Palestine: Even draconian censorship can’t stop a growing global majority’s cheering for the Palestinian Resistance

24) Belize Becomes 10th Country to Cut Ties or Withdraw Ambassador 

25) PJD Calls on Morocco’s Government to Cut Ties with Israel

26) Houthi Leader Threatens to Attack Israel’s Ships in Red Sea

27) ADL Director sounds alarm over lack of support for Israel among ‘Gen Z’

Shamans, Ukrainian Spies, Dead Whales

28) January 6 ‘Shaman’ Says No Investigation Opened Into Ukrainian Spy at US Capitol Riot

29) Republicans Are Obsessed With Dead Whales

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