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The New World Order: Ben Gurion’s “One True Zion” ?

What exactly is the “New World Order”?

There is  talk in conspiracy circles about a bankster plot to reduce the world to slavery.

Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorists are right. John Perkins, in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and subsequent books, offers convincing first-hand testimony of his exploits in service to the New World Order bankster conspiracy.

Listen to my interview with Economic Hit Man John Perkins:

Perkins explains that his employers – big international banksters – are creating the world’s first “empire of debt.” They are using unpayable debt as their prime weapon to build the first empire encompassing the entire world.

Perkins explains how the banksters would send him to visit key ministers, and sometimes even heads of state, of targeted countries. He would make them an offer they couldn’t refuse: Silver in one hand, or lead in the other. Do you want a fistful of c-notes or a bullet? Take this usurious loan and reduce your nation to debt slavery, or you will be killed.

If the foreign leader refused to accept the banksters’ usurious loan, Perkins would go home. A short while later, the foreign leader would die from a plane crash or heart attack or bullet or cancer or what-have-you. The guys responsible – the “asteroids” – are the world’s highest-paid hit men. Perkins knows some of them personally.

It’s important to note that we’re not talking about the CIA here.  The CIA’s government-scale pay is peanuts compared to what guys like Perkins earn. Though the “asteroids” may moonlight for CIA “cowboys” (the guys in the Agency who play fast and loose with the rules) the New World Order plan is run by private bankster intelligence networks that are lavishly-funded and above the law. These “rogue networks” have placed “moles” in key government agencies and throughout the police, military and judiciary as well as the private sector. Webster Tarpley calls the biggest one “THE rogue network” and blames it for 9/11.

That would be the Rogue Network behind the New World Order.

But what exactly IS the game plan of the New World Order?

George H.W. Bush announced the coming of the New World Order on September 11th, 1991.

 Exactly ten years later, a byzantine plot redolent with Masonic symbolism destroyed the World Trade Center.

The expression “New World Order” offers a clue: Bush was talking about a long-term plan to dominate the world from a headquarters in the Americas, the “New World” (as opposed to Europe, Asia and Africa, the “Old World.”)

This is exactly the same idea expressed by the name of the “Project for a New American Century,” the group that called for a “new Pearl Harbor” in September, 2000 – and got one exactly one year later.

The same idea is underlined by Brezezinski in The Grand Chessboard (1999), which emphasized that only a Pearl Harbor type event could unite the American public behind ambitious foreign policy goals, and focused on the difficulty of ruling the world system (whose center is Eurasia) from North America.

The notion that the New World, the Americas, is the “Promised Land” – i.e. the Biblical Zion – has a long history. The myth of America as the “promised land” justified the genocide of the Native Americans. It underlies the various permutations of American exceptionalism, the philosophy (or rather, theology) that dominates American political science.

Let’s pause for a quick recap of the Zion myth. The story is that the Chosen People are subjected to trials and tribulations, exiles and pogroms, until finally they arrive at their Promised Land – the land of milk and honey. According to one Biblical version, they have to commit genocide, by slaying all of the Philistine (Palestinian) men, women, and children, in order to take possession of the Promised Land.

Christians invoked this myth as they committed genocide against the peoples of the New World. Some Jews, including rabbis who contributed to the Talmud, invoked the same myth as they argued that God intended for Jews to take over the world and rule the goyim (non-Jews) like cattle, using and disposing of them at will.

The New World of the Americas, with its vast resources and easy-to-conquer population, makes  a great “promised land of milk and honey.”

I submit that the New World Order is a freemasonic effort to establish Zion in the Americas, and from that fortress, to dominate the world.

But who’s behind it?

Adrian Salbuchi says it’s a network of big banking families – many of whom are ethnically Jewish and prime bankrollers of the state of Israel. These banking families, led by the Rothschilds, strong-armed the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and laid the basis for the Zionist takeover of Palestine.

During his recent interview on Truth Jihad Radio, Salbuchi told me that the Zionists are getting ready to move their empire from Occupied Palestine to the Americas. Salbuchi confirmed earlier reports from Joe Vialls (see below) and others that the Falkand Islands region contains more than ten times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia – and nearby Antarctica contains even more. He said the Zionists, with their financial clout and dominance of the big oil majors, have taken control of the Argentine oil industry. Additionally, according to Salbuchi, swarms of Israeli operatives have been scouting out the vast, unoccupied, fertile regions of Argentina in preparation for a possible Zionist invasion…I mean, emigration.

