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Is Alex Jones a complete idiot?

“Thumbs up” to the NWO’s murder of Hugo Chavez?!


Absolutely not.

He’s only a partial idiot.

In some ways, Alex is a genius. He figured out 9/11 was an inside job before it even happened.

Me, I’m a slow learner. It took me two years to be sure.

Alex is also a genius of an orator, like William Jennings Bryan on bad acid. He doesn’t just talk your socks off, he talks your socks into ripping themselves off your feet and fleeing in terror from the coming New World Order dictatorship with its billions of hollow-point bullets, techno-torture machines, and Haliburton death camps.

Unlike me, Alex doesn’t let his radio guests talk much. But that’s okay, because Alex is such a talented ranter that you have to keep listening in terrified fascination.

The best thing about Alex is that he covers all kinds of critically important stories that the mainstream media covers up – 9/11, political assassinations, the evils of empire, the shredding of the Constitution, the bankster plan for a New World Order global dictatorship. His heart is always in the right place, and his mind usually is too.

But not always.

Alex raised some eyebrows when he told us who REALLY runs Hollywood: The Arabs!  That’s why they give us so many movies with Arab and Muslim villains – because they WANT us to hate them and smash their countries and murder millions of them on behalf of Israel!

No wonder Alex didn’t get invited to the Hollywoodism conference in Tehran.

Of course, to be fair, Alex did issue a clarification, admitting that (as we all know) Hollywood is predominantly Jewish.

Alex is notorious for going easy on Zionism. If he didn’t, maybe the JDL would take him out? Maybe you just aren’t allowed to tell the truth about Zionism if you have millions of listeners?

Alex’s latest outburst of complete & utter idiocy: Dancing on the grave of the world’s number one anti-New World Order leader, Hugo Chavez, who was murdered by the very banksters Alex claims to oppose.

To be fair, let’s admit that Alex has also posted some decent stories on Chavez’s assassination:

But the when you google “Infowars Chavez assassinated” two of the top three stories are insane anti-Chavez rants by Mike Adams.

Mike Adams says Hugo Chavez was “socialist.” So Mike, you want the oil majors (owned by the New World Order Zionist banksters) to steal all the oil from Venezuela and let the Venezuelan people rot in poverty?! That’s why they killed Chavez, says Greg Palast.

I guess it’s “socialism” to argue that a finite natural resource like oil shouldn’t just be owned by a handful of NWO banking families, who use their oil profits to build the global dictatorship you’re always ranting against.

I guess it’s “socialism” to say that some of that oil wealth should be used for education and infrastructure and medical care for people who would be dirt-poor otherwise.

If that’s the case, anyone with a grain of common sense is a “socialist.”

Which makes you an idiot.

And it makes Alex a partial idiot for trumpeting your idiocy to the world.

58 Thoughts to “Is Alex Jones a complete idiot?”

  1. You give AJ far too much credit. He protects and defends the Jews with every breath and uses "Zionism" and "elitists" and "NWO" and "international banksters" as shields for them, protecting their criminality and the tribe. They purposefully demonize Jewry's opposition at every possible venture.

    Virtually every sponsor of his show is owned by Jews. He is married to a Jewess.

    And yes, Rogers (and everyone else that is employed by this multimillionaire shill) knows for whom to carry the water.

    International Jewry.

    Plain and simple.

    Why else are the Main Stream Media giants bringing him on now when never before? Because he simply will NOT tell the world the truth.

  2. Anonymous

    Jones, much like 911 blogger, is a Pied Piper vehicle leading his delusional flock down blind alleyways. Think of all the members of the Democratic Intellectual class who have been repulsed by his boorish behavior coupled with Heartland-Tea-Tard rhetoric such as the "Great Global Warming Carbon Tax Swindle". Jones ridicules scientific consensus concerning Anthropogenic Climate Change while screaming "9-11 was an inside job" through his bullhorn.
    The irony lies in the fact that it doesn't really matter if Global Warming is real or not because the tactical error of embracing Heartland Institute politics negates the issue at hand. Remember, he did this during the Bush Cheney regime for no apparent reason.
    Buttplugs like Alex Jones are at the core of why nothing will change in the USA, leaving escape the only option.

