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Christians respond to NZ mosque terror! E. Michael Jones (Catholic) and Scott Bennett (Protestant)

E. Michael Jones and yours truly at the 2013 Hollywoodism conference in Tehran, “the capital of the free world.”

Broadcast live, 8 to 10 pm Eastern, Revolution.Radio (Studio A)

First half hour: I discuss the deep historical background of the New Zealand terror attack, referencing my new article on

Then I am joined by E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, who remains for the duration of the show. E. Michael “Mike” Jones is one of America’s most provocative and important Catholic intellectuals. He argues, here and in his new ebook Beyond the Bomb: Werner Heisenberg and Jewish Science, that Logos is the only solution to the onslaught of chaos.

Second hour: Scott Bennett, a Christian from a Protestant background—as well as a former US Army psy-ops officer and counter-terror specialist—joins the conversation—and questions the official story of the New Zealand attack.

Takeaway: All three of us (Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim) agree that “white nationalism” is an empty cipher and a dead end. The concept “white” has no real content. And the notion of “nation” is almost equally empty, since it begs the question of what kind of nation. While it is true that peoples and civilizations of European origin are in decline, due to birthrate collapse and other factors, they will not be revived by appeals to the nullity of “white nationalism.” To the extent that Europe or “the West” have a civilizational identity, it is rooted in Christianity. Reviving post-Christian Western civilization would require a religious revival.

3 Thoughts to “Christians respond to NZ mosque terror! E. Michael Jones (Catholic) and Scott Bennett (Protestant)”

  1. Urik

    Denial of the biological factor by a bunch of dogmatists. Unsurprising.

    1. I don’t deny the existence of many “biological factors.” Nor is my understanding of existence as consciousness/information not just matter-in-space-and-time based on dogma. It is primarily based on direct experience. Sacred scriptures and traditions are helpful in understanding that direct experience and finding the right orientation in light of it. So basically I reject dogma, including the reigning dogma of our age, secular materialist humanism. If you’re a biological determinist, you’re the one who’s the prisoner of the dogma surrounding you. You’re like the proverbial fish unaware of the water.

  2. Amin Abdullah

    Urik’s comment is typical of people who have absolutely nothing of substance to say : they drop 1.5 sentence reflecting what they have been indoctrinated so well with, then disappear behind the wires of the internet. The fish unaware of the water, is a very accurate way to described them. Their way of commenting falls in the category of ‘gibberish and run’.

    It reminds me of people who insist on starting a religious debate as a conduit to make a grandiose statement about their hungry sorry-self. They are soooo predictable and utterly boring. The last one I had to be very patient with, her grandiose statement was : “I am scientific, I guess that’s why I am atheist”. Yawwwwwnnnn, soooo boring.

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