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Poker Face is not an Israeli band, they’re an AMERICAN band

Mon. 2/18/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
First hour guest: Paul Topete of Poker Face, the hardest-rocking anti-NWO band out there. Just like Chuck Hagel in the Senate only more so, Poker Face faces permanent hysterical opposition from Zionist weasels who dominate the music industry as well as the government – and who care nothing for America and everything for Israel. They’ve had more than a dozen concerts canceled, lost a huge record contract, got reviled in the media…and just keep right on singing “I’d rather die than be your slave.”
      Question for Paul: Is media “hero” of Sandy Hook Gene Rosen a mason, a pedophile and a FEMA employee, i.e, another Newtown federal government sponsored “crisis actor,” and not a nice one?

Second hour: Phil Restino of Veterans for Peace writes: “Just so you know, Walter Jones (R-NC) has a resolution h.con.res. 3 which threatens impeachment of the potus should he take us into another war without first getting proper approval from congress … it’s to head off war on syria and iran, but the left-only-need-apply antiwar orgs won’t even mention it, let alone get behind it.”
    That, of course, is because the leftie pseudo-antiwar orgs are controlled by Labor Zionists, just like the Republicans in the Senate are controlled by Likudnik Zionists. Dime’s worth of difference.

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