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Daniel Hopsicker joins TJ Radio

First hour: Legendary journalist and author Daniel Hopsicker, known for his “investigative reporting into drug trafficking, 9/11, and state-sponsored crime,”  joins us for the first time! His latest pieces include Did the CIA commandeer the Boston bombing investigation?  and Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home
     Daniel Hopsicker’s book Welcome to Terrorland is one of the key documents of the real, unofficial 9/11 investigation.

Second hour: Martin Hill discusses recent articles including Jews Suing Jimmy Carter over Palestine book represented by ‘Dancing Israelis’ Lawyer, Response to HAARETZ on the Holocaust and Allegations of Anti-Semitism,  ‘Holohoax’ Girl Featured in Haaretz as “The new anti-Semitism” , and 1979 ABC News Special ‘Mission Mind Control’.  And Rand Paul fan Rolf Lindgren joins us to discuss the recent Raw Milk Acquittal: A Victory for Freedom.

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