Listen to Adrian Salbuchi on Truth Jihad Radio (2nd half of the mp3):

Christopher Bollyn offers another perspective on the Zionist takeover of the Americas. Bollyn has first-hand knowledge of the extent of Zionist power in the USA, having been driven into permanent exile by them. His story is rather amazing.

Bollyn was one of the first American journalists to investigate the real story behind 9/11. In 2006, while sitting in his backyard in Chicago, he was attacked, brutalized, stunned with a 50,000 volt taser, and arrested by local police for no apparent reason – then charged with assaulting the police! Brought before a corrupt, mobbed-up court run by a Zionist judge, he didn’t stand a chance. Getting the message, Bollyn and his family fled the country and have been in exile ever since. To his credit, he hasn’t stopped fighting back by pursuing the truth. His book Solving 9/11 is an indispensable resource.

Bollyn argues that American freemasonry, and with it the top tier of organized crime, is dominated by an exclusively Jewish freemasonic lodge, the Bnai Brith. This, he suggests, is the pinnacle of the New World Order power pyramid.

Listen to Christopher Bollyn on Truth Jihad Radio (2nd half of the mp3):

I think Adrian Salbuchi is 100% credible, and Christopher Bollyn – though he sometimes gets overly excited about personal enemies (don’t we all) – is generally credible as well as fearless and trail-blazing.

But what about Joe Vialls?

Vialls, who died of a suspicious heart attack on 2005, blamed the October 2002 Bali bombing on an Israeli mini-nuke. At the time, I wasn’t convinced. Vialls seemed like a bit of a loose cannon. But since then, I’ve heard multiple independent confirmations of the Israeli mini-nuke theory from folks here at Veterans Today. Maybe Vialls wasn’t so crazy after all.

In the article reproduced below – published in December 2003 – Vialls offers a fascinating interpretation of the “New World Order.” He suggests that the one true Zion of the Zionists has always been “fortress America,” not Palestine.

Maybe that’s why the Zionist-dominated Department of Homeland Security feels the need to order 450 million hollow-point bullets.

Call me paranoid.

But these days, if you’re not paranoid, you’ve got to be crazy.


* * *
Ben Gurion’s Ultimate“One True Zion”

Copyright Joe Vialls, 14 December 2003

It was always night when they came, a certainly that made Palestinian women huddle nervously inside their small houses until the sun rose high in the sky the following day. Sometimes there was a hint of an advance warning, perhaps animals moving restlessly, or olive trees rustling when there was no wind, but this morning there was no time to prepare and no time to hide their helpless children. Armed with weapons stolen from British soldiers whose throats were cut while they slept, Irgun, Stern and Haganah terrorists slipped silently into the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin at dawn. Led by war criminal Menachem Begin, this Zionist scum from the ghettos and gutters of Europe flitted from house to house, committing unspeakable atrocities and laughing aloud as the defenseless women tried to resist.

When they finally tired of this sport, Irgun, Stern and Haganah terrorists alike opened fire, their stolen British bullets ripping through the vulnerable flesh of unarmed Palestinians. By noon that same day, 9 April 1948, just over 200 Palestinians lay dead in Deir Yassin, more than half of them women and children. But the terrorists were not quite finished. Next, they loaded 25 unarmed male survivors on trucks and paraded them around the Zakhron Yosef quarter in Jerusalem. It was a display of absolute Zionist power, showing all and sundry who was really in control of Palestine.

It could have ended there, but the Zionists had something more spectacular in mind: a lesson to all others who might dare to stand in their way, then or at any time in the future. The 25 unarmed survivors were driven to a stone quarry near Givat Shaul, where they were made to kneel, before Irgun and Stern terrorists took it in turns to fire single bullets into the back of each head. The lifeless bodies were then kicked into shallow graves.

These were the “Shock and Awe” tactics of David Ben Gurion, founding father of both Zionism and global terrorism. Though obviously clinically insane, this was the man who first drew up the plan for “Zion”, a “Promised Land for the Jews”, which most global citizens erroneously believed, and still believe, to be Palestine. But even as the first Jewish State was being formally declared in 1948, the arrogant Ben Gurion made it very clear that Palestine was not to be the one true Zion. Despite continual frantic urgings by religious Jews, he insisted that this first conquest be called “Yisrael”, and that its citizens, be they Jewish or not, would forever be called “Yisraelim”.

