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LIVE RADIO! Bruce Baird suspects Israel did “Russia’s 9/11” (and much more); Rolf Lindgren and Allan Stevo on elections

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First hour: Retired engineer/professor Bruce Baird just finished a 71-tweet Twitter thread voicing his suspicions that Israel was behind the September 1999 Russian apartment bombings colloquially referred to as “Russia’s 9/11”. Dr. Baird argues that the cover story—”radical Muslims used a vehicle bomb that magically blew a huge crater in the ground”—fits a pattern of Mossad mini-nuke false flags including the 1983 Marine barracks bombing, the 2002 Bali bombing, the 2004 Hariri assassination, and the 2020 Beirut blast.  (Some might add the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which the Israeli perps may have originally intended to pin on Iraq.) According to Dr. Baird’s thesis, Israel/Netanyahu openly planned their global #WarOfTerror at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) in 1979, and then made it a reality by launching a succession of false flag terror attacks, many employing mini-nukes, designed to be blamed on their Muslim enemies.

In light of 9/11 perp Netanyahu’s return to power, let’s ask Dr. Baird, whose academic expertise includes history as well as engineering, what he thinks of my “Operation Antichrist” thesis:

If you were conducting a centuries-old war on religion in general and Christianity and Islam in particular, your best strategy might be to trick the Christians and Muslims into fighting each other and doing your dirty work for you. Rabbi Don Isaac Abrabanel, the original Zionist, hatched such a plan five centuries ago. Abrabanel believed that an apocalyptic Christian-vs.-Muslim war would help the Jewish Messiah (the Antichrist to Christians and Muslims) wreak vengeance on the goyim and rule the world from Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu’s father Benzion, a colleague of the terrorist Jabotinsky, wrote a book on Abarbanel highlighting and celebrating his apocalyptic Zionism. The only thing wrong with Abarbanel’s plan, Benzion Netanyahu thought, was Don Isaac’s inability to understand that it wouldn’t happen overnight, but would require centuries of careful planning in the cold clear light of realpolitik.

Those five centuries of planning “Operation Antichrist,” the ultimate revenge on the goyim, may be nearing fruition. Since 9/11 the (post)Christian and Muslim worlds have been warring in an artificially orchestrated “clash of civilizations”—a term coined by Bernard Lewis, Netanyahu’s man in MI6.  

Second hour: Republican activist Rolf Lindgren a.k.a. “Rolfstradamus” predicts the outcome of next Tuesday’s midterm elections. In the final half hour, Allan Stevo argues that yes, elections do matter, and discusses his efforts to help candidates with non-mainstream ideas win.

Allan Stevo is the author of Face Masks in One Lesson. He contributes to, The Hill, The Daily Caller, and other outlets.

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