  3. Anonymous

    Great Article Kevin.
    You missed one thing that would have opened the eyes to many….
    Like this replier.
    March 11, 2013 – 12:59 pm
    Alex jones does a lot, a lot, a lot of good. fighting against evil, tyranny, etc on many fronts. he’s human, he’s not going to get everything right. we all have blind spots & prejudices.
    Alex Jones has made many movies of the POLICE STATE.
    Not once does he say that all Law Enforcement is solely trained by Israeli forces. NOT ONCE!
    If you haven't read my http://police_state.html link? I would love you to reply to the above and send him that link and ask him WHY? Why hasn't Jones even hinted at that fact.
    Where Foxman says, "It is to train US Law against or combating HATE. You'd think Foxman like the NYPD would also open an office in Tel Aviv and curb racial hatred of the Jew's to towards the Palestinians. Yet we know also where Jones stands on the Palestinian Issue and Iran too. All in step with the Zionist's.
    Jones reminds me of another Jones I used to run Traffic for when I was a young Ham Operator. Except that was a different Koolaid being dispensed to the sheep. haha
    Great Article though.

  4. Anonymous

    "Unlike me, Alex doesn’t let his radio guests talk much. But that’s okay, because Alex is such a talented ranter that you have to keep listening in terrified fascination."

    Oh my GOD! You had me laughing so hard I almost wet myself…that was Hi-Larry us!!

    …and precisely why I stopped listening to his show.


  5. Anonymous

    Alex Jones is a closeted Zionist and he doe snot just go 'soft on Zionists'
    he denies categorically Israel's involvement in 911 so how on earth can anyone say he is a good guy or real 9/11 trutk seeker when he absolutely dismisses the culprit and prefers to shift blame all on the Saudis!!
    He is half Jewish, his wife is a Jew, supports Israel and all those guys who edit and fund his talk shows are ALL Jewish.
    For me he is just an irritating loud mouth who enjoys the sound of his own voice and is the Gatekeeper for Israel, who shouts down ayone who dares ring Israel into the 911 terrorist equation.
    How a man of your standing and intellect can have any respect for this man is beyond me, considering all the above. Gatekeepers are very good and adept at infiltration and making out they are one of us, support our causes etc.. being fed enough intelligence info by his Zionist handlers, in order o give him 'credibility', [his info on the 'secret' Bohemian Grove, along with his alleged secret photos etc,]legitimacy and thus acceptance!!
    he is a phoney and plays his role quite convincingly, having duped so many decent people in the 9/11 movement some of whom now realise his masked role to divert people from Israel and the Judaics. Can't stand the man, can't stand his garrish loud voice that mocks people into a false sense of trust and credibility.
    Again, I say he is Israel's Gatekeeper.

  6. Anonymous

    alex jewns and the whole patriotard movement are just another tool of the right wing branch of jewery they promote the phony jewish political doctrine of liberatrianism and,the russian zionist jewess ayn rand non stop , while talking about glass stegal they promote libs who want to de-reg the jew banks and corporations some more and implement austerity by ending "entitlements" their agenda is so transparent, and to sell jew gold and water filters along the way, really who did not see this coming a mile away,jewns always bashed chavez, the jews hate national socialism ,chavez nationalized the oil ,the minute i heard about chavez i was wondering what kind of garbage fat bot would be spewing about it

  7. Alex Jones in entertainment, not to be taken serious – a media pundit like you and Jonathan Kay in some respects – Enjoy it!

  8. Kevin,
    Is there a longer copy of your interview on NoLiesRadio this week?

    James Robert Coyle

  9. No – No Lies Radio lost its internet and had technical problems so some of the show didn't get recorded. Sorry!

  10. Anonymous

    "Mike Adams says Hugo Chavez was "socialist." So Mike, you want the oil majors (owned by the New World Order Zionist banksters) to steal all the oil from Venezuela and let the Venezuelan people rot in poverty?!"