The final Zion, or Promised Land, would be determined by raw wealth and power rather than by mere religious symbolism. While intentionally leaking “false Zions” including Australia and Argentina to the media, Ben Gurion and his Zionist cohorts ultimately intended to overrun and capture the Americas The problem was that back in 1948 they had no real power, and would have been easily overwhelmed by the vast resources of the U.S. Military in particular. So conquest of the “one true Zion” was to be a long drawn-out game, with Zionists lobbies in America gradually eating away at the fabric of society. Then, when resistance in the Americas was eventually undermined to a predetermined level, it would be time to strike militarily. Believe me, that time is now very close.

It is easy to imagine the indignation caused by this statement, no doubt accompanied by shrill cries from the Zionist lobbies in New York and Washington demanding fully-referenced “academic proof” of this obscene covert plan. Naturally there is no academic proof, because, as with other plans involving massive deception of the western public, intelligence agencies and lobbies always grade the details “Top Secret” or higher.

A good example of this is “Operation Northwoods”, a 1962 plan designed to give the U.S. Administration extraordinary powers over the people, using only a series of deceptions generated by Americans for use against other Americans. Northwoods had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff. The plan called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere.

Under Northwoods, people would be framed for bombings they did not commit; and planes would be hijacked. But despite the deranged audacity of its plans, for more than thirty years not a single American citizen had the slightest idea that Operation Northwoods even existed. Remember, the simple fact that you do not know about the plan, is not proof the plan does not exist.

The only way to obtain information as sensitive as that laid out in “Fortress Americas ”, is to have direct or indirect access to a disgruntled source or sources at the very top of the Zionist chain of command; access which I proved existed back in January 2002. On the 30th of that month I published “Operation Shekhinah”, an eyes-only highly classified Zionist plan to capture Iraq’s oil reserves and re-route them through to Haifa in Israel. I provided significant details and actual pipeline routes, but, as fully expected, came in for a fearful hammering from thousands of people who clearly thought I had gone insane. This reaction was fully expected at the time, because who on earth would believe such a detailed plan without “proper” academic accreditation?

There was only one reason for publishing “Operation Shekhinah” in January 2002, and that was to get an official Internet time/date stamp on the report, more than a year before George W. Bush suddenly and apparently spontaneously decided to illegally invade Iraq, allegedly because of its “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. It was not until after the gun smoke started to clear, and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, that the true Zionist objective of the invasion became clear.

Within months, Israeli and American newspaper started calling for old pipelines from Iraq to Haifa to be “reopened” for economic benefit. This proved that my Operation Shekhinah of January 2002 was horribly real, and, more importantly, proved I was either endowed with quite extraordinary extra-sensory perception, or had access to the very top of the Zionist chain of command. Rest assured I do not have any powers of extra-sensory perception, meaning my credibility is now independently assured by unemotional fully-automatic Internet time/date stamps.

Before we return to the subject at hand, viz. the total subordination of the Americas as we know them today, it would be prudent to insert a short paragraph on that old bogey “Anti-Semitism”, in its revised and inaccurate form meaning “anti-Jew”. No doubt a few thousand idiots may tag me with this meaningless media label some time soon, but this would probably be a serious error of judgement.

As you will read later in this multi-part Fortress Americas report, some of the first targets of the Zionist hunter-killer teams in North and South America will be prominent Jews, who do not see eye-to-eye with their crazed Zionist brethren, thus rendering them higher priority targets than even the leaders of various hostile American militias. If I was an “anti-Semite’, then no doubt I would lock “Fortress Americas” securely in a cupboard, chuckle insanely, buy a giant bucket of popcorn, and then sit back in Australia waiting for the pre-emptive strikes to start on television.

Although Ben Gurion did not start drawing up detailed strategies until the twentieth century, Fortress Americas existed in outline form nearly a hundred years earlier, when plans were made to introduce an exclusively Jewish-controlled series of Masonic Lodges across North and South America. In less than fifty years, the new “B’nai B’rith” series of lodges managed to penetrate, dominate, and thus direct all important aspects of western Masonry, in particular the 33rd Degree and Royal Arch.

