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11 examples of Illuminati numerology

Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)
Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)

My latest VT article is going viral and generating more comments than I can keep up with:

One of the commentators writes:

Dear Mr. Barrett,

It seems my comments on the VT site regarding your article about 11 and the Illuminati’s use of numerology are being held up by the moderators.  I hope my comments are not being deliberately censored.   Your comment section is limited to 1500 words, so I split my comments into multiple postings.

Here are my comments in their entirety:

Indeed, the Judaeo-masons and the Illuminati order all that they do according to kabbalistic numerology.   Key dates (besides 9/11, 3/11, and 12/26) to focus on are especially 4/19, 4/20, 12/25, 10/12, 1/12, and 3/22 (shorthand for 3/11/11).    Alchemy and astrology also play important roles in their orchestrated rituals.

9/11 was a fire ritual, and the 3/11 tsunami attack upon Japan was a water ritual. 

The four flights on 9/11 were carefully and deliberately chosen to send a subliminal message about future attacks.  

American Airlines Flight 11 – Logan intl. Boston to LAX said to have struck the North Tower (1 WTC)
United Airlines Flight 175 – Logan Intl. Boston to LAX said to have struck the South Tower (2 WTC)
American Airlines Flight 77 – Washington Dulles Intl. to LAX said to have crashed into the Pentagon
United Airlines Flight 93 – Newark Intl. to San Francisco, said to have gone down near Shanksville, Pennsylvania

6:00 a.m.  Mohammed Atta travels Colgan Air from Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine (phoenix city) to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, along with Abdulaziz al-Omari.  There are many phoenix connections to 9/11, to explore:  the Phoenix memo, the Phoenix Project, Hani Hanjour living in Phoenix while receiving flight training, but no time at present to delve deeply..

07:59 a.m.  Flight 11     81 passengers and 11 crew members    Logan International Airport in Boston
08:14 a.m.  Flight 175   56 passengers and 9 crew members      Logan International Airport in Boston

Notice the number of passengers said to have been aboard both flights that struck the twin towers, flights 11 and 175, totals 9/11.

Note the flights:   11, 93 (=12), 175 (=13) and 77 (=14).    11, 12, 13, 14.

Order in which flights departed:  11, 13, 14, 12  =  3/11 forwards or backwards

Makes no difference the order:

11, 12, 13, 14   =  4/19 Patriots’ Day
11  12  14   13   =  4/19
14  13  12   11   =  4/19
13  14   11  12  =   4/19

The 3/11/2004 (or 11/03/2004) Madrid train bombings make 4/20/14 backwards.  Spain is the “land of rabbits”.  Rabbits and bunnies are associated with Easter.  Easter/Pascha fall on 4/20 in 2014.  This is the date the Illuminati has chosen several decades ago for their planned worldwide flood attacks.  See the upcoming apocalyptic film called Noah, with Russell Crowe, scheduled for release in April for the latest example out of hundreds one could cite.

The Illuminati/Masons deliberately chose 911 as the national emergency call number back in 1968, knowing full well their intention to carry out attacks decades later on September 11, 2001.

As with the case of 911, the European 112 emergency number, adopted by approximately 80 different countries worldwide, was ritualistically unveiled in 1991 to provide further subliminal cues to future attacks. 

On 112, i.e. January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating H.A.A.R.P earthquake attack at the hands of this sinister international cabal, with estimates of casualties ranging anywhere from between 150,000 to upwards of 300,000.   The 112 attack in Haiti is tied into 10/12, the traditional Columbus Day, and 01/12/10 also makes 3/11 backwards, connecting the attack to the tsunami water-ritual attack on Japan a year later.   01/12/2010 also totals 4/20/10, connecting the attack on Haiti to the attack 88 days later on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  This attack in the Macondo prospect is also connected to One Thousand Years of Solitude, Christopher Columbus, and the dove.

The date that Columbus was said to discover the Americas, on 10/12/1492 totals 9/11.  ‘Columba’ is Latin for dove.  The Columbine flower, the state flower of Colorado, is the dove flower.    Dylan Klebold was said to have been born on September 11.  The shooting at Columbine High School was said to have started at 11:19 or 9/11/1 backwards.  Drop a few letters from South Park’s Jewish-character Kyle Brofolovski and you get “Klebol”.  Dylan Klebold was Jewish with a reddish “Jew-fro” just like the Jewish-character Kyle on South Park.   Kyle’s friend (and nemesis) on the show, Cartman, acts like an anti-Jewish white supremacist Nazi, and this parallels Eric Harris, who was said to fancy Hitler.  Chris Morris, a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, was wearing a South Park t-shirt when arrested on the day of the attacks April 20.  (Hitler’s 110th birthday: there’s your eleven).  South Park co-creator Matt Stone is from Littleton, Colorado, where the shootings took place.  This is all obviously very orchestrated by the FBI and other agencies.  

