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David Skrbina debates “Jesus Hoax”; Ed Corrigan on crimes of imperialism and Zionism, including the 9/11 false flag

Broadcast live Friday Feb. 16, 8 to 10 pm Eastern at Revolution.Radio then archived HERE

David Skrbina

First hour: Philosophy professor David Skrbina continues the discussion on his book The Jesus Hoax (which I have now read, and generally disagree with…but also admire as a succinct, well-sourced, no-punches-pulled polemic that is very much worth arguing with). The book argues that St. Paul created Christianity as a Jewish psychological warfare operation against Rome—the exact opposite conclusion from that of Joseph “Caesar’s Messiah” Atwill, who argues that Rome created Christianity as a psychological warfare operation against the Jews!

Listen to my interview: “Joseph Atwill: Did Caesar Invent Jesus?”

In my opinion, both Skrbina and Atwill offer bits of the truth, blind-men-and-the-elephant style. I think Christianity is indeed a highly subversive attack on both the Roman AND Jewish elites—because it is a divinely-inspired religion, and both those elites are/were satanic. But I do agree with David Skrbina that the notion of Jesus as a “son of God” is a mythic distortion adapted from the innumerable stories of gods siring children with mortals, and that other mythic distortions were likely borrowed (unconsciously, not deliberately) from various dying-and-reviving-god stories. And I also agree that our knowledge of the historical Jesus is not very extensive, and that the material in the Gospels presumably passed through oral tradition for several decades, and was probably distorted by the transmitters, before it was written down in the form we have it today.

Ed Corrigan

Second hour: Human rights lawyer Ed Corrigan discusses the US and Zionist empires’ crimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. About halfway through the hour, he takes up the subject of 9/11, which he studied extensively in preparation for possible litigation. Like many of us, Ed was shocked to discover that the official story of 9/11 cannot withstand even cursory scrutiny: The three NYC skyscrapers clearly were destroyed in explosive demolitions, not by fires resulting from plane crashes; there is no evidence the alleged hijackers were even on the planes, and plenty of evidence that they weren’t; and a high-level source even told Seymour Hersh that the alleged evidence implicating the alleged hijackers (Mohammad Atta’s magic suitcase, etc.) was planted, i.e. fake!*  Yet this pathetically clumsy false flag lie is still worshipped as a national myth by many Americans, and relentlessly promoted by the corporate controlled propaganda apparatus; while those who point out its obvious failings are vilified by the same propagandists.


*”Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the F.B.I. to chase.”  

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