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FFWN: From COVID to Putin (with Alan Sabrosky)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship.


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1A) Breaking News: Pfizer & Moderna Stock Craters Amid Evidence of Massive Harm & Widespread Death

From COVID to Putin

2) The West’s Desperate Effort to Switch the Enemy from Covid to Putin

3 )F***ing Brilliant: Address by the President of the Russian Federation (Taking NATO to the Woodshed)

3A) “Empire of Lies”: NYT Hit Piece Smears RFK Jr. (and Lies About JFK and RFK Assassinations)

4) Yahoo News: Get Ready for World War III!

Ukraine: Some Context

5) US “Bear Baiting” Cruel, Unnecessary, & Evil (Diana Johnstone)

6) Eyewitness Reports Indicate Ukrainian Army Fired First Shots in War with Russia

7) Andre Martyanov on the irony of Western leaders issuing false flag warnings 

8) Disarming Ukraine, Day 1

9) Putin’s Advance Into Ukraine Compares with Saddam Hussein’s Invasion of Kuwait…a Disaster for Russia

10) The coming clash of civilizations discussed in Kevin’s Friday khutbah:

Threats and Promises 

11) Ukraine made nuclear status threat

12) Why Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons — and what that means in an invasion by Russia  (National Propaganda Radio)

13) NATO did promise Moscow it wouldn’t expand, former German defense official tells RT Smoking Gun Document:

14) U.S. claims Russia has list of Ukrainians ‘to be killed or sent to camps’ following a military occupation

Euro Response

15) Ukraine-Russia: Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline 

16) Finland’s president sees changes in Putin__his nation might consider joining NATO if it felt threatened

Trump Loves It

17) “This is genius”: Trump praises Putin’s “savvy” in ploy to take over Ukraine

18) Donald Trump GREEN LIGHTS CHINA INVASION OF TAIWAN: ‘China’s going to be next,’ will ‘absolutely’ invade Taiwan following Russia-Ukraine crisis


19) Press Release: American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement 

20) America’s People’s Convoy gets ready to roll! One thousand trucks begin 11-day drive from California to D.C. 

21) Indigenous elder who was trampled during freedom protest crackdown says Trudeau can’t be trusted 

22) US congresswoman to propose bill granting political asylum to Canadians persecuted by Trudeau 

New Normal Fascism

23) The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism

24) Trudeau Government Moves to Make Expanded Surveillance Powers over Financial Transactions ‘Permanent’

25) Bangladesh study authors hide data showing masks don’t work (but all must wear them anyway)

26) The CDC is hiding data showing vaccines don’t work (but all must get them anyway) 

“Why Do They Hate Us?!”

27)  ‘People’s money’: Protests rage on against Biden’s move to split Afghan funds’s-Decision-on-Frozen-Funds-

28) Iran returns donated vaccines because they were made in US (like COVID-19)


29) For most Americans, owning a home is now a distant dream

30) California lawmakers propose 1.5% billionaire tax 

Blame the Supremacists

31) San Francisco School Board Members Who Were Recalled Blame ‘White Supremacy’

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