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Josh Mitteldorf on COVID/Vaccine Controversies, Miracles & Quantum Theory, Atlantis, 6th Extinction, and More

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Scientist Josh Mitteldorf, author (with Dorion Sagan) of the book Cracking the Aging Code , just published “5 Theories on the Origin of Omicron, the Variant That Might End the Pandemic.” Today, Josh returns to Truth Jihad Radio to tackle a long list of controversial issues—not just the usual COVID debates! As he wrote me ahead of the interview:

“Kevin –
   I’m delighted we’re going to have this conversation. You’re one of the few people who have read in areas diverse enough to make it possible. I don’t expect we’re going to figure anything out, but perhaps we’ll be able to broaden the conversation about what’s happening in the world.
  • I would like to start with this quote from Charles Eisenstein about miracles.
  • I’d like to explain my (very incomplete) view of physics and metaphysics: Poincare’s determinism, superceded by quantum indeterminism that says that half of the information in present reality is missing, replaced by “randomness”. Well, it’s not random. It’s the place where spirit or consciousness or human intention enters into the world. This was proven by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne in a long series of experiments.
  • This is a time of important, transformative change, but it’s hard for us to see who is behind it and what they want.
  • It may be helpful to remember the last time the world was transformed by apocalypse, an incident recorded both as Noah’s Flood, the sinking of Atlantis, and the Younger Dryad impact event.
  • It is certainly relevant that without some kind of transformative event, humanity is on the road toward global ecocide, which would devastate the human population incidentally in the course of the Sixth Extinction.
  • Satanism. Ritual child mutilation and murder. Skull and Bones. Bohemian Grove. Part of what this is about is “learned psychopathy” = psychological manipulation of people to dissociate them from their conscience and from the innate feeling that life is sacred. Jeffrey Epstein’s link to Gates, the Clintons, Dershowitz, the British Royal family…
  • The Nimitz spacecraft. Anti-gravity, zero-point energy extraction. There are technologies here on earth with transformative properties. Certainly the beings (human or not) who control these technologies have enormous potential to shape the destiny of the planet. What do they want?
    • On the one hand, they disable nuclear missiles
    • On the other hand, they mutilate cattle and abduct humans
  • How are the beings that control such technology related to the perpetrators of the pandemic? Are they directly involved — the very same people? Are they just watching the evil perpetrators, letting it happen? Will they intervene to make sure the transformation goes one way or the other?
  • At the end of this essay, I raise the point that this technology very probably has potential for giving us abundant energy, eliminating the need for much war and destruction, and (in the wrong hands) the potential to blow up whole cities with a device far simpler than a nuclear weapon. Is this why the oligarchs feel a need to enslave us?
I want to end, as we did last time, with the reminder of what we know we’re aiming for: peace and freedom, local autonomy and diverse communities.
– Josh”

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  1. I am expectjng the nobel prize coming in the mail anytime now. Indeed, I discovered the cure for con-vid : CUT THE CORD OF YOUR TV, don’t read the NYT or the WSJ.

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