The choice of the name “B’nai B’rith” was inspired, because it mirrored that of a secular Jewish fraternal organization which later went on to become more commonly known as the “Anti-Defamation League”, a bunch of powerful head-kickers famed for their attacks on anyone daring to mouth even mild dissent against Jews in general. Thus if at any time there was suspicion about possible “B’nai B’rith” subversion or outright terrorism in North or South America, the fraternal organization would automatically lash out in a hasty knee jerk reaction, thereby unwittingly protecting its “mirror” Masonic brethren. The importance of these covert American B’nai B’rith terrorist-coordinating cells cannot be overstated, and will be covered in more detail later in this report

As most readers are already aware, Ben Gurion’s “Yisrael” has absolutely nothing to do with Jewish religious heritage, or the “right of return” to a homeland claimed solely on the basis of unprovable religious babble. Certainly thousands of religious fanatics bang their heads against a stone wall below the al-Aqsâ Mosque in Jerusalem every day, but they are only there to provide local color for the media cameras. Yisrael was and is to the Zionists what Omaha Beach was to the Americans during World War II – merely a beachhead from which to launch deep penetrating attacks into enemy territory to the east, ultimately to Abadan and beyond, thereby securing the incredibly rich crude oil reserves of the Middle East. Those oil riches would then in turn arm and equip the new Zionists legions need to move on to their ultimate target, the one true Zion called the Americas.

The problem was that countries like Britain and Russia kept getting in the way of these covert ambitions. In the very beginning, the British tried to keep these Zionist terrorists out of Palestine but were eventually outvoted by the new powerful America, which dutifully bleated time and again that, “The Jews must have a home land”. The British could see what was coming, but they were powerless to stop it happening. Later on the Russians took over responsibility for deterrence, neatly blocking the intended Zionist expansion by judiciously positioning tactical nuclear weapons in Syria and Egypt.

Thus there was stalemate in the Middle East for nearly thirty years, with the Zionists effectively stalled by lack of direct control over the oil assets. Back then this was acceptable to the Zionists, because the Shah of Iran was quietly providing Israel with all the free oil it needed for its local warlike behavior, and Yisraelim Zionists started to pay more attention to beach volley ball than to the ultimate conquest of the one true Zion. With the fall of the Shah in 1979 and the cessation of free Iranian oil supplies, everyone woke up with a fearful jolt, realizing that now was the time to start making serious long-term preparations for the invasion of the Americas.

At the end of 1979 it was considered that completion of the prerequisites for invasion would take about another twenty-five years, because there were a considerable number of tasks at hand. Unable to trust Russia in the medium to long term, the Zionists wanted American taxpayers to pre-equip the one true Zion with a workable intercontinental missile defense shield, placing them well beyond the reach of the Russians at any time in the future. They also wanted a comprehensive survey of all energy resources, because once in place, Fortress Americas had to be 100% self sufficient in oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy.

There were also other less academic considerations. At best is was envisaged that up to 250,000 Zionists made up of four and six-man covert “Mistaravim” hunter-killer teams would be inserted into the Americas using various subterfuges, but this was still a very small number when compared with the massive strength of existing armies in North and South America. Even with the element of complete surprise the odds were against success, so supplementary plans were then added to biologically cripple at least fifty-percent of active-service United States military units, and disarm the civilian populations of North and South America, after staging a comprehensive series of high-profile “lone nut” massacres in school yards and elsewhere. More about these plans later.

Of all considerations, energy was the most important, and by late 1980 a comprehensive top secret survey was under way of the Falkland Islands Continental Shelf, considered by many to be the brightest prospect for a long-term oil supply for Fortress Americas. Though a seven-person cell at British Petroleum was used as an untraceable front, the actual survey was conducted by American energy corporation S***, which could barely believe the awesome results, which were checked again twice for good measure.

There was no mistake. According to the comprehensive survey conducted with state-of-the-art equipment, The Falklands Shelf conservatively contained slightly more than ten times the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Beyond doubt, this was the largest agglomeration of crude oil on the face of the earth, and the data that proved it immediately attracted a security rating to match. This was Zionist heaven, and absolutely no one outside the loop was allowed even a sniff of this staggering information.

Then in one of those gargantuan mistakes that defy rational explanation, a full set of the seismic and other data was shipped to the British Petroleum “front” cell, whose members were most certainly not on the Zionist list of properly “approved people”. Some of the data were photocopied out of interest amid loud “Oohs” and Ahhs” generated by the mind-numbing figures, but the photocopying turned out to be a serious mistake. By 1989 all but two of the British people who had access to this extraordinary information met with fatal accidents. Of the two survivors, one changed names and moved to a different industry, while I chose exile in a sleepy Australian backwater.

