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Sander Hicks interviews Kevin Barrett on new “Deeper States” radio show

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NYC congressional candidate Sander Hicks has a new show on American Freedom Radio: THE DEEPER STATES OF AMERICA. Sander’s description: “The US Federal Government is Out of Control. Wars. Secrets. Cover-Ups. Yet the American people are waking up. Now we use words like ‘Deep State’ or ‘State crimes against Democracy.’ We can occupy the moment and re-make our world. We are the healers. We are the truth. It’s time to dismantle the deep state and forge a deeper state of consciousness.”

Topics include: The recent New Horizons conference in Iran, and the letter to Iran from 9/11 truth advocates; neocon-Zionist plans for a false flag to launch war on Iran for Israel; is Trump an enemy of the deep state; Trump’s kosher nostra background; the Netanyahu-Trump grab for Jerusalem; Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion; the Truth Action Project; evidence implicating Israel in 9/11, including the Gerald Shea memo;  and much more!



One Thought to “Sander Hicks interviews Kevin Barrett on new “Deeper States” radio show”

  1. Charles

    Oh please. The Democrat party is going to be part of a “rebellion”? Led by whom- Nancy Pelosi?
    Chuck Schumer? Trump has ushered in a political revolution- whether you like it or not. Bernie Sanders will likely be kept out of the Democrat Primaries come 2020. Is this the same Hicks that bankruptted a coffee shop in Brooklyn years ago?

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