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Dynamic Duo Weekly News #1

Back by popular demand! The Dynamic Duo, formerly of GCN Radio, returns to the airwaves with a new weekly TV news roundup.  This time, Jim Fetzer and I really ARE a duo – we’re doing this show together. And don’t miss the new book about Jim and me embodying the new American resistance: Dynamic Duo: White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin.

The Dynamic Duo Weekly News will be broadcast every Wednesday, 10 a.m. Central (3 pm GMT) on No Lies Radio.

4 Thoughts to “Dynamic Duo Weekly News #1”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, I just happened upon your site tonight during listening to news of the shutdown and discovering wiki leaks and all the bad shit the current administration has partaken in. I eventually Googled "am I on [deleted for fear of being flagged]'s kill list." (I think you know who I mean.) I found your article on the veterans today about people criticizing the kill list being on the kill list and you suggested the same idea I was thinking: domestic dissidents are being killed. I wondered if people that would be of value in a revolution were being picked off – Ratliff, Noveske, Swartz, Chris Kyle. Your article surprised me because I think the same things about this subject. After all that I've read tonight I am a bit paranoid to say search deeper on the Internet. Not sure if I should be. I am not of any value to the admin'. I'm just a low income working dad haha. It was scary for a moment, because after reading your article in which you basically challenged Mr. O and all involved in "lists" I googled your name to see if you were still alive and I found an obituary for a Kevin Barrett. For a minute I freaked out then I found a Wikipedia article that confirmed you were still alive and I sighed a breath of relief. The other Kevin Barrett's middle initial was B and he was 59 if I recall. I'm glad you are still alive after that article sir haha because if not, I would have considered leaving the country. You can't really blame me with all the people who died.

  2. I figure if I'm on the kill list, I'm so far down from the top that it will take them decades before they get to me ; – )

  3. Anonymous

    Worried Netanyahu tells us Iran can't be trusted it will NOT build a nuclear bomb. (A second "Holocaust" of millions of Jews – in Israel – COULD happen soon, should deceiving Iran be allowed to build a nuke, warns Netanyahu.)

    But will anyone ask Netanyahu about Israel's stockpile of 600 plus nuclear warheads? (Reporter Seymour Hersh, in a public forum several years back, asserted Israel had already built that many.)

    Will anyone ask Netanyahu about Israel's nuclear missile equipped tanks, artillery, submarines – especially its ICBMS that a prominent Israeli professor, associated with Israel's military, earlier threatened Israel's ICBMS could reach most of Europe – including Moscow?

    Will any of our "courageous" Senators and House members, Media reporters and pundits, Radio/TV talk show hosts – publicly ask the above questions?

  4. Anonymous

    I watched your inaugural broadcast with Jim. Well done! Please keep up the great work!

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