    So you either implement total socialism or hand away oil for free? That's a ridiculous false dichotomy.

  11. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin, I've been following you since before you were on Fox news after 9/11 and I always thank God for the truth you speak! Didn't Jim Fezter and you have a show together at one time? I'm glad you went kind of easy on Alex Jones and din't start with the name calling and personal insults. Some bloggers who are frustrated with him call him Jonestien. I have been trying to peg him for years but I don't know if I understand him yet.
    1. He's a Christian Zionist in the sense that he's a full believer in the state of Israel and their right to that land.
    2. He has no apathy for the Palestinians when he compares the Jews in Israel with them.
    3. He has many quests on his show that blame Israel for certain crimes and he doesn't contradict them.
    4. I would put him in the same camp as a Matt Drudge or someone at Worldnet daily but without the war mongering.
    5. He's a old fashioned conservative in the vein of the John Birch society.
    He only condemns Israel like he condemns all countries and he doesn't point to them and say they are different….they are killing people who they robbed their homes from ETC. He will not point out the Jews in Israel in this manner. He doesn't talk about homes being knocked down. Ever!
    He either believes what he says or he's afraid of the Jews and keeps his mouth shut. I still can't figure him out. I get so mad at him for keeping his mouth shut about Israeli crimes but I'm not sure about him. Do you understand what I'm saying. Am I wrong or what? He's good in so many ways and he has helped me but he's blind and has hardened his heart against the Palestinians. I'm thankful for the good things he says. He does say many great and bold things. He's so wrong about world history. He thinks himself a pro on world systems. What a joke! Maybe the line can only be drawn if we know what he says about gas chamber. If he follows the Holyhoax then he has a long way to go.

    More and more everyday I'm seeing that the holahoax is standing in the way of this house of cards called the Israeli state. Someday in 200 years or so there will be historians talking about how people were jailed for holahoax denial in 2013 and will shake their heads in the same way we look at the Salem witch trials. Do you think what I'm saying makes any sense?

  12. Jones might be a loud mouth asshole, but he's no idiot, he knows exactly what he's doing and who he's doing it for.

    1. Mike Clim

      You are correct!
      If jones were any mechanical device, it would be missing the critical part that would make it functional.
      Creative people who would make great novelist, refrain from writing story lines that depict fictitious character assassins using creative and unique methods. Why? Because they couldn’t live with the thought of some wannabe killer using their story as a guide for insanity. Jones has no throttle on his destructive acts because he either does not care about the result, or he does not understand that opening Pandora’s box is an undesired act. Most people care about how they will be eulogized and live a life accordingly. Jones has no worldly beneficial talents and is more than comfortable being a Charles Manson mouthpiece!

  13. Years ago I found a fascinating 1933 book by a former insider occultist woman who whistleblew on the power of the Illuminati/Masons etc. and the jewish elite influence over all European power circles where she lived, and she covers A.Crowley and more in it, it's called Light Bearers of Darkness, it can be partly read online free and her other book Trail of the Serpent is totally free to read at one site that still is up.
    Yeah Alex does Some real good in the anti-NWO field but avoids the zionism & 1948 'Israel' part of the big evil puzzle, on the other hand I've listened to Texe Marrs on my sw radio too on weekends and he blames jews for friggin EVERYthing. I question whether chemtrails are real and why pilots who have a birdseye view don't speak out, and so I called Alex recently and asked him why is it there are sites like Pilotsfor911truth dotcom but no PilotsforChemtrailTruth etc. and he had only a lame meaningless reply and went to the next caller.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey go easy on Alex. he can't help it. he's mind controlled. he says so himself.