Talking America into spending billions on a missile defense shield took longer than the energy survey, but during March 1983 President Ronald Reagan addressed the National Association of Evangelicals and called the Soviet Union “the Evil Empire”. Like George Dubya and his various speeches twenty years later about Iraqi “democracy”, Ronnie was just warming up in front of his pro-Zionist evangelical audience. Then two weeks later he delivered a national security speech and called upon “the scientific community in this country, who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents to the cause of mankind and world peace; to give us the means of rendering these weapons impotent and obsolete.”

The fix was in, and two years later the Strategic Defence InitiativeSDI was born, designed to develop kinetic missiles, laser beam weapons, electromagnetic rail guns, and a host of other assorted pieces of space junk. The problem was that nobody had the slightest idea how to make such a complex integrated system work. In very short order, America farmed out some important SDI contracts to British defense companies, who were known to be leading lights in certain areas absolutely critical to the success of the desired “one true Zion” missile shield.

Some but not all of these Marconi and other British defense sub-contractors were allowed access to certain classified American defense computers, as an integral part of their SDI work, which would have been fine if they were the only scientists tapping into the data. Unfortunately they were not, and perhaps because they did not know how to navigate around inside the American systems, three and possibly four British scientists found themselves connected to Zionist computers on the other side of cyber space.

What the scientists discovered, at least in part, were sections of advanced strategic and tactical plans for Fortress Americas. One scientist mistakenly thought it was all part of the SDI scenario, while another thought it was just a practical joke. The reality was quite different. Zionists computer scientists working on Fortress Americas had hacked into the American defense systems looking for classified information, and had made the hideous mistake of doing so while using computer platforms which contained critical details about Fortress Americas.

The cat was almost out of the bag, but the Zionists swiftly thought of a way of shutting everything down again. As you would expect, the solution to the “problem” was both chilling and obscene, as befits the maniacs who have every intention of turning the United States of America into their personal headquarters.

It is perhaps time for all Americans, Canadians, and the residents of South America to wake up. The real enemy does not reside in the back blocks of Afghanistan, or underground in dark bunkers below Tikrit. Though his preferred accommodation was razed to the ground on 11 September 2001, the real enemy is still alive and well, living high on the hog in New York City.

Yisraelim Prepare for the Invasion of America

Before delving any further into the detailed contingencies for Fortress Americas, it is necessary to briefly review the overall scope and sheer audacity of the Zionist plan, because this is the only way of understanding what comes next. In essence, the entire American continent, from Inuvik in northern Canada to the southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego, is to be invaded and captured for Zionist use, with the cabal exercising central command and control from New York City, currently located in the much smaller United States of America. Within this new massive fortress, the USA will be the focal point of all significant economic activities, with Canada and the former countries of Latin and South America providing the bulk of natural resources and cheap labor.

Initial military activity will consist of approximately 250,000 Mistaravim-trained Yisraelim terrorists entering the Americas by land, sea and air, thereafter splitting into cells of between four and six men, every one of them coordinated internally by various designated lodges of the B’nai B’rith Masonic order. At the same time, a further smaller block of 10,000 Yisraelim terrorists will enter Australia in order to capture and hold strategic mineral reserves, though this is an entirely separate operation that will not impact directly on the Americas. Beyond that point, strategic planning calls for the U.S. military to obey the orders of the Zionist cabal through its Yisraelim commanders, and then be used in turn as a blunt instrument to enforce ‘order’ across the new Fortress Americas.

Back in New York well before the invasion proper commenced, the Zionist cabal wanted American taxpayers to pre-equip the one true Zion with a workable intercontinental missile defense shield, placing them well beyond the reach of hostile nuclear weapons in the future. The cabal also wanted a comprehensive survey of all energy resources on the American continent, because once it became an independent entity, Fortress Americas had to be one-hundred-percent self sufficient in all forms of energy.

Studies of energy reserves in the United States, combined with those in Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil, which would be forcibly requisitioned after the invasion, proved that existing reserves would be woefully inadequate to even protect Fortress Americas from external attack. Because of this, the search for enhanced reserves in the Americas assumed top priority, and in late 1979 a vast two-year seismic survey of the South American Continental Shelf was commissioned through a Zionist front company in The United States, with much emphasis placed on the extended Continental Shelf surrounding the Falkland Islands.

The Falklands survey was successful beyond the wildest dreams of the Zionist cabal, indicating overall oil reserves under the Falklands Continental Shelf more than ten times as large as those existing in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately the British administered the Falklands, and New York was determined that London would not be allowed to interfere with this staggering oil discovery, which by itself was sufficient to drive Fortress Americas for a hundred years or more. The problem was how to rid themselves of the British presence in the Falklands.

