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E. Michael Jones and Matthew Ehret on “Nazi Healthcare: A Eugenic Solution for the Baby Boomer Demographic Time Bomb”

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Matt Ehret just published “Nazi Healthcare Revived Across the Five Eyes: A Eugenic Solution for the Baby Boomer Demographic Time Bomb.” E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars joins the discussion.

Matt Ehret writes: “The western population concentrated in the Trans Atlantic nations is facing a demographic time bomb the likes of which has never been seen in history called by some ‘the babyboomer demographic time bomb’…” COVID-19, which conveniently targets older folks, may not be deadly enough to solve the problem…so bring on the Nazi doctors!

One Thought to “E. Michael Jones and Matthew Ehret on “Nazi Healthcare: A Eugenic Solution for the Baby Boomer Demographic Time Bomb””

  1. maisoon

    Excellent discussion. I really enjoyed it and both your learned guests taught me alot and gave me a lot of food for thought which today is being denied to the masses causing a famine of knowledge and impoverishment
    I hope E Michael Jones is correct in his optimism and positivity because we need HOPE, we need to know that those Psychopaths will not win in this cruel inhuman agenda, where they self appoint themselves as God, making the decisions of life and death for Humanity, and that faith in God will prevail over their evil, God willing.
    People must wake up to the realities facing us all as it threatens our very existence and those that we love.

    Michael made a comment which resonated with me deeply. My mother died a few years ago, in her mid 80s. She was admitted to the local hospital who I believe actually TOOK my mother’s life as they had a secret policy of ‘no resuscitation for the elderly (60+). She was due to be released but then she suddenly died after they had put her on a DRIP which now I suspect was a morphine drip to END HER LIFE.
    These Psychopaths who blaspheme against GOD and HIS CREATION are using the NHS [in the UK] to KILL our loved ones because they view them as unworthy and a liability!! I would be categorized as such due to my age group – expendable as I am deemed a drain on the health service!!
    Matters have reached their zenith at hospitals and care centres which have forfeited their Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’ for the sake of MONEY and our police too no longer honour their ‘protect and serve’ as they only serve the Establishment despite the fact that it is WE the taxpayers who pay their salaries!!

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