  15. Anonymous

    Most of the comments about Alex are true (and obvious,) but even if the worst case scenario is true – that he's a puppet/gatekeeper for the "man" – he STILL introduces people to the idea that all is not what it seems and the powers that be are NOT concerned about us peons. Sure, after 9/11, Alex seemed like a prophet and a voice of truth, and I accepted his opinions as the truth because they made much more sense than the BS official stories. And now, after years of chasing ideas down their respective rabbit holes, I have a better idea of how things fit together. My opinions are now based upon many more sources than Alex & friends, however his crazy rants were instrumental in breaking down my preconceived ideas about how the world works.

    Just because the butler opens the door doesn't mean you need to follow him around all night. Any person with a little time, curiosity, and an internet connection has the ability/responsibility to seek an understanding of the world.

  16. Alex Jones works for the 1%. He never advocates meaningful change like Wall St tax, shorter work week, or corporate tax to fund college education.

  17. Danbones

    The place is coming down around your ears…
    and yup! You guessed it:
    The reason Jones has been so successfull at predicting and analizing war, famine, pestulance, and disease, is because he is behind it all!
    Say,didja see the bank clawdown in cyprus?
    Glad I bought hard metal back in the day
    Well, carry on folks bash away!

  18. Anonymous

    He remains because he is a useful idiot who will lead people head long into a civil war. Somethong they want.

  19. Anonymous

    Yesterday, I was reading a long article on the mechanics of disinfo and false fronts. This article is exactly that, a calculated defense of Jones that denies the obvious.
    But it is obvious also that responses to this Pro-Zion PR smoothing piece are on to Jones but letting you (Barrett) slip by. So I guess you feel like Teflon.

  20. Anonymous

    Alex doesn't cover just for Jewish influence.

    He also covers for the black crime problem. Like most of the media does.

  21. Anonymous

    I love Alex

  22. Anonymous

    Alex Jones malevolently uses the law of attraction all the time: If you can make the people focus on what they don't want, you manipulate them into attracting exactly what they do not want to themselves. That way you use their own power of attraction into helping you to create what you want for yourself: A large number of police-state controlled slaves; and a very limited number of slavemasters who can do whatever they want. Alex probably believes he will be one of the latter.

  23. Dr. Midas Riff

    I am happy to finally see people waking up and seeing Alex Jone$ for what he really is. And I don't think he is "going soft" on Zionists. that would be an insult to "soft". Alex Jone$ is a just controlled opposition.

  24. Exactly, he is a great gateway drug.

  25. Anonymous

    Alex Jones is a complete P.A.T.R.I.O.T. He's only against the Pond Scum that rules the world. Go AJ!!

  26. Rabbitnexus

    Alex Jones is a Zionist shepherd, herding lots of young and impressionable minds away from the main truths whilst keeping them agitated on the overall mood. he has a Jewish dick in both holes and he spouts as much shit from them both to fill the ears of the partly awake.

  27. Anonymous

    alex is a stratford asset…..

  28. Anonymous

    I see Alex Jones as a source of information. He is by no means the only source for me. Believing that a certain group of people are all good or all bad really doesn't make sense to me.

    When any group of people are taught a "God's Chosen People/Master Race" mentality and are indoctrinated to feel superior to others by birth, this will always bring out the worst in them. In the end, after all of their supposed enemies have been vanquished, they would end up splintering into different sects and killing off each other. Such is the madness of such a mindset.

  29. Anonymous

    Alex jones is bought and payed by the jewish lobby. I listened for years and even donated hundreds of dollers to his little evil anti Iran, anti Venezuela anti Syria, PRO ISRAHELL Kabbal

  30. Alex Jones is a member of the Knights of Malta, and part of the NWO himself.

  31. Anonymous

    Alex Jones is treading softly on the Jews so he can reach a wider audience. Just as Ron Paul could not say 9/11 was an inside job in order to stay in the Republican Party as a presidential candidate, anyone in the spotlight has to make a conscious decision about what NOT to attack. If he did what Rense does vis a vis Jewry, he'd have that level of impact.
    If Jones was really FOR Israel … he'd just retire and let nature takes its course. I'm sure the NWO would like to get the thorn out of their paw.
    How many people came to the "Truther" movement because of him … then … dug deeper and found Jews everywhere – ans: several millions.

