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Anthrax Inside Job Expert Barry Kissin on F&B Tuesday 10/6

Anthrax expert Barry Kissin, who recently briefed Congressman Rush Holt, will join me on Fair and Balanced this Tuesday, October 6th, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Pacific (noon – 1 pm Eastern), on The show will be archived a few hours after it’s over here.

[Breaking news: Muhammed Abdullah, the Muslim Marine vet 9/11 activist who was recently raided by the DHS in reprisal for his truth-speaking, is planning to join us during the first fifteen minutes!]

Barry Kissin is extremely well-informed, not to mention passionate, about the anthrax case, which even the US government has admitted was a false-flag inside job designed to demonize Muslims. (I wonder why the anthrax criminals wrote “Death to America, death to Israel, Allah is great” on the envelopes?)

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