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Is comparing neocons to nazis an insult to nazis?!

Tuesday, January 17th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today.

A few years ago, I made national news by telling an AP reporter that comparing Bush to Hitler would be an insult to Hitler. After all, Hitler was tragic, while Bush is farcical.

Now Gordon Duff is upping the ante. “Remember the stories about Gaddafi and how well he ran Libya? Well, this is how Hitler actually ran Germany, health care, social security, paid vacations, no unemployment, no illiteracy…” Gordon says that the title of my upcoming talk at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, which asks “Are Neocons the New Nazis?” is an insult to the nazis.

His latest article begins:

“Let’s alienate as many people as possible right away. Nazi Germany was more ‘democratic’ than America is today.”

Has America fallen that far, that fast, since the neocon coup d’état of 9/11? Tune in and find out!

8 Thoughts to “Is comparing neocons to nazis an insult to nazis?!”

  1. Anonymous

    "The United States could not care less about Muslim life. And the same is true for the genocidal apartheid regime in Israel. They would be happy to use nuclear weapons against Iran. They would be happy to break the taboo of Hiroshima and Nagasaki against Muslims in Iran. It would create no problem at all for them. Indeed, I went to school with these Neo-Conservatives at the University of Chicago. Wolfowitz was there, Chalabi, Khalilzad, Shulsky, all the rest of them. I went through the exact same program. Their mentor, Professor Leo Strauss. And who was his teacher in Germany and his sponsor? Professor Carl Schmitt who went on to become the most notorious Nazi law Professor of his day, justifying every atrocity that the Nazis inflicted on everyone.

    "We must understand that these Neo-Conservatives are in fact Neo-Nazis. They have espoused the Nazi doctrine of Schmitt and Strauss and Machiavelli and Nietzsche, the 'superman'. They are the supermen, and the Muslims are the scum of the earth."

    Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, University of Illinois

  2. Anonymous

    I like you a lot Gordon, but you said some pretty strange stuff today…

    My understanding of fascism is that it was first formulated in Italy and was called estado corpotivo or corpratism, corporate state or rule by corporation. Nothing much would happen against the interests of the corporations under such rule, wage hikes for workers, benefits for workers, trade restrictions, taxes on corporations, environmental restrictions on business and much more would never, ever occur. Organized labor fought for generations in this country to make tolerable working conditions widespread and many people died to make this happen. What we we have left of weekends, 8 hour days, adequate compensation and benefits, pensions, and so on and on were paid for in blood and great suffering by men, women and children of many races and backgrounds on the economic battlefield. Of course, they've all been undone to various degrees by all sorts of dirty tricks.

    A just comparison can be made between feudalism and fascism in that the resulting conditions bear striking similarities; there's little practical difference between the two.

    It's always, always, always been the same old sad F-ing story- any attempts to do anything for the mass of the people and take control of what should rightfully be one's own national property (such as the oil in the middle east, bananas in South America, etc. to infinity, and beyond) is meet with heinous and/or insidious repression, outright in cases like Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, or underhandedly as it has unfolded beneath our feet as Americans. Even here, our national wealth in resources has been handed to the money power.

    Capitalism vs. anything else and Capitalism is an economic structure in which money rules.

    It's important to be careful with words and have common understanding of what is meant. It has always bothered me when Marxist has been equated with Fascist because they really are polar opposites. They share the means of using the coercive power of the state, but for opposite ends- Marxism for the good of the people and Fascism for powers that be, corporations, kings, banks- the money and military might, which tend to travel in close company.

    Since I've mentioned the "M" word, let me say that my knowledge is limited, but as I understand Marx, he was not big on solutions or alternatives and his great work was the analytical, observational Das Capital- The Money. In it, a few realities of economics were proved, like "labor creates wealth". This simple formula is what allows slave owners to make great wealth off of slaves. I recommend Michael Parenti for more on Marx.

    All I know for sure is that the worst slime to ever walk the earth as humans invariably go after anything that can be characterized as Marxist with maximum hostility and that tells me that there's something very good about it.

    Anyhoo, hope ya'll are enjoying these strange days as much as possible!

    All the best,


  3. Anonymous


    Figure me to be right and what you have been led to believe has been for a reason.

    National Socialism is, essentially, a trade union and functions as one.

    There were no German worker complaints under National Socialism.

    Feudalism is the old term that applies to monopoly capitalism.

    We live in a prefeudal state now.

    The desire has been to keep the success of Germany secret though continual propagandizing.

    One must, however, separate economic policy from foreign policy.

    We already have the bad parts of Nazi Germany, we just didn't get the good ones, the high wages, the health care, the oversight of corporate profits and the solid currency.


  4. Anonymous

    Huff and his take on what Fascism is, is 180 out of what I've always heard.

  5. Glad you liked the show!

    I'm not a World War II expert, much less a revisionist, so I can only go with what I "know." That's not necessarily a bad thing for this kind of interview. When the interviewee is challenging conventional wisdom, it doesn't hurt for the interviewer to respond the way that much of the audience probably will.

  6. Many different groups believe counterfeit israel will nuke an American city to manipulate us into attacking Iran FOR THEM (while they hide as far away from the front lines as they can get, as usual). Why wouldn't they? It's the "jews" modus operandi. For decades, mossad (parent company of the CIA) has been bombing "jewish" targets then calling in as Hamas, PLO, etc., to take credit for it. During the Six Day War, israeli planes murdered 40 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty, then blamed it on Muslims, to con us into fighting that war FOR THEM. A generation later, they brought down the Two Towers on 9/11 so America would be sure to take over Iraq and Afghanistan FOR THEM. WILL AMERICA ONLY WAKE UP WHEN IT'S TOO LATE?

    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: "When a government outlaws 'terrorism', it's planning something for which 'terrorism' is the only recourse."

  7. Anonymous


    Words can't express my delight at listening to your recent interview with Gordon Duff concerning WWII. Gordon is exceptionally well informed and I eagerly await a follow-up interview (or better, a series of interviews dedicated to exploring the issue).

    At the same time, it was obvious that you were defensively attempting to shore up your view of that seminal event. I had to laugh, because it reminded me of the lengths to which I went years ago to protect my views — which upon analysis proved to be mere war-time propaganda — on WWII. Yes, I fought tooth and nail for the "accepted" version — that is, the version of events we all received through the intensive indoctrination of mass compulsory schooling. And then I discovered revisionism…

    At any rate, I would like to suggest some reading material for your further studies on WWII:

    To gain an understanding of WWI:
    The Genesis of the World War; an Introduction to the Problem of War Guilt, New York: Knopf, 1929.
    *Available through your local university library system

    To gain an understanding of the origins of WWII (1930s):
    Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of FDR and its Aftermath, NY: Greenwood Press, 1969, 1953
    *available from AMAZON

    To gain an understanding of German war aims in WWII
    *widely available

    Finally, WIlliam Engdahl's Gods of Money, provides a crucial piece to the puzzle — the role played by the CFR in involving the US in WWII.

    These are invaluable works and should be read by all Americans.

    Keep up the great work,


    P.S. in the academic/scientific world — at least ideally — researchers refrain from making statements that are not backed up by facts. So, if you have documented evidence that the Reichstag fire was set by elements of the NAZI party, please provide that evidence on a future program (perhaps in a continuation with G. Duff). Otherwise, in the name of objectivity, perhaps it would be wise to refrain from making statements not backed up by facts.

    P.P.S. also enjoyed your interview with Mike Piper

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