  32. Anonymous

    This Alex Jones bashing is so stupid. Alex's job is to wake up as many people as possible and he has done a damn good job of doing it.

    The whole point of Alex is to show people the entrance to the rabbit hole, and then it is up to the individual to decide how far down they want to go.

    I actually learned about Zionism from guests that Alex Jones has had on over the years like Rivero, Icke, Rense, etc. Just because Alex doesn't go on a jew-bashing tirade everyday doesn't mean he works for them.

    To all of the other commenters on here bashing Jones, what have YOU done to stop the Jew World Order agenda? Whined on a message board that Israhell did 9/11 and Jews run the banks? Pointing fingers at Jews ain't gonna do shit to stop their agenda. Preaching to the choir aint gonna do shit either.

    The Zionist Jews already won the propaganda war, so we have to attack their agenda and not their name. Oh wait, that's what Alex Jones has been doing since 1997!

  33. Yes, I tend to agree these days. All AJ's "fight", which I used to enjoy, is only impressive when compared with the average Lemming's fight. I'd have to redefine AJ as the Fringe Lemming 1st Class on the very frontiers of being a Lemming, but his mind is not free because he can't face the neon blue glowing star of Rothschilde in the room.

  34. Anonymous

    The "Jews" are a prime Componet of the Apex of NWO Pyrimid of Power. What the Ratios of Power therein are between the royal Houses, the Vatican, the Secret-Societies "and" the Jews is a Question of Interest.As is the Qeuestion of Dominance or Rank. But like ALL Criminals,at the right Time, when they think the Goal is near, will turn on each other so that only One remains standing.The Protocals demand the Removal of Everything non-jewish.Then, also, if Israhell is admitted into the Jewropean-Rothschild-Union,the Rothschilds will move Brussels to Jewruse-alem!!!! Placing all of strangled Europe under the jewish Boot to thence make a MAJOR AND "ANTI-SEMITIC" Shield-protected jewish Weapon against the rest of the World. Another Question is: Will the Other Parts of the Capstone permit it? Are they asleep to this possible Scenario? My Wish is that the entire Capstone go to Hell!!! And all Races (jew prompted!!)out of our european and Kindred Lands!!!

  35. Anonymous

    The best comment according to my opinion

  36. Anonymous

    Yickes! Alex Jones is reptilian just like a certain other anti NWO figure in the UK.

  37. Anonymous

    Who cares what alex jones is? Is it even relevant? Just live your life and let him do what he has to to earn a crust. no one asked you to listen to him. He is mildly informative on occasion but then he is a big downer when it comes to taking action, so take him with a grain of salt.

  38. Anonymous

    William Cooper had AJ's number. No fooling Cooper. Behold a Pale Horse.

  39. Seems to be trendy to bash Alex.
    People feed on and learn from each other here and probably watched Alex years ago but more recently know nothing about him.

    I watched him post 911 when Arab bashing was popular and he was doing the "Arabs Control Hollywood" thing which is why he lost a lot of people.

    Back then he was soft on Israel and Zionism.
    I believe he had to skirt around that issue and bring all the other issues to light in order to get millions of followers and keep his mike on.

    Imagine the the career longevity of any journalist/talk show host, politician that was blatantly anti Israel or Zionist?

    Try to name a successful one.

    They would be attacked like Hagel was until he caved in. (I think secretly Hagel is still Anti Israel aggression.)

    Take another man with lots of followers, Gerald Celente who never uses the Z or J word but somehow you know who he is talking about when he mentions the "White Shoe Boys"

    Last 2 years AJ has started to carefully include criticism of Israel now that he has his following. He has tested the winds in that the Aemrican people may be getting tired of Wars for Israel and they know who LLoyd Blankfein is.

    And no Alex and his family are not Jewish. His wife has some previous lineage but I am sure you will see no Menorah or Seders in their home.

