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Humanure compost toilet: A better way to go


Today, more and more Chinese people – 64% at last count – are gaining access to “improved” sanitation. Though polluting five gallons of purified drinking water with every flush may be an improvement over spreading raw human excrement a.k.a. “night soil” directly on the fields – though even that is disputable – there is definitely a better way to go. If you really want to improve your sanitation, don’t pony up billions of dollars for porcelain thrones, pipes, septic tanks and sewage treatment facilities. Instead, spend $25 per household building a compost collection toilet. You can find the plans in Joe Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook.

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4 Thoughts to “Humanure compost toilet: A better way to go”

  1. Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Humanure compost. It was the shit. Come on, I had to say it. I bet I am not the only one.

    I also liked the author's comparison of the human race to a parasite depleting all of it's resources and moving on. My thought is that eventually the host is just going to get sick of being abused and eliminate us. Mother nature thought she had it bad with the dinosaurs.

    I'm not sure how they could, but I bet the ADL will even attack you for that article. They are very imaginative.

    Always a pleasure to read your articles.


  2. Dear Dr. Kevin Barrett,

    We demand an immediate retraction of your anti-Semitic humanure article. It is quite evident that whenever you use a word such as "shit," "feces," or "human excrement" it is actually a code word for "Jew." Additionally, your dim view of the spread of indoor plumbing suggests that you think flush toilets, sewer pipes, and septic tanks are some sort of Jewish conspiracy. This is clearly yet another anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of the type you specialize in. So take it back right now or you'll never work in this blog again!


    Abe Foxman, Execretive Director
    ADL (Anti-Defecation League)

  3. Anonymous

    ADL stands for Anti-DEFECATION League? No wonder they're so full of shit.

  4. Anonymous

    Everybody else's stinks, theirs smells like roses. That's what chosenness will do for you.

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