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Martin Hill: I have come to bury Bush, not to praise him!

Fri.  12/28/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Kevin Barrett returns to interview Martin Hill, author of a terrific summary of the sick and twisted criminal career of George H.W. Bush, currently on his deathbed (if anything that evil can ever really die.)

Defense Contractor NBC honors ailing war criminal George H.W. Bush with Freemasonic “33 photo” propaganda tribute  by Martin Hill

Second hour: Eric Sayward of chats it up with Donny Tsunami and takes calls.

2 Thoughts to “Martin Hill: I have come to bury Bush, not to praise him!”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin!

    I was only able to listen to the first hour of your show today w/ Martin Hill, but I enjoyed it. I wanted to call in with a suggestion, but I had to leave before you took calls.

    My suggestion is that you should hold a Truth Jihad Radio Poppy Bush Epitaph Contest.

    It has to consist of one sentence and the sentence has to contain the following 4 words:


    Whaddaya think? 😉 MDI

  2. Here lies a real son-of-a-Bush
    Who walked in evil up to his tush.
    His soul may kindle hellfire's blaze
    But his body will see better days
    As that bastard's rotting skull and bones
    Transform themselves to earth and stones.

    (oops, I broke the rules, so sue me)

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