  40. Axiom

    Who has woken up more sheep than Alex Jones ??
    When you can answer that question , i'll listen to you .

  41. Anonymous

    Jones is definitley dis info. I listened to him for years and then found out he DID NOT predict 9/11 before it happened! He stole it from a real patriot named Bill Cooper. Then Bill Cooper was killed shortly after and jones pretended to not know him and started running with his prediction after his death. Every now and then a caller will slip by the moderator and jones will slander Cooper and like normal , cut off the caller!

  42. Anonymous

    awwwwe poor little ratings loser… jealous alex is whooping your ass in ratings? is that what this is about? youre a sour loser and too much of a coward to join the right side, but instead you want to divide the people just like the people you say you hate. you should be ashamed of your self and hope you repent and come to the winning side. youre not in the big club buddy, you aint in it. youre not part of a winning club. NOT!

  43. Anonymous

    hey kevin barrett…. youre an idiot! you think a race of people rule the world? how freaking crazy is that? tell that to the itialian mafia, the russian mafia, the german mafia, the japanese mafia, the chinese and large oil compaies that also share in this world control pie. the jews are just more visible and run banks, they always have. some races are better at things than others. white people are good at hockey, black people are good at basket ball, morons like kevin barrett are good at writing stupid shit. to think someone other than the devil himself is running evil on this earth is just crazy. you wacko!

  44. Seems like a lot of people think I was either too easy on Alex or too hard on him. Me, I thought it was a balanced assessment, covering his strengths and weaknesses.

    For the record, I think "who's really running the world" is the wrong question. It's way too simplistic. My two issues with Alex are 1) going too easy on Zionism, which is pure evil, and 2) pissing on the grave of the greatest anti-NWO leader of our time, Hugo Chavez.

  45. Anonymous

    Would it help if you knew in his early public access TV video incarnation, he continually ranted and raved about "the antichrist and beast are coming soon",,, the typical zionnazis brainwashed christian end-timer nonsense.

    He is just a smidgen separated from a Jim Jones type cult(s).

  46. Anonymous


  47. Anonymous

    Alex Jones is a tool. What is Rense doing linking to some weak puff piece? Is this JoeTalk's blog?

    Only a zionist shill would spend all this time building his credibility amongst free thinkers, on the back of Bill Cooper, just to throw us all under the bus, by acting like a complete ass hat on a CNN show with no viewers.

    I'm just glad it blew up in his face.

  48. I hear he's with the Oreo Licking Girl Haters Club.

    You people are so utterly pathetic – jealous of another's effectiveness and success. Probably even consider yourselves "Christians". Get a clue – Christians don't act the way you act.

  49. Anonymous

    Was this a government opertive writing the article. Come on kev, fess up.

  50. If yu larn ta spall "operative" I'll fess up.

  51. Anonymous

    anybody who listens to Alex Jones show, or reads a blog like this one has the responsibility to seek the truth themselves, to take the time to verify through many sources the validity of a story. There is NO definitive truth source out there today. any talk show host or blogger that makes someone think critically about a current event is ok with me. Its my job to sift through the BULLSHIT for myself. Alex Jones maybe wrong some of the time…but I'll bet your wrong just as much.

  52. Your interview with Barbara Honegger seemed to drop at the good parts. Perhaps we need to hook up Alan Rees with Gordon Duff's computer tech.
    I'd love to have heard the whole thing.

  53. Anonymous

    Alex Jones is one of a very few who is able to point to other news leads most of us don't get to see – of course he isn't always right, but who is? The Alex Jones bashing hurts us all because of course he isn't the issue (unless you have been bounced up and down on your head as an infant) – he brings news that most don't and that allows us to figure out as evolved sentients whether he has his knickers in a twist or not….Just think ….. most of us feel that something is very wrong – why can't we stop the ridiculous infighting and start looking at the bigger picture and use Jones alongside others to expose more and more in a collaboratory manner

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