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Peter Simpson on Why Theocracy Is Better than Secular Liberalism

Peter Simpson

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CUNY philosophy professor Peter Simpson has published “Theocracy’s Challenge” presenting a cogent argument for the superiority of theocracy over secular liberalism. It concludes:

“The modern world has prided itself on getting rid of a theological power capable of commanding and restraining the political. Its much-touted claim is that we have thereby secured for ourselves a freedom unknown and inconceivable by a past under the deadening thrall of priests. But pride, as they say, goeth before a fall. Few things in human life can be trusted pure and left alone without external check and restraint. Most men are no more angels than they are devils; they oscillate between the two. To ensure that none become devils, or that any who do can never hold power unchecked, the universal practice of the pre-modern world, pagan or Christian or something else, where the temporal power exercised political authority in necessary concert, peaceful or conflicted, with the spiritual power, needs to be revived. One way or another theocracy will have its revenge.”

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