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Patrick Henningsen on “The Daily Shooter”

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Patrick Henningsen

Patrick Henningsen and the folks at 21st Century Wire have created a new rubric: The Daily Shooter. Has it really come to that? Are mass shootings, the most spectacular of which appear to be made-for-TV scripted pseudo-events, becoming so common that we can’t get through the day without one?

In this episode of Truth Jihad Radio, Patrick and I discuss the live-on-the-air “Truman Show” shooting in Virginia; the too-good-to-be-true episode on a TGV train in France in which two US soldiers and a language teacher took down a “terrorist”; and other symptoms of today’s society of the (false-flag) spectacle.

2 Thoughts to “Patrick Henningsen on “The Daily Shooter””

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,
    Was listening to your interesting monologue today when your guest didn't show up … and you were talking about the Virginia TV crew shooting …

    Yeah, I reviewed the videos on that and I agree with you. I'm pretty certain it was a fake all around.

    Here are my quick point observations on that and hope they might be of some use to you.

    This guy was a fired ex-employee of the station. They had forcefully escorted him from the premises … so there was hostility. All of the employees in that station "should" have been aware that this fellow was persona-non-grata … and his presence at the remote location would (in reality) have caused some problems and delays. They just wouldn't have let him stand around on location and watch because he would likely threaten their efforts.

    The station was ostensibly airing a live show. They switched to their remote site to air this interview (live) on location. It was around 6:30 AM.

    Now, the question is …

    WHY would any station be doing a remote location LIVE interview at 6:30 AM … to get a promotional interview on TOURISM? Why wouldn't they -instead- do the interview off-air at some convenient time … edit the recording for content and length … and then just plug in that recording as a pseudo-live interview on their morning show? It makes no sense to have been broadcasting a live interview at a remote location on something as mundane as tourism.

    But the station claims that the gunman was "stalking" that morning … and -I suppose- just showed up by stealth so that they didn't see him there?

    If that were true then …

    He would have had to be hanging around the studio all night in order to FOLLOW these 2 crew members out to the location. Otherwise … how would he KNOW where they were going?

    At 6:30 AM, there wasn't another soul around. Just the interviewer, the interviewee and the cameraman. The presence of anyone else on location COULDN'T have been missed. The gunman would have stuck out like a sore thumb if they'd seen him there.

    Therefore, he had to be hiding behind something. And if he was hiding … why wouldn't his OWN video show the "walls" of his hiding? There's nothing between his camera and the scene … showing in his own video.

    The interviewer winces slightly with the first shot … turns immediately and looks directly at the gunman (in his video) and instantly screams, turns and runs.

    The problem with that is that … anyone hit by an unexpected bullet is going to feel the bullet first … maybe let out an "AUGH" … but have no idea what just happened for at least several seconds. It takes some time for the brain to process what just occurred when something is totally unanticipated. How would she INSTANTLY know where to look and instantly scream?

  2. Anonymous


    If she WAS hit by a Glock round … she wouldn't just wince a little; she would double over immediately. Those bullets are wide … .40 calibre … and they impact like a truck. A .22 round? Well maybe a wince but not with a .40 calibre slug.

    If she didn't know the gunman was there … why did she instantly look at him and scream? Obviously she knew he was there. But up until then, she supposedly DIDN'T know he was there. The interviewee -in the gunman's video- is facing him all the time but shows no notice of his presence.

    And this is exactly what would occur in a dramatically staged, rehearsed event because it's all play-acting. The interviewer might have been hit by the small piece of paper on the end of a blank cartridge … which triggered the wince. The wince looks kind of real.

    The MOMENT the first shot rings out … the cameraman drops his camera downward. He hasn't been shot but for some reason, he drops his camera instantly on the first shot … as if on cue. So HIS camera doesn't catch the woman running … or falling.

    A similar thing happens to the gunman's camera. After about 4 shots … his camera inexplicably falls to the ground right on cue. His video catches her running off, screaming but then, for reasons not well understood, his camera falls to the ground.

    Thus -almost magically- NEITHER camera captures the woman falling down! We have no way of proving that she ever actually fell down!!

    In fact … there isn't even the sound of her or her microphone dropping!!

    Now how does a woman fall to the ground and die without there being any audible thump from the microphone … in the transmission?

    From the first gunshot to the end of transmission takes 7 seconds flat.

    You would expect the anchor back at the station would be sitting there dumbfounded … staring at the screen … for at least 2 seconds … while she tries to comprehend what just happened. You'd expect to hear a Fetzer-like voice calling out, "Jim, are you there? Jim, are you there?" Something to that effect. Trying to reconnect etc.

    But nope. The anchor has big eyes but she wraps it all up quick and smart in 5 seconds … as if she already knows what it's all about.

    Which is exactly how it would be if this was a staged production using actors. Within 12 seconds, it's all wrapped up. 2 people dead, one wounded and an anchor who has it summed up nice and tidy!~ Just gallops right along without a moment's hesitation.

    Which is NOT what you would see in a real life event.

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