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Is circumcision a crime against humanity?

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 5/9/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Alternative healer and anti-circumcision activist Patricia Robinett says: Cut it out! (Circumcising, that is.) She is the author of The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA.

Second hour: Ron Paul update with Rolf Lindgren, Libertarian activist and Ron Paul expert. Rolf, former Advisor to the Barrett for Congress campaign, will also discuss my plans to consider running for Congress again – this time in Wisconsin’s 2nd District. Here is the email I sent out yesterday:

Barrett for Congress exploratory meeting:

This Thursday, May 10th, 6 to 7 pm
:  The Weary Traveler, 1201 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703

Does the Wisconsin Revolution need to “GO NATIONAL”?


I’m considering a run for Congress in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District – one of the nation’s most “radical” districts, and the home of the Wisconsin Revolution. Tammy Baldwin is leaving, and the seat is up for grabs. My campaign theme would be:  “Let’s Bring the Wisconsin Revolution to Washington, DC!”

The Wisconsin Revolution isn’t just about unions. To me, it’s about “save the middle class, and save America!”


*End the wars, cut military spending, save the economy.

*End the post-9/11 police state, restore the Constitution.

*End the Fed, bust the banksters, print real currency.

*In short: End the reign of the psychopaths! (See my essay “Twilight of the Psychopaths”: )

I would run as a Democrat because, in general, Democrats are less psychopathic than Republicans. (Ron Paul is the exception that proves the rule). Also, whoever wins the Democratic primary in this heavily Democratic district will also win the general election.

The other two Democrats in the race, State Rep. Mark Pocan and Rep. Kelda Helen Roys, seem like nice people. But they aren’t revolutionaries. They’re professional politicians. Neither one is going to throw their body into the gears of the machine.

If the two professional politicians split two-thirds of the vote, the revolutionary candidate could win with as little as 34% !

Ten years from now, I want people to look back and say: “The revolution started in Wisconsin.”

If you’d like to see a truly REVOLUTIONARY political campaign, let me know!  Send me advice, encouragement, money, or offers to help. If the response looks promising, I’ll run.  (And if I decide not to run, I’ll refund your encouragement, advice, offers, and money!)

Monetary encouragement: paypal
or use the button at and add the note “for congress campaign”

Thank you for paying attention, and I hope to see you Thursday evening!

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