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Guilty demeanor: The private 9/11 emails of Noam Chomsky

chomsky911In the spring of 2008, I emailed Noam Chomsky to invite him on my radio show. He agreed, we scheduled a date, and I spread the news.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, he sent me an angry email backing out of the interview…

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6 Thoughts to “Guilty demeanor: The private 9/11 emails of Noam Chomsky”

  1. Anonymous

    Upon further reflection-heaven forbid!, RE: the Articles by the Idaho Statesman on the KSM issue…
    Something does not sit well with me on this issue and the 9/11 Community.

    It is now over 12 years since that defining event with a whole lot of gnashing of teeth and wailing by the 9/11 Community calling "foul" to that masterpiece of USG garbage their The 9/11 Commission Report since sometime after July 22nd. 2004.

    Both by the Elite and the rank and file-peons, of the 9/11 Community.

    This KSM garbage raises the question:

    What the heck is the 9/11 Community up to that such garbage continues?

    E.g. Where is the outreach to David with data such as above?

    According to my 2 years research of Concerned Citizens' research as to who did what with what and to who on 9/11, absolutely nothing to do with KSM.

    Obviously, as a peon, I find the situation of impotence by the 9/11 Community…intolerable?-correct term.
    As noted below, for my part I will continue to do whatever it takes, within very strict limits, to get this garbage behind us, the bad guys incarcerated, and, "Justice" served.

    I hope you agree with this sentiment and, as an Elite Member of 9/11 Community, act accordingly.

  2. Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS are in order for your outing Noam Chomsky. I read all the correspondence and applaud your decency and restraint.

    I'll spare you any more comments–the numerous ones in your post mirror my feeling exactly.

    I've also corresponded with Professor Blum and I hope he is coming around more to the "truth" of the truth movement.

    On the "Fukushima" issue, do NOT forget to take your iodine (e.g., 1/2 "Iodoral" pill per day or another source of 5-25 milligrams (that is milligrams, NOT micrograms…not a typo). The high doses (e.g., 25 milligrams), could be taken once per week, if you don't like taking pills.) Also, either take Cesium Chloride–if you can find it, OR eat lots of potassium-rich foods. Cesium mimics potassium in the body. I do NOT know if potassium works as well, but it's way cheaper. (I just purchased 1/2 kilogram of Cesium Chloride for only $82, but unfortunately, it's from China.) You block the uptake of radioactive Strontium 90 by Strontium Citrate pills. Strontium is attracted to bones (there, it is linked to bone cancer that is difficult to treat.) I do NOT think it's as beneficial to take Calcium pills to block Radioactive Strontium because it has such a strong affinity for bones. I'm not sure of this. I'll skip the plutonium topic for now, UNLESS you want to learn more. At least it's not very dangerous if you eat it, it's MOST dangerous if you inhale it! So stay indoors for a while IF Unit 4 goes when they begin the removal of the 1,533 fuel rods soon. (Now postponed about two weeks from the 8th…)

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin — You wrote a strong and honest critique of Chomsky. By contrast, I'm appalled by Falk's fawning treatment of him in the book, especially as Falk and DRG are closest of friends. In fact, Falk is a neighbor of DRG's in Santa Barbara and, I'm told, encouraged DRG to move there so they could be close. Falk attended DRG's Festschrift in Spring 2012, which I also attended, where there was a whole day on David's 9/11 contributions which Falk knows full well. How he could laud Chomsky who won't even look at 9/11 evidence and not even mention this core moral failure, being so close to David, is shocking.

  4. Anonymous

    Kudos, Kevin, for exposing this con artist who has been pandering to young people for years on the college campuses. Powerful gatekeepers such as Chomsky have had more to do with keeping the Truth about 9/11 out of the main stream than almost any group other than the vile, craven main stream media itself. They should be exposed, shamed and shunned instead of being able to publish, sell and profit from their offensive, lie-based tracts.

  5. Anonymous

    I am a big fan of your work, and this article truly solidified my sincere respect for your position and devotion to the truth movement. Thanks for the exposure of Chomsky's motives: I and some of my 9-11 discussion group pals could not figure out why Chomsky was in such 9-11 denial. This nails it: "… a Jew who says the best period of his life was spent on a kibbutz … And that knowledge is deeply unsettling. It produces the same sort of neurotic behavior one would expect from someone covering up for a beloved uncle who happens to be a serial rapist. I have seen this same pattern of behavior among many left-liberal Jews who have not yet managed to sever their emotional ties with the Tribe and its crime base in Occupied Palestine."

  6. The tell that the anti-war movement is controlled opposition is that it mainly focuses on the horrors of war, effectively playing into the Globalists' hand to bring in totalitarian world government to save us from our murderous selves, while rarely ever mentioning that the wars are preplanned, and all sides are controlled towards a predetermined outcome of ever expanding imperial despotism. 911, on the other hand, exposes the elite-sponsored false flag pretexts for the wars; therefore the antiwar movement's avoidance of it. They ignore or quietly dispose of Truthers, rather than giving them credibility by openly persecuting them, as they appear to do with approved anti-war warriors. Truthers are too much of a threat to give anything more than short-shrift.

    Why would Mr. Chomsky studiously avoid at least taking some time to bolster his case against the criminals and their crimes of empire by exposing their use of their false flags like 911 to achieve their ends, if he were not protecting the very ones he pretends to oppose?

    911, a diversion from the crimes of empire? On the contrary, his focusing on the dehumanizing horrors of war is a diversion from the imperialists' fraudulent techniques for war creation: the false flags: and the real culprits posing as saviors.

    So, why does Chomsky avoid any mention of 911? Because Mr. controlled opposition might have his foundation funding pulled if he does?

    At a later date, I'd like to discuss a bit of surpressed intel that could well hold the key to building up a more complete picture of what happened, and was meant to happen, on 911: a much bigger operation that had to be drastically scaled back at the last desperate moment.

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