After considerable thought on the matter, the Zionist cabal finally acted on 19 March 1982, sending a hand-carried top-secret communiqué to the Argentine Government, which contained a doctored version of the Falklands report showing “about half the oil reserves as those existing in Saudi Arabia”, and urging the Argentines to act quickly in regaining their birthright. It was a fine calculation, based on Britain being unwilling to react to an oil find of this particular magnitude, but sent in the certain knowledge that the Argentines would react, as indeed they did. Seven days later on 26 March 1982 the Argentine Government decided on an invasion date, and seven days after that, on 2 April 1982, Argentine forces captured and occupied the Falkland Islands.

The Zionist cabal was delighted because it knew full well that the Argentine Government could later be bought off or exterminated, with the massive Falklands oil reserves subsequently being added to Fortress Americas energy assets. But the cabal’s delight was to be short-lived, because the Zionists were still unaware that copies of the real report had been accidentally circulated to a small number of people at British Petroleum in London. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had therefore been watching Argentina like a hawk for five months, and responded to the expected invasion within three days of the capture of Stanley, dispatching a large battle fleet from Britain on 5 April 1982. France provided significant assistance with the British recovery of the Falklands, though French involvement was very discreet, and never officially disclosed to the media.

The importance of this British defeat of Argentine forces in the Falklands cannot be overstated. In order to take the Americas at all, the Zionist cabal needed massive combat oil supplies far in excess of those already existing in north and south America, meaning that plans had to be revised to include conquest of the Middle East oilfields first. It was precisely this requirement that later spawned Operation Shekhinah and Operation Iraqi Freedom, though we do not need to examine either of those latter plans here. Both have been reported on extensively by the author, and links to each can be found at the bottom of this page.

By far the most pressing requirement for Fortress Americas was that of ‘blooding’ at least 275,000 Yisraelim terrorists, and then raising their combat skills to approximately the same level as that of the American Delta Force or the British SAS. Ultimately these terrorists would form the core of the invasion force, and be required to operate as thousands of small independent 4-6 man cells with complete confidence, a task well beyond the abilities of even the best trained conventional soldiers. Clearly paper targets were no good for this training, and there were only a limited number of Palestinian women and children targets available in the territories.

The Yisraelis could not fan out to the east without risking a catastrophic response from Russia, so they took the only course available. On 6 June 1982 they moved north into the Lebanon, determined to blood their young inexperienced soldiers and magically transform them into Yisraelim terrorists in less than six months. With each battalion under the watchful eye of two experienced MistaravimYisraeli Civilian Special Forces, the young soldiers were instructed in the special art of Jewish warfare, where all Goyim non-Jews deserve to die.

Over the months that followed, thousands of Lebanese died in many horrible ways, with the Mistaravim instructors driving their young Yisraeli pupils on to greater and greater numbers of murders, and other gross human rights excesses. Headed throughout by Yisraeli ‘defense minister’ Ariel Sharon, the murders and gang-rapes peaked in September 1982, less than a month after a token multinational peace keeping force arrived in the Lebanon, when more than 2,000 unarmed Palestinians civilians were murdered by Yisraelim terrorists in less than a single week at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla.

By his orders and actions, war criminal Sharon was making a deliberate point: The Yisraelim would rape or murder whichever Goyim they chose, whenever they chose, as was their ‘legal entitlement’ under the insane ‘laws’ of the Babylonian Talmud. In the words of the master war criminal himself, The Lebanon and Beirut in particular were “wonderful training grounds”, but the sheer level of brutal savagery at Sabra and Shatilla ensured growing attention by the international community, and over the Christmas period, the multinational peace keeping force more than doubled in size, headed by the Americans and French.

The Zionists were furious when the multinational peace keeping force invaded their new training ground, and on 18 April 1983 they bombed the American Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people. Then on 23 October the Zionists detonated two Dimona micro nukes outside the American and French marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 and 58 soldiers respectively. The multinational peace keeping force swiftly retreated, leaving the Lebanese people as live targets for Mistaravim and other Zionist kill-teams wishing to hone their lethal skills.

This was the first documented use of Yisraeli micro nukes outside Palestine, but it was not to be the last. Most notable of the new low-radiation micro nukes used overseas during later years for practice, reprisals and covert operations, were three detonated in London and a fourth in Bali. Intelligence received in 2003 indicates that Dimona has so far manufactured in excess of 600 of these exotic weapons. Most micro nukes remain in Palestine, though 220 have allegedly been pre-positioned in North and South America, with a further six deployed to Western Australia.

