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Vatican sex scandal shows the West has lost its way

my latest piece at Press TV:

“Yesterday we learned the real reason for the Pope’s resignation: The Church has been penetrated, at its highest levels, by a homosexual embezzlement ring. According to Dr. Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican magazine, a secret report on the homosexual crime ring, and associated blackmail problems, was given to the Pope on December 17. This report, Dr. Moynihan tells us, ‘overwhelmed his spirit within him’ and ‘made his heart desolate.’ (The original source of these revelations, which Dr. Moynihan seemingly confirms, was an article in La Republica.)

“Why didn’t the Pope simply fire the malefactors? Apparently, like the criminal banks that are ‘too big to fail,’ the larcenous pederasts in the Church are ‘too big to fire.’ In other words, the Catholic Church has been taken over by an organized crime ring of embezzlers and sexual deviants.”

full article:

2 Thoughts to “Vatican sex scandal shows the West has lost its way”

  1. Anonymous

    I wanted to congratulate you on pledging to speak with Tony Rooke today after his very important British court appearance. Unfortunately I was unable to post a comment on your "radio show schedule blog".

    I have posted there before and I am wondering if you have made some changes.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for your continued articles about the child rapists and homosexual deviants that run our country.

    For several years, I have had the distinct feeling that we are moving forward toward a time when we will see the ultimate battle here on Earth, a cleansing if you will, of the evil souls that have dominated our beautiful planet for far too long. Do you ever get that sense, that feeling, that a clash is coming?

    There are so many good people who cherish their children and families, who get up everyday and do the right things. We work hard, take care of people….that work cannot and will not go down in vain.

    Our planet itself is wise, and it will force the destruction of these people, since they obviously have complete control of everyone. I will watch as the large earthquakes come, the volcanoes erupt, the ice melts and flooding arrives, as Earth shouts "Enough!" Solar storms, severe weather – all of it will test us. We live in very interesting times, indeed.

    Kind of interesting how holy books mention all of this, huh?

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