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Rodney Shakespeare: End usury with “binary economics” !

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Alternative economist Dr. Rodney Shakespeare is proposing a new paradigm called “binary economics.” He says the current usury-based fiat currency system funnels all the wealth to the top, leaving the poor and middle classes with little or no stake or participation in production. Rodney’s model would go several steps beyond what passes for “Islamic banking” and completely eliminate usury, while making interest-free loans available for a modest service fee to those who can spread production more widely throughout society.

In this interview, we cover more than just economics – starting with 9/11, and moving on to current events in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement, a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is

2 Thoughts to “Rodney Shakespeare: End usury with “binary economics” !”

  1. Anonymous

    Your recent program prompted me to offer a comment.

    In my view, there are two primary factions in the ruling oligarchy: the Judeo-Masonic and the Roman-Catholic. Together, they constitute the "whore that rides the beast". It is an unstable but powerful alliance, and neither faction would be as effective without the other. It has existed in one form or another since before the affair of Emperor Titus and Queen Berenice. In those days, one might say that the beast rode the whore, but now it's the whore's turn to be "on top" at least for a while — exactly as prophesied.

    Nearly every organization and ideology in western society is dominated by one (or both) of these factions, either directly or indirectly. The "liberals" identify with the whore, the "conservatives" identify with the beast. The whore controls banking and propaganda, the beast controls military and intelligence. The Humanist/New Agers are allied with the whore, the Anglican/Episcopals are allied with beast. Both factions dominate key organizations including the CFR and the Supreme Court (6 Catholics, 3 Jews). Global looting and organized crime are joint ventures. I'm sure you can fill in the list.

    Most commentators prefer to use vague terms like "the Establishment" or "Wall Street" or the "New World Order". But the term "Judeo-Roman Empire" describes the actual system in three words, and might cause people to take notice.

  2. Anonymous

    He is on the right track. The first people to get loans or new money in the economy are the ones who benefit most–prices rise as the money makes its way to the bottom–the producers getting the least benefit, the usurious fiat money creators getting the most.

    Don't know if I sent you the attached book chapter I wrote a number of years ago (was in Leo Rebello's compendium "World Without Wars"). If I have, please ignore. Feel free to pass it along to Shakespeare. My ideas relate to getting money directly into the hands of producers so we have economic incentives to meet human needs and not create more financial swindles. I think I do a pretty good job of demolishing the idea that war production benefits the economy. Quite the opposite.


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