Though the Yisraelis had already managed to butcher most of the Palestinian refugees in The Lebanon, they were attacked by an increasing number of outraged Lebanese, and by the Hizbollah, a new counter-insurgency army formed and funded by Syria and Iran, specifically to drive the Yisraeli terrorists out of Lebanese sovereign territory. By mid 1985 the Hizbollah gathered strength and efficiency, forcing the Yisraelis to withdraw to southern Lebanon, where they formed a new ‘occupation zone’ for the continued field training of Fortress Americas and other terrorist personnel. Between 1985 and 2000, more than 100,000 Yisraelim terrorists were ‘blooded’ in the south Lebanon occupation zone, until direct threats from Russia forced them to withdraw completely. And so it was that at exactly 0341 hrs GMT on 24 May 2000, the last Yisraeli tank left the Lebanon, crossing through the Fattier Gate back into Palestine.

Unfortunately, this upset the advanced Fortress Americas training program, so the Zionist cabal in New York ordered war criminal Sharon to “provoke the Palestinians in the territories”, a task he completed with gusto just over four months later on 28 September 2000, when he deliberately invaded and violated the Muslim al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Predictably and understandably, Sheik Ahmed Yasin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, said that “the visit of leader of the extreme rightist Likud party Ariel Sharon to the al-Aqsa mosque, expresses the spirit of terrorism, criminality and assault to the sacred places.”

Of course it did, and this was exactly what the Zionist cabal intended. Having provoked the Palestinians into throwing a few stones at a handful of checkpoints, the Yisraeli terrorists responded with light and heavy automatic rifles and machine guns, 120-mm tank guns, helicopter gunships, and even F-16 fighter-bombers. All weapon systems were graciously donated free by Americans, in order that the Yisraelis might learn how to later kill Americans efficiently in America, using identical techniques. As I write this report in January 2004, and taking into account all Yisraelim trained earlier in The Lebanon, the Zionist cabal now has in excess of 275,000 terrorists fully trained and combat ready. At least 7,000 of these have already been infiltrated into the USA, and many more will follow during the months to come.

Running in parallel with terrorist training during the late eighties, were detailed plans to severely weaken the US military, to promote a general climate ‘conducive to gun control’ in the west, and to ensure a defensive missile shield was in place overhead the Americas. . The last-named project was doomed to failure, and despite costing the lives of a number of British defense scientists, “Star Wars” was quietly shelved. Though Bush proposed “Son of Star Wars” in late 2003, there was and is no serious intent to develop a practical missile defense shield. Funds from this latest excess will be discreetly siphoned off by the Federal Reserve and deposited in a number of numbered Swiss and Belgian bank accounts, which in turn will provide substantial pensions for a small number of elitist rats, who are likely to jump the good ship America before the invasion starts.

Detailed preparations for discreet biological warfare against the US Military were made in the late eighties, with Zionist-controlled pharmaceutical corporations developing a very special slow-acting and debilitating vaccine. In 1990 a “war with Iraq” was miraculously arranged by George Bush Senior, with more than half a million American servicemen then forcibly inoculated with the biological toxin during a six month period. The prime reason for this was quite simple. The Yisraelim were not keen to face a hardened and very experienced US military when the time came to invade the Americas, so took pre-emptive action.

Nowadays so many highly experienced American servicemen have died, or been permanently incapacitated by this biological warfare, that the token defense of the Americas will be left in the hands of rookies, reservists, and various American militia. None promises to be much of a match for the hundreds of blooded and highly-trained Yisraelim terrorist cells.

The notion of a ‘general climate conducive to gun control’ was really only icing on the cake, designed to minimize the level of risk to Yisraeli terrorists from American and other civilians. In this venture the Yisraelis found amazingly helpful allies among the political ‘left wing’ of the west. Every time a Mistaravim special forces team carried out a “gun massacre” in places as far removed as Scotland and Australia, literally thousands of lefties joined the media clamor for “gun control”, thereby actively helping to remove the only real form of defense they had against Yisraeli terrorists in the future. Do not ask me why this is, but I imagine Sigmund Freud would babble on for hours about guns being “phallic symbols” that “frighten civilized people”. Maybe so, but a semi-automatic weapon in your house is, in my view, preferable to later sharing the same terrible fate as the poor souls at Sabra and Shatilla.

