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FFWN: 9/11 and the Death of the American Dream

ANNOUNCEMENT! 9/11 ANNIVERSARY EVENT TODAY IN MADISON: 6 pm, Garner Park, 333 S. Rosa Rd., Madison, WI.


1) Help FFWN Defeat YouTube Censorship

2) Watch 2020 9/11 Truth Film Festival 9/11 Truth Film Festival.

3) Justice Rising Live Stream from AE911truth FREE Sept 11-13

9/11 Wars

4) 9/11 and Death of the American Dream

5) New Costs of War Study: 37 Million Displaced by U.S. Post-9/11 Wars

Wisconsin Crackdowns 

6) YouTube Disrupts FFWN, Freezes Kevin’s Channel Using Spurious Charge of “Impersonation”

7) More Wisconsin Chaos: Man Faces Year In Prison and $10,000 Fine for ‘Dirty Jew’ Slur

Jeffrey Epstein “Conspiracy Theory”

8) Alan Dershowitz Loses Bid to Access Secret Jeffrey Epstein Files

War on Conspiracy Theories

9) 9/11 and the Rise of the New Conspiracy Theorists

10) One-third of people in Germany believe in conspiracy theories: poll

11) How coronavirus has brought together conspiracy theorists and the far right

12) Nazi Hippies: When the New Age and Far Right Overlap

13) How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Election—and Shaking the Foundation of American Democracy

Election Chaos

14) ‘It’s 8 P.M. on Election Day.’ Experts Share Their Nightmare Scenarios.

15) “Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election

Time for Revolution?

16) NYT Op-Ed Calls for a General Strike

17) David Graeber 1961–2020 (Occupy Activist & Anthropologist)

18) 100 Nights of Resistance in Portland

19) Inside the privileged lives of protesters busted for rioting in Manhattan


20) 31,000 Words Missing from The Atlantic and The New York Times Sunday Magazine — Plus Addendum

21) AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected adverse reaction in participant in the U.K.

22) Watch: Lifeguard Arrested Led Away in Handcuffs by Hazmat Cops for ‘Surfing with Coronavirus’

23) Up to 204,691 extra deaths in the US so far in this pandemic year up to over 250,000 as of Sept. 11

24) Senegal’s quiet COVID success: Test results in 24 hours, temperature checks at every store, no fights over masks


25) Trump is blasting the military-industrial complex. But he’s one of its biggest boosters. 

26) Trump Brags He Saved Bin Salman, Admits Saudi Kleptocrats Wouldn’t Last a Minute without US Support

27) “If You Resist Zionist Genocide You’re a Terrorist and Should Be Silenced”

The West Is Burning

28) 500,000 people in Oregon forced to flee wildfires

29) Thick wildfire smoke blocks sun, turns Bay Area sky orange

Pet Goats

30) Goat Joins Anti-Police Protests: Takes Over Cop Car, Head-Butts Deputy and Eats All the Paperwork


10 Thoughts to “FFWN: 9/11 and the Death of the American Dream”

  1. Karl Patton

    Hey Kevin,
    Try this. The excess deaths are from suicides, etc. caused by the lockdowns?
    Karl Patton
    ft worth

    1. I agree that some of them are. But if you look at the estimates, there is still plenty of room for 100k+ corona deaths.

  2. Tsigantes

    What about deaths in the old people homes, deaths from people unable to go to hospitals for existing conditions, and deaths from ventilators at – what was it – $28,000 a pop for the doctors?

    1. Those have to be balanced against fewer highway deaths, pollution deaths, and iatrogenic non-COVID deaths. Maybe someone good at statistical research should put together all these estimated numbers and try to make a case against the standard estimate of COVID deaths. But based on my quick common sense estimate, at the end of the day, you’re still going to have six figures worth of COVID deaths. And yes, most of them are older people with co-morbidities.

  3. Amin Abdullah

    @Kevin : When you say “excess deaths”, I am assuming compare to the average count of last year or average of past few years.

    What is your source for stating and standing by the statement that there are “excess deaths” this year ?.

    Also, taking for granted that there are “excess deaths” this year, what is your source that makes you so confident in stating that they are “Covid” caused ?.

    Indeed, I am inquiring about the source of your confident-sounding assertions. Thanks.

  4. Amin Abdullah

    * CDC : Center of Disease Creation.
    * NYtimes : Establishment mouth-piece. The left side of it.
    * americanfreepress : They heartlessly ousted ‘Michael Collins Piper’ who passed away of a heart condition while begging for donations to turn the heat on in his miserable dwelling. Before that, they ousted ‘Christopher Bollyn’ and refused to give him the donations he received after being assaulted by cops. Both guys’ sin seem to have been speaking too much truth.

    OK. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  5. Charles Ewing Smith

    Tony, as a thought experiment, once we stop arguing about whether the towers came down because of fire or explosives and admit it was explosives, who did it becomes clear quickly. You’ll find we have attacked the wrong people for 20 years.

  6. The increase in the death counts can easily be explained by the number of “Baby Boomers” aging into the over 65 range. Since older people are reported to be more at risk to Covid than other age groups you can expect these death counts to increase in 2021 and beyond. Don’t forget the “Baby Boom” was not just an American phenomen but can be found through out the world.
    Since I suffered from a sickness in late October 2019 that was so similar to Covid (dry cough, chills, chest congestion, difficulty breathing, et all) I can only conclude that Covid was present in the Midwest USA in the fall of 2019. The USA medical community (or lack thereof) had no idea what was happening. Go figure!

  7. marvin Sandnes

    Justice Rising was the best group of presenters ever assembled. Sat. with DRG, Jones, Harriet and the Engineer’s analysis of the Hulsey report – spell binding! “SEVEN” by Kelly David and Dylan Avery coming soon.

    Gage’s work and character is readily known by the quality of people he attracts.

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