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5 Thoughts to “Purple People Eatin’ Plesiosaur”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Kevin. I needed a laugh. Studying low-yield neutron bombs can get a bit depressing….

  2. Anonymous

    **Breaking News**

    Alfred Webre has been named galactic expopolitic ambassador to the Andromedan reptoid shapeshifting 8 eyed snake hybrid alien federation panel and diplomatic congress…

    The shapeshifting lizardmen that David Icke talks about are actually at war with Alfred Webre's federation of reptoid lizardmen and 8 eyed alien hybrids that Webre has been in contact with.

    Note: the planet Kolob were Romney's god is currently living is 40 light years away from Webre's space council.

    The above is all a joke so please don't send the lizardmen federation to collect my taxes to give to the galactic IRS.


  3. Anonymous

    Notice the PAST Tense…

    New Research Shows Ocean Existed On Ancient Mars
    February 6, 2012

    -Barbara Honegger

  4. That's why you have to watch out for beached plesiosaurs if you you teleport there from CIA jump rooms.

  5. Anonymous

    re: "Alfred Webre Named Galactic Ambassador to Andromedan Reptoid Shapeshifting Panel."

    I give Icke's lizardmen 3:2 odds.

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