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Nick Kollerstrom on “terror in Tunisia”: Another false flag?

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History of Science Ph.D. Dr. Nick Kollerstrom joins us to break down the latest round of mass-mediated terror spectacles. Nick writes at his blog:

Terror events in three countries left 63 people dead on Friday 26th June: in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. This is in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. Friday, 26th June Beach and hotel at Sousse A Wiki site went up quickly, saysing “39 people, mostly British tourists, were killed when armed gunmen attacked two hotels.” – soon this was altered to ‘an armed gunman.’ ”
The Brits were staying in the  Imperial Marhaba Hotel.

Cameron tells us who did it

The day after (27th) Cameron explained that the terror event had been perpetratred by Islamic State Terrorists.  How did he know that? We are reminded of Tony Blair telling the British people that Muslims had perpetrated the 7/7 event, on the very day that it had happened. (NB Isis appears to be run by Simon Elliot, a Mossad agent.)
Comparison with 7/7, near to 10th anniversary – 27 June: Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood said it was “the most significant terrorist attack on the British people” since the London 7/7 bombings in 2005.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack at the Imperial Marhaba hotel, according to SITE Intelligence GroupThere is always something very fishy when Rita Katzs’ SITE Intelligence Group is involved. SITE are the group that discovered all the Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden videos, the Foley be-heading video & all things ‘TERROR’ related, that play into the ‘official narratives’.

3 Thoughts to “Nick Kollerstrom on “terror in Tunisia”: Another false flag?”

  1. Anonymous

    Major counter-terrorism exercise in London – BBC News
    Police officers, soldiers, emergency services and intelligence officials are taking part in London's largest counter-terrorism exercise to date.
    The simulation of a terror attack has been six months in the planning.
    The exercise – codenamed Strong Tower – involves 1,000 police officers at locations across the capital until Wednesday afternoon.
    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said it would test responses to extremists using firearms.
    It comes days after 38 people were killed by a gunman in Tunisia, the majority of them British holidaymakers.
    The Metropolitan Police says this week's exercise in London is not based on any specific intelligence and is part of a long-term strategy of planning and preparing for all possible types of terror attack.
    Loud noises
    Scotland Yard began planning the two-day event in January and only a dozen people know the full script to ensure that the officers and other services taking part face the maximum challenge.
    Senior officers say that while much of the exercise will be hidden from view, there may be occasions when the public hear loud noises or see areas being cordoned off. Scotland Yard will be posting updates about the exercise to Twitter, using the hashtag #999exercise.

  2. Anonymous

    Rally the troops: 7/7 ten years on: share your memories | UK news | The Guardian

    Get people to post on this

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin! In 'Fictional Scenario A' a group of white power racist activists deploy a deceptive tactic where black drug addicts are paid to rape white women. Their goal is more political support through an increased level of racial hatred in their society. If Fictional Scenario A was plaid out in real life, their scheme when revealed would probably be punished as the worst kind of hate crime, and a criminal conspiracy at that. Now, consider the not–so–fictional scenarios B and C, where muslims are paid to be patsies in B) large–scale terror attacks on the New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon, plus C) commuter attacks on the London subway and a London bus. The goal is exactly the same as in Fictional Scenario A, ie to gain more political support through an increased level of racial hatred in all of Western society. My thinking is perhaps naive, but I'm thinking there must be some kind of court or institution somewhere in the Western world that would be willing to try Scenarios B and C as possible hate crimes. Using the new legislations against such crimes in the West, perhaps? Let me hear what you think about this, Kevin!

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