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FFWN: Empire Collapsing, 1st Amendment on Life Support (with E. Michael Jones)

Unbanned by YouTube as of Sunday evening!

Guest host E. Michael Jones

We could not broadcast live to my YouTube channel this week due to last week’s strike for “medical misinformation.” Screw YouTube! We do not provide medical advice, just political opinions, which are protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

Note: YouTube seems to have erased the strike and allowed me to resume posting as of Sunday evening.


1) Help Keep FFWN Un-banned 

1B) Kevin’s talk on censorship (delivered last Sunday just hours after YouTube nuked FFWN)

2) Poet & “banned books” bookseller Lawrence Ferlinghetti who helped launch the Beat movement has died at 101—honor his memory by fighting censorship!

Bomber Biden  

3) Biden Bombs Syria and lets bonesaw butcher Bin Salman walk 

4) Multiple House Democrats Ask Biden to Relinquish Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons

Crimes of Empire

5) Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal

6) ‘A reckoning is near’: America has a vast overseas military empire. Does it still need it? 


7) White House Enlists Social Media Giants to Suppress Vaccine ‘Misinformation’

8) False Flag Weekly News banned, YouTube channels frozen, for “health misinfo”

9) Lawmakers to Cable Providers: Why Are You Letting News Channels Say These Things?

10)  ‘Cancel them before they cancel us’: Gab CEO says banks have banned platform due to media smears

11) Net neutrality law to take effect in California after judge deals blow to telecom industry

Occupied Palestine

12) Despite human rights claims Canada taking down restaurant over support for Palestine

13) Disasters Everywhere! Is God Punishing America for Supporting Israel’s Genocide of Jesus’s Family?

Gender Studies (More Divine Punishment?)

14) Purim as a Jewish ‘National Coming Out Day’: What the holiday means for LGBTQ Jews

15) Asking patients for their pronouns helps us treat them — unless they shut down

16) Male Infertility Threatening ‘Future of Human Race,’ Says Author of New Book 

Capitol Insurrection: A NEW New Pearl Harbor?

17) Jonathan Turley (closet truther?) calls Capitol Insurrection a “New Pearl Harbor”

18) Capitol Police officer’s death remains mired in conflicting reports and official silence

19) FBI alert about possible ‘war’ against Congress reached D.C. and Capitol Police on eve of attack deepening security questions

20) FBI is ‘treating members of Congress as suspects in the MAGA riot probe and’has swept up lawmakers’ phone data during investigation’

21) Feds investigating Roger Stone Alex Jones over roles in Capitol riot


22)  ‘A Loss To The Whole Society’: U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 500,000

23) Chinese Media: “Who Made COVID? Investigate Ft. Detrick!”

24) Key Biden aide said pandemic was ‘best thing that ever happened to him’ book says

25) Biden says administration will ‘probably’ mail out millions of masks soon

26) Is Ivermectin an Effective COVID-19 Treatment?

27) The Vaccine (Dis)Information War


28) How the Oklahoma City bombing case prepared Merrick Garland to take on domestic terrorism

29) Oklahoma City Bombing News Reports: Unexploded bombs found in the Murrah building! (Garland ignored this fact)

Black History Month

30) Malcolm X’s family says a letter from officer shows NYPD and FBI had a role in his murder

31) Harvard denied (closet 9/11 truther) Cornel West tenure. Are his comments on Israel the reason?

32) How Did a Fateful CIA Coup—Executed 55 Years Ago this February 24—Doom Much of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Odds and Ends

33) Government-Generated Snow’? Conspiracy Theories Claim Winter Storm in Texas is ‘Fake’

34)  American Airlines not denying possible UFO spotting says: ‘Talk to the FBI’

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