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Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11

Transponder signals mysteriously disappear. Jetliners veer off course, then vanish without a trace. Seemingly impossible cell phone calls add to the mystery.

It happened on 9/11. Now it has happened again in Malaysia…

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  1. Anonymous

    hello mr. barrett
    I ve just read your article as of 12 march on the malaysian plane disappearance.
    I do have two questions.
    1. is it sure that the transponder signals on the malaysian plane were switched off ?
    2. you are writing that in 2006 the FBI admitted that most of the cell phone calls from the allegedly hijacked planes did not take place at all – even that one from barbara olson to her husband. what is the source of this statemnet ?

  2. 1) That is what was reported in the media.
    2) The FBI officially states that there was no successful cell connection between Barbara and Ted Olson on 9/11, only two attempts lasting 0 seconds.

    The defenders of the official story have tried to say that there were seatback phone calls not cell calls. But (1) about fifteen of the calls were reported as cell calls until the FBI changed the story in 2006 in response to research proving that there could have been few if any cell calls, (2) at least one call was definitely from the passenger's cell number according to the witness, and (3) there were definitely no seatback phones on Flight 77, which Barbara was supposedly on.

    So the phone calls were obviously a hoax. If we prove one is a hoax – and we have proved both that the Olson call is a hoax, and that one "impossible cell call" was reported – that means they're all hoaxes. Some could have been voice-morphed calls made by conspirators; some could simply be false reports.

    A good place to start is:

  3. Anonymous

    Michael Rivero: The radar return off the plane at Silver Island in the Malacca Straights was something the plotters did not expect. Absent that datum, everyone would presume the plane continued northeast. The evidence is piling up that the US commandeered the plane for an as-yet unknown purpose, and it was flown to Diego Garcia, the only runway in that part of the Pacific long enough to land the 777 safely and then allow a takeoff. The 777-200ER, fully fueled, can fly 7,700 Nautical Miles which puts all of the Middle East, most of Europe, including the Black Sea, in range of a flight departing Diego Garcia. Hardly surprising that FOX News brought in James Kallstrom, the Assistant Director of the FBI in charge of the cover-up of the US Nay's accidental shoot-down of TWA 800 to reassure us all that Malaysian flight 380 did crash into the ocean and not to pay attention to those kooky conspiracy theorists talking about tracks to Diego Garcia, ringing cell phones, and four hours of flight time after the transponders were switched off.

  4. Anonymous

    I without doubt believe that Israel and America but mainly Israel has something to do with that missing plane. There is no way in Gods living earth that the pilot of 35 years, will hijack a plane. It must have been a remote of something that took over the plane, May those people be safe and found soon.

    Our children and grandchildren will be left to deal with this evil and it is only going to get worse if we do not do anything about it NOW…

  5. Anonymous

    There should be no place for sensationalism in the issue of the missing plane, in consideration for the loved ones of those missing so you should have clearly explained the following.

    The fact that a caller hears a ring tone, after having dialled a mobile-phone number is not a definitive indication that the called phone is operational at that moment in time. There a many variable in mobile-phone connection systems so it is misleading and hurtful to those concerned to draw such conclusions.

    I've posted this last paragraph as a comment, but I doubt that it will be allowed through.

    -Anthony Lawson

  6. Maybe I was misled by the Daily Mail piece?

    "As to why they are "ringing" it'll be the same as if they were out of coverage – in some cases it may ring before going to voicemail.’
    "Some reports claim the phones are just ringing and ringing however."

    Read more:

    As I understand it, normally calls to "off" or dead-battery cell phones just go straight to voice mail, with no ring tone. For example, I still have a cell phone number but no cell phone. I use the number for voice mail. When you dial it, you will never, ever hear a ring tone – it always goes straight to voice mail.

    I understand that it is theoretically possible on some systems to get a brief ring when calling a dead cell phone. But not a persistent ringtone. According to some of the passengers, the phones rang persistently for long periods, indicating that they were switched on and not far from a cell tower.

    While all sorts of "freaky cell phone behavior" is conceivable, the odds against a freak occurrence happening to more than one passenger, much less 16+, effectively rules out this hypothesis.

    If my understanding of this is wrong, please explain.

  7. Anonymous

    What I wrote was:

    What you've described are a number of plausible scenarios, none or which is definitive, so I stand my original comment:

    "The fact that a caller hears a ring tone, after having dialled a mobile-phone number is not a definitive indication that the called phone is operational at that moment in time."


  8. Thanks, Anthony. I hope to find more definitive information. Meanwhile I stand by my original interpretation, which is that 15 or more callers got sustained ringing when they called the passengers, meaning the phones were working, above water, switched on and near a cell tower.

  9. Anonymous

    Incorrect. It means the network is trying to locate the phone. Just because the caller hears a ring does not allow anyone to conclude the phones are on, above water, and near a tower.

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