The association between 420 and marijuana did not arise spontaneously or by happenstance, as the speculative legends about its origin would suggest, but rather was a deliberately implemented psychological operation put forth by Jewish-Masonry and the Illuminati. 

If we total the 1+1+2 for the European emergency number we get 4.   If we add 9 and 11 together from the North American emergency number 911, we get 20.   So the combination of the emergency call numbers 112 and 911 gives us 4/20, the day the Illuminati has chosen decades ago for their diabolical plot to flood much of the world on Pascha/Easter.

01/07/2014 is Christmas 12/25/13 according to the Julian calendar, and 01/07/2014 makes 4/20.    The shortened form of the date, 1/7/14, makes 1/12, the date of Haiti and the emergency number 112.

9/11/2001 calculates as both 3/11 and 4/19 backwards.   Why is 4/19 important?  It is the traditional Patriots’s Day, the “Shot heard ’round the world,” the commencement of the American Revolution:  4/19/1775.   The Illuminati, in keeping with this theme, on 9/11 fired a shot heard ’round the world, announcing their intentions to wage a new American Revolution. 

9/11/2001 makes 4/19 (Patriots’ Day) backwards, and six weeks after 9/11, the PATRIOT ACT was rolled out.   President Bush signed a law designating every September 11 since 2002 as Patriot’s Day.

The first bloodshed of the civil war also took place during the Baltimore Riot, on Patriots’ Day, 4/19/1861.

The ATF/FBI deliberately burned the David Koresh Waco, TX compound after a 51-day siege on April 19, 1993: Patriots’ Day.   Two years later, to the day, was the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.   One has to pay careful attention to calculating not only the dates on which news event occur, but also the birthdays of the people whom the Illuminati has chosen to fulfill their roles.

On April 19, 1985, The ATF (300 federal agents) conducted a siege/raid against the Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSA).  Richard Snell, prominent member accused of plotting to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma, was executed on April, 19, 1995, the date of the Oklahoma City bombing.  McVeigh was executed three months prior to 9/11, on  6/11/01, which makes 9/11/01 upside down.

Timothy McVeigh’s birthday is 4/5/68, which totals 4/19, the day of the attack.  Lest you think this is just a coincidence, Alfred P. Murrah’s birth date is 10/27/04:  3/11 forwards, and 4/19 backwards.

The Virginia Tech shooting was on April 16, 2007, which was the third Monday in April, or Patriots’ Day (observed).  The date, 4/16/2007 totals, 4/16, which, when you flip the 6, becomes 4/19.

Likewise, the Boston Marathon attack was orchestrated decades in advance, to occur on Patriots’ Day (observed)  4/15/13, which totals 4/19, but more importantly 3/11 backwards.   The subliminal message sent by the Illuminati with the Boston Marathon attack was:  Run for your lives!  A mega-tsunami is coming across the Atlantic to the Eastern seaboard, including Boston.  That is why it was orchestrated in advance to stage the death of the elder brother Tamerlan four days later, on April 19, 2013.   Tamerlan’s birth date is listed as 10/21/1986, which makes 4/19/14, the eve of Easter, or 12/25 Christmas, on which the Illuminati plans to detonate nuclear devices in phoenix cities in a campaign of worldwide terror.

The younger Tsarnaev brother was said to have been found hiding in a boat in Watertown.   The underlying message being you better take refuge in a boat, for next Patriots’ Day 4/19/14, Boston will be a “Watertown.”

This is why they selected this staged attack to take place on the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, (there’s your 10+1 = 11 reference).   The Titanic sank on 4/15/1912, which totals 4/19.

April 15 in the year 2013 was also chosen as the date for Boston because it was tax day, (psychological predictive programming by the Illuminati with the Tea Party Patriots and Sarah Palin, whose birthday 2/11/64 makes 4/19 backwards) and it was also the anniversary of the death of President Lincoln, who is connected to Obama in a number of ways, but time fails to delve into all of this at present.

22/07/2011 was the Anders Brevik Norway shootings/bombing.    It was a Friday.  Note that the date makes 4/20.  
7/20/2012 was the Aurora Colorado, Century 16 theater shooting.  Also a Friday.  Notice that makes 3/11 backwards.
12/14/2012 was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  Yet again, Friday.  Note that it makes 10/12, or Columbus Day.

If you total the three sets of digits comprising the dates of all these prominent shootings on Friday:

Norway 22/7/11  … 40
Aurora 7/20/12  …. 39
Sandy Hook  12/14/12  … 38

All these events were deliberately orchestrated to connect with one another.

One could even add to this, the Santa Monica College shooting, which was also on a Friday, 06/07/2013.   6+7+20+1+3 makes the next number in the sequence, 37.

