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Eva Bartlett on genocide in Gaza


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Eva Bartlett arrived in Gaza with the Freedom Flotilla in fall, 2008…just in time to experience Israel’s Operation Cast Lead with its white phosphorous downpours, bombings of schools, ambulances, food factories, mosques, water and electrical infrastructure, sewage and pumping stations…everything on which life depends. Unfortunately, Operation Cast Lead was not that much of an anomaly; Eva quickly discovered that Israel is committing the well-defined crime of genocide by destroying the Gazans’ means of subsistence on an ongoing basis.

Eva Bartlett is on a speaking tour of the US describing her experiences living in Gaza.

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  1. Anonymous

    ASA Kevin Listened to Eva Bartlett with you on Palestine As usual, people like her too did not want to make any comments on Rothschild when you brought it up. Why was she reluctant, why did she stay silent on that taboo subject. Too many Pro Palestinian activists refuse to acknowledge such truths especially as Rothschild is heavily involved, spending millions to build their Pagan Temple on the site of Al Aqsa which Rothschild wants demolished Then she brings up the poor little ol Israel's poor people , blah, blah, nonsense. The 'poor' are only the many 'Jewish African Migrants from Ethiopia and South Sudan who face Jewish Racism. These people have no right to be in occupied Palestine, adding to the Settler numbers. The REAL Poor people are indigenous Palestinians deprived of their ancestral livelihoods Israelis ARE HORRIBLE people, why does she defend them in the way she did when she spoke about Operation Cast Lead well over 89% Israelis favour ethnic cleansing of Palestinians It is NOT right to remember the Holohoax! It is political emotional blackmail and propaganda. I do NOT feel sorry for them at all- why should I! Many Jews were involved with Nazi Germany- 150,000 Nazi soldiers were Jewish as were many of the Eugenics Scientists that were later transferred to California to continue their work with war criminal Henry Kissinger running the show. btw, I agree, I would boycott Arabia for Hajj as should also most righteous Muslims who should not go out of protest against these Judaic Wahabis. How come you made no mention of this Fact that Wahabis are Judaics as is Egypt's Al Sisi which explains their inaction re Palestine. How come Takfiris have done nothing to come and free Al Aqsa if they are supposedly devout Muslims!! Jews/Zionists are ANTI Democratic and anti freedom/Justice. just some thought sharing whilst listening to the show.

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