Naturally the Yisraeli terrorists can only hope to remove a tiny fraction of America’s civilian weapons in this way, and therefore already have detailed plans in place for dealing with the Militias and others who might dare to defiantly stand in the way of their imperial conquest. B’nai B’rith has already updated its own super computers with the profiles of all American militia groups, right-wing ‘patriotic’ activists, and any one else who it is deemed may cause the Zionist cabal problems at a later, including those American Jews who are opposed to the concept of Zion itself.

Unless suitable precautions are taken in advance, all Americans in these categories will only ever see a Yisraeli terrorist once, and then only for the three milliseconds it takes for an expanding high velocity .223 Remington bullet to travel from the muzzle of the sawn-off terrorist M-16, and ride a dazzling red laser beam to a spot directly between their eyes. Death for male activists will therefore be mercifully swift, unlike the degrading fate in store for their mothers, wives, girlfriends, and any female children.

Those American readers who imagine that the invasion and subordination of the Americas will in some way resemble the Hollywood film “Red Dawn”, are sadly mistaken and need to revise their views. Unlike the film Red Dawn, where the invaders basically killed half of the people and imprisoned the other half, the Yisraelim invasion and conquest will have more in common with Vichy France during the Second World War. Most politicians will remain in their current jobs, as will vast numbers of public servants and local police forces.

If the Yisraelim invasion succeeds or even partially succeeds, reversing the fate of normal American people afterwards will be next to impossible without an effective two-tier command and control network, ironically very similar in nature to that of the Iraqi counter-insurgency forces today, who are being attacked and murdered wholesale by American troops under the overall direction of the same Zionist cabal in New York.

Now might be a very good time to drag that old reloading press out of the garden shed, and run up a few hundred extra rounds. Load them up to maximum breech pressure with excruciating care, and ensure that each and every hollow point or silver tip bullet is perfectly seated in its case. It is your personal duty to protect your family and neighbors by killing enough Yisraeli terrorist scum to deflect their attention elsewhere, giving you a chance to fight a second day, then another day, and yet another day, until finally you have killed every last one of them.

3 Thoughts to “The New World Order: Ben Gurion’s “One True Zion” ?”

  1. Anonymous

    hello mr barrett,interesting article on ben gurion et al.
    Appears infiltration of freemasons started
    200 years ago I will add.
    I personally believe that european royals have used the red shield mob to retain their
    "birthright" and that balfour,lenin,trotsky and such gave cover and deniability. also maintain awareness that sitchin is on to something which offers evidence for iraq and further mid east conquest.I by no means discount your knowledge and summation and look forward tonext installment. I,as most, can only see with my current awareness and try to remain openminded and vigilant. I find Veterans Today to be very helpful to the cause and am thankful
    for everyone's insights .

  2. Anonymous

    Gday kevin

    Thank you so much for your article quoting Joe Vialls. An old friend and myself met with Joe, at his humble home in Perth, Western Australia, many times and, tried to spread his message throughout Oz. The average Aussie is as dumb and blind as his American brothers.

    When Marilyn (Joe's ever patient wife) informed us of the sudden death of Joe, we all knew it was murder. Joe always said he knew too much.

    So help me christ those bastards will pay.

  3. Anonymous

    A silent coup d etat!

    I'm guessing this plan is already "in motion" now as we speak, as it sure looks that way. However, rather than sending assassins to the front doors of targeted individuals it sounds like they're lobbing bio-weapons/ brain-bombs at them, which makes them crazy, and then when they act out "homicidal rage", they can just be shot as another "lone nut" with a grudge. Judging from the comments on the internet message boards, the public is not sympathetic. Just a hunch.

    Ah, "when in in Rome do as the Romans"? Or was that, "I can't save you- I can't even save myself". Or maybe it's the old adage; "every man for himself?" Or best/worst of all; "If you can't beat them- join them."

    But in all seriousness, based on my own research, and I'll specifically note Alex Constantine's "Psychic Dictatorship"
    claims that SDI was simply a cover and the money was used to develop "psychotronic weapons" which are being used on everyone in the name of protecting the public i.e. using remote scanner to scan for weapons.

    Also, the DHS stockpiling I heard was for some kind of collapse of the dollar that they're preparing for in the not too distant future. I had heard that the banks were so incompetently run back in 2008, that the bailout had to go thru because the banks didn't have any cash for the ATM's.

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