Sandy Hook 12/14/12 totals 38, and so does the digits of the D.C. Navy Yard shooting on 9/16/13 total 38.    Sandy Hook 12/14/2012 makes 10/12 or Columbus Day, and 9/16/2013 also makes 10/12, or Columbus Day.  

Columbus was a sailor (hence the choice of the Navy Yard), and the Navy Yard of course is in the District of Columbia, named after Columbus.   Columbus stopped in the Canary Islands on all four voyages from Spain to the Americas, and the traditional date of the birth of Columbus is 31/10/1451 which totals 3/11/11, or the date of the Japanese tsunami.

There is a big monument and plaza dedicated to Columbus in Madrid, and as I mentioned, 3/11/2004 or 11/03/2004 makes 4/20/14 backwards.   That is why 3/11 (tsunami water ritual attack) was associated with Madrid in the train bombings.   The Canary Islands are a property of Spain.   The phoenix date plam is native to the island of Las Palmas, and the phoenix is the central theme to the Illuminati’s dual Christmas/Pascha 2014 phoenix attacks.

The golden mythological bird Garuda (Indonesian phoenix) is the national symbol for Indonesia, and 26/12/04, the date of the Boxing Day, Sumatra tsunami (the 111th birthday of Chairman Mao) makes 4/20 backwards.

The recent typhoon Yolanda to strike the Philippines on November 8, or 8/11 according to the European dating convention, also calculates as 3/11 and 4/19 backwards.

The reason the Illuminati has employed both 4/19 and 4/20 in their orchestrations, is because tsunamis can take several hours to cross thousands of miles of oceans, and also the difference in time zones.   They have plans to deluge Sydney and San Francisco both, and when it is 4/20 in Sydney, it is still 4/19 in San Francisco.

By the way, I noticed the snapshot of the Simpsons 9/11 episode at the head of your article.   The very first time the Simpsons aired on TV (a short) was on April 19, 1987.    The producers of the show subliminally hid their foreknowledge of the 4/20 Columbine School attacks back in 1990 in the fifth full-episode ever aired, season one, in a show called Bart the General, which aired on February 4.   02/04 makes 4/20 backwards.

I have only scratched the surface.  Feel free to contact me for thousands of more examples.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin – HaPpy New Year~!

    Fantastic article!!! – 11 examples of Illuminati numerology

    "Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)

    Did you know that – 9/21/1997 = 11

    9+2+1+1+9+9+7=38 = 3+8=11

    And OK city bombing – 4/19/1995 = 38 = 11

    Seems that list could go on and on and on…

    My heart/intuition had always felt Fukushima was unnatural without knowing the numbers.
    Especially since I know the main agenda is population reduction. How can one not know death to us slaves is world agenda after adding up the WMDs of the varied kind used against us in our every – air, water, food etc… Obvious the cards are stacked against us. Yet the planning for built in natural like events is an ongoing agenda…. We don’t need nuclear plants, but we got ‘em. Common sense would not have built nuke plants on an island that continuously has quakes but hey they generate depleted uranium for making bombs…. Think about the 15 nuclear plants on the New Madrid Fault Line – That might be the next falseflag, a nuclear plant, having an accident people accept as natural. I heard the other day Alfred Webre interviewing Leuren Moret – she stated Chernobyl was a falseflag too. Makes sense to me, just another population reducer… ( )

    I’m hoping 2014 is our year – more people waking up!

  2. bien joue Kevin, mon salaam a Eric et sa famille, notre frere d'armes!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your honest and brave articles, which I have re-sent to many of my friends! Happy New Year! God Bless, Bless, and Bless You and each member of your family! Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous

    If you want proof of Hollywood's foreknowledge of the 3/11 tsunami, I have documented it in scores of films and Simpsons episodes. But you only need watch one film for proof: Battle: Los Angeles. Not only is Tohoku Japanese for "Northeast" referenced, the exact day, but even the exact minute the tsunami would occur. Watch the first 5 or 10 minutes of Battle Los Angeles, which was released on 3/11/11.

  5. Anonymous

    The Wahhabi-Likudnik war of terror
    By Pepe Escobar

    The double suicide bombing targeting the Iranian embassy in Beirut – with at least 23 people killed and 170 wounded – was a de facto terror attack happening on 11/19. Numerology-wise, naturally 9/11 comes to mind; and so the case of the Washington-declared war on terror metastasizing – largely conducted by oozy forms of Saudi "intelligence."

    Yet don't expect the "West" to condemn this as terror. Look at the headlines; it's all normalized as "blasts" – as if children were playing with firecrackers.

  6. Anonymous

    The man (Bill Frey) that was given credit for the creation of the 911 system we use to call the police, wrote a letter to Mrs. Reba Fitzgerald, saying he didn't want credit for the design or development of 911. What's interesting is the letter is dated Sept.10 2001, the day before the fake 9-11 attack. If you read between the lines, it's almost like he is saying, "Don't blame me for what is about to happen."

    See letter here:

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