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Andre Vltchek on “Ukraine: Lies and Realities”

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Ukrainean armored vehicle on Russian border
Russia-Ukraine border: One armored Ukrainian vehicle, but no sign of any Russian buildup (photo by Andre Vltchek)

Truth Jihad Radio’s roving foreign correspondent Andre Vltchek just got back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Ukraine, the subject of his terrific new article: Ukraine: Lies and Realities.

“Two beautiful Slavic sisters, Ukraine and Russia, pitched against each other: long hair flying in the wind, gray-blue eyes staring forward accusatively, but in the same time with anticipation and love.
One single moment, one wrong move, one word, and two countries, two allies, two almost identical cultures, can easily dash at each other’s throats… Different words, different gestures, and they can also fall into each other’s arms, instantly.

“Is there going to be a war, a battle or an embrace? Is there going to be an insult or reconciliatory words?”

Andre says the people of Ukraine, like those of Syria, Venezuela and elsewhere, are starting to see through the lies and “malignant propaganda” of the Western media.

At the end of the show, Andre says that exposing false flags (one of our main missions here at Truth Jihad Ltd.) is of critical importance – it’s a key part of the wider struggle to expose propaganda and reveal the truth. I hope his friend and co-author Noam Chomsky is taking notes!

One Thought to “Andre Vltchek on “Ukraine: Lies and Realities””

  1. Anonymous

    I listen to your shows almost everyday. I just wanted to let you know
    what a great job you are doing.

    I like your style because you discuss issues and angles nobody else
    wants to touch in a low key in depth manner.

    If I listen too much to some popular alternative sites
    I start to get PTSD just by listening.

    I also appreciate that you are not an ideologue simply
    trying to build a case for a pre-determined point of view.
    You let the facts take you wherever they take you. This is
    pretty much non existent in today's "journalism". as you well know.

    You are indeed on a truth jihad.

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