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Anthony Lawson blasts Jim Fetzer, Veterans Today

Tuesday, August 16th, 9-10 a.m Pacific (noon Eastern) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Anthony Lawson, maker of the greatest 9/11 short film ever, This Is an Orange, is on the warpath!

In a brand-new article What Has Happened to Veterans Today? Lawson blasts Veterans Today for publishing Jim Fetzer. Lawson and Fetzer, email friends for a time, had a falling-out over Fetzer’s support for claims that videos showing planes hitting the World Trade Center towers cannot be authentic. (Read about Jim Fetzer’s August 1st appearance on my radio show here, and listen to it here.)

(More information about this show, including my take on the controversy, here.)

One Thought to “Anthony Lawson blasts Jim Fetzer, Veterans Today”

  1. Anonymous

    There is ample footage of the second 'strike' clearly showing the nose of the 'plane' exiting the other side of the WTC tower. If anyone has not seen this footage then they have no right to even mutter 911 under their breath. Perhaps Messrs Lawson and Barrett might explain this phenomena and explain how Fetzer's video fakery theory is so absurd in the light of it. Fetzer is absurd but a lightweight aluminium tube successfully penetrating AND exiting through almost 300 steel girders and concrete isn't? Nice work guys. Don't give up your day jobs.

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