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The Oklahoma City bombing: A step toward 9/11?

This Thursday, April 19th, 2012, is the 17th anniversary of the OKC bombing.

Let’s give this some historical context.

In 1993, the FBI built the bomb that killed six people and injured more than a thousand in the World Trade Center. (The FBI informant who hatched and supervised the “radical Muslim plot” is on tape discussing this fact with his FBI handler, asking “why didn’t the FBI build a dud, as promised?”)

The first WTC bombing was a test designed to find out just how deeply the American people were hypnotized. Would Americans accept the official version of events, even if it required them to believe that a “terrorist” returned to the rental center to get his deposit back on the bomb truck?!

Sure they would.

On April 19th, 1995, another FBI-assisted mass-hypnosis-test was conducted – this time in Oklahoma City. Would the American people buy the notion that a fertilizer bomb in a truck parked outside a building could blow up the whole building from the inside? Once again, Americans passed their hypnosis test with flying colors.

Then on 9/11/2001, it was time for the big event. Americans were permanently infantilized through trauma-assisted ultra-intensive mass hypnosis. If they believed this, they would, in the future, believe everything Big Brother told them.

And they would have…except for a little thing called the truth movement.

This week, we will remember the April 19th event in OKC with screenings of the new, long-awaited documentary film A Noble Lie. Filmmaker Chris Emery will present the film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on April 19th, 7 pm, in 1111 Humanities. He will also be appearing on Truth Jihad Radio this Wednesday, this Wednesday April 18th, 3 to 4 pm.

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Truth Jihad Radio this week: (details at )

Monday: Paul Topete of America’s premiere freedom rock band Poker Face; and Mat Stein, author of When Technology Fails and When Disaster Strikes, returns to discuss “400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon”

Tuesday: Huffington Post writer David Macaray, author of “They Want to Privatize the World”

Wednesday: Chris Emery of , Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

Thursday: 17th anniversary of OKC false-flag bombing; Chris Emery showing A Noble Lie in 1111 Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 7 pm.

Friday: Bill Whitehouse, one of America’s most underrated political thinkers (who happens to be Muslim), author of The Unfinished Revolution: The Battle for America’s Soul.

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Kevin Barrett
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5 Thoughts to “The Oklahoma City bombing: A step toward 9/11?”

  1. Anonymous

    The FBI serves the trillionaire cultist genocidalists/history-buggers of London…..properly explained, what happened in Oklahoma City is just another piece in the jigsaw puzzle (although that doesn'tseem the best term, I'm just waking up this morning). Mostly, the story is told through their films, as I have previously written. For example, the various Irish- and Scottish-themed filsms stemmed, in part, from developments in 1981 – for example, when the Coldstream Guards showed up at Anaheim Convention Center in July that year, while IRA-organised Irish protesters demonstrated passionately outside with placards of Bobby Sands' image (it was the Coldstream Guards which held William Street at Belfast on Bloody Sunday in 1972). The 1998 "Enemy Of The State" was a transparent – to those like myself with in side knowledge – precursor to the 911 attacks. For God's sake, man, they had evil NSA official Jon Voight born on September 11th (1940) in the film. It's all too much for a brief posting here. …..

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    This analysis implies much more organization and intention than I think the situation logically requires. That may mean it is still true, but logically one can see the sequence in a more natural unfolding.

    It seems more likely to me that they were trying various attempts to construct an enemy and in doing so had to up the ante as it were, make it more dramatic, to get an effect. Those other two incidents (and whatever else they were doing) did not add up to the social effect they wanted. So 9/11 gets really big. But even with it we see their effort faultering over time. The public just isn't committed to war the way they want.

    That these events also were opportunities to test and/or condition the public is no doubt true, but that point does not require full intent from the beginning.

    Nice talking with you last week!

    All the best,


  3. Thanks for this feedback, Richard.

    I agree that my analysis is oversimplified – like all narratives, especially very brief ones like this. But I challenge you to construct an alternative narrative of similar length that is equally tight, coherent, easy-to-understand, and true.

  4. Anonymous

    Kevin, Chris' "A Noble Lie" is quite good (he sent it to me in exchange for my newest book), and you are right about the OKC bombing as prelude to 9/11. Relevant to this, you may want to see Part 1 of my 2-part series on the OKC bombing. It is posted today at In Part 2 (in 2 weeks), I will get into Strassmeir and the possible relation to the secret Nazi plan develpoed in 1942 and coming to fulfillment today. It is the subject of my latest book, THE POWER ELITE AND THE SECRET NAZI PLAN. Best wishes, Dennis

  5. Anonymous

    thanks for sharing.

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