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LIVE RADIO! Richard Cook on “The US, the Ukraine Disaster, and the Future”; Peter Myers on “Russia mocks US embrace of Trans”; Art Olivier on Symbolic Significance of Demolition of Georgia Guidestones

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Retired USG analyst and celebrated Challenger disaster whistleblower Richard Cook discusses his new 46,000-word article “The US, the Ukraine Disaster, and the Future—The Long View.” Cook fills in the context that’s missing from MSM accounts, concludes that the neocon war party is firmly in control of US foreign policy, and argues that we need a “new American revolution” to force policy changes including:

*”Restoring the US manufacturing base and adopting far-reaching measures of monetary and financial reform…”

*”We can be friends, not enemies, of other major countries like Russia and China, as well as the multitude of smaller states with which we share the planet.”

*Transition 80% of military spending to infrastructure, education, and energy research.

*Pursue worldwide military spending reductions and denuclearization.

*Comprehensive election reform.

*End the Fed, the CIA, internet pornography, and gambling.

And much more. (Scroll down to the end of Cook’s article for the complete list.)

Second hour: Peter Myers and Art Olivier  tackle ultra-controversial topics! During the first half-hour Australia-based New World Order researcher Peter Myers discusses his latest newsletter headlined “Russia mocks US embrace of Trans” which discusses other stories including “Viewers shun Woke Hollywood,” “Drag queen who danced for kids charged with 25 counts of child pornography,” “The Left goes Trotskyist: From Class War to Race War,” “‘Woman of the Year’ nominee is a man,” “Monkeypox debate over Anal Sex,” Monkeypox: “nearly all of them” are in “men who have sex with men”, “EU sues Hungary over LGBT law,” “House Moves to Protect Gay Marriage From Supreme Court Reversal; uncertain path in Senate,” “Iowa House Passes Bill Requiring Schools to Post Curriculum Materials Online for Parent Review,” and “Kamloops no Graves; an excavation is needed to setttle the matter.”

Then in the second half hour Art Olivier discusses esoteric ramifications of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones:


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