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FFWN: Stop the assassination of liberty!


1) Stop the assassination of liberty, support FFWN!

1a) PSA: Protest KPFA banning of Guns & Butter psa.jpg

2) Letter to the Editor: “Was 9/11 a ‘false-flag’ operation?” (write one yourself!)

War on Free Speech

3) Bnai Brith lynch mob still persecuting Professor Anthony Hall

4) War on Alex Jones Goes Nuclear

5) Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public

6) Constitution-shredding traitors cite Cass “jail the 9/11 truthers” Sunstein in call to ban “conspiracy theories”

7) How purging Alex Jones from social media could backfire spectacularly according to free speech advocates

8) James Tracy on Alex Jones and Richard Gutjahr, and the Fight to End Free Speech

Saudis declare war on Canada

9) Saudi PR geniuses threaten 9/11 attack on Canada!


11) Trudeau Defends Trump Administration’s Decision To Stay Out Of Saudi Dispute

12) Bernie Sanders Calls Saudi Arabia’s Response To Canada ‘Outrageous’

13) My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader’s mother speaks for the first time

War on Syria winds down

14) China Willing to Assist Syrian Army in Idlib Offensive – Ambassador to Syria

15) How Putin and Trump put an end to the war against Syria

16) The Twilight of the War

17) Donald Trump was Elected by Russia? Mass Dementia in the Western Establishment | Global Research

War on Iran

18) Washington Post Blames Iran For Trump’s Unilateral Sanctions Against It

19) The Saker: “AngloZionist attack options against Iran”

War on Yemen/Venezuela/Nicaragua

20) 29 Yemeni children killed by Saudis

21) World Extends Solidarity To Venezuela’s Maduro After Attack


Crimes of Zion

23) Israeli settlements, explained | Settlements Part I

24) Telegraph story on “Jewish wedding guests celebrate burning toddler to death” scrubbed from internet?  Google reports: “No results found for shocking footage has emerged of guests at a jewish wedding in jerusalem appearing to celebrate the death of palestinian toddler ali dawabesh”  (caption of photo in story published by London Telegraph)

This London Telegraph story appears to have been scrubbed from the internet…or at least from Google!

Trump Follies

25) Trump administration reportedly plans to limit citizenship for millions of legal immigrants, outraging advocates

26) Trump throws his son under the legal bus to protect himself…it is a crime to accept anything of value from a foreign entity

27) A quarter of Americans (26%) saying they agree “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior”

American Madness

28) Make America Depressed Again: US Homelessness Rate Rises

29) ‘Vehicle Residency’? Number of Americans Living in Cars Jumps 46% – Study

30) Masked man enters (Pacifica affiiate) radio station studio and shoots DJ in Wisconsin

31) US military goose-steps into outer space—false flag alien invasion coming?

One Thought to “FFWN: Stop the assassination of liberty!”

  1. Annelies

    Excellent show! Greg is definitely one of your best co-hosts, Kevin: he has a vast knowledge, is a great analyst and well-spoken. However, I think you’re too optimistic when you say that the majority of the world population knows 9/11 was an inside job. Here in Western Europe, the majority blindly believes the official story, as it’s their governments and press who say so. There’s only a handful of us lonely European cowboys, and we ride against heavy winds..

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