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Today’s Radio Show, More Fan Mail

Great radio show today coming up with Jerry Mazza and Russ Baker.

Meanwhile I’m too tired from the (probably) last day of fasting for Ramadan to write anything myself, so here is some more noteworthy feedback on the Steve Alten dogfight

Dear Kevin and Steve,

Now that you have both accused the other, and now me too, of black-and-white thinking, I can say that you are both right, and so am I: this IS a black-and-white issue. The only shades of gray are in the minds of everyone who refuses to see that Big Brother did it, and that “Big Brother” is exactly the appropriate term for what you know I mean. This makes it black, I know, which is why we don’t want to see it, and keep looking for the gray.

I admire you both. You have taken two different paths toward the same goal, and you have both been successful, and made a difference. I know I am talking to my superiors. I can’t figure out which way to go myself. Fiction or non-fiction — that seems like a black-and-white issue, too, but maybe there is something else. Success or failure? Maybe there is an alternative there as well. I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

I keep citing Pepper’s Act of State as the best model of reality we have. There is no black-and-white there. It’s all black. Still, here we are. We need to get our eyes adjusted to the darkness before we can start to see some light.

I respect your views on Zionism, Kevin, and it is obviously an important issue. But it is not the central issue. The central issue is the reality that Pepper describes.

(name deleted)

* * *

Hi Kevin!
I’m a longtime admirer of yours, and have been THRILLED to end up on your e-mail list. I imagine that happened as a result of becoming a grass roots activist for 9 /11 here in Nashville. I’ve been following your battle for a couple of years, and just tonight read about your experience with 9/ I just want you to know that I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with EVERYTHING you say. You are obviously MUCH BETTER EDUCATED on the facts than 99.8% of Americans. Our buddy Michael Chertoff was on Washington Journal this morning. I had to leave after a few minutes, but the first call was about the missing trillions from the pentagon, and he just played dumb. It is an INSULT to EVERY American that this OBVIOUS TRAITOR can be on OUR tv shows, spewing his murderous lies. I saw a few more calls on 9/11Blogger (before I read what they did to you!?!? First the disappears, then I find out 9/11B ran your candidacy out of town on a rail- where’s a good internet guy to GO anymore!?!) and he equated 9/11 Truth with holocaust denial (which, in a back-handed way is the only HONEST thing he’s EVER done!!!) and the Obama birth certificate thing.
You know what I’m wondering, Kevin? When are some of our law enforcement in this country going to grow some balls, and go out and arrest these bastards? The evidence is READY! Somehow we need to encourage our police forces around the country to start arresting these TRAITORS. I’m not a lawyer (musician by trade), but I could put ALL OF THEM in front of a firing squad in about two hours, if the jury weren’t a bunch of American morons. People like Michael Chertoff should be SCARED TO DEATH to walk the streets in America. It says something very sad about the character of the American PEOPLE that men like him ARE ALLOWED to strut so bravely through our country after what they’ve done. Although, I will say, I bet he NEVER imagined eight years ago that someday he would be on the Washington Journal with people pummeling him with questions about the missing trillions, 9/11 in GENERAL, NANO-THERMITE, etc. I would venture to say that Mr. Chertoff’s comfort zone is shrinking by the second.
Thank you and may God bless you for all that you have done, AND LOST, in pursuit of the truth. I don’t expect a reply, but I would be HONORED to hear from you personally. You, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, and the whole host of others that have openly and HONESTLY helped to lead this great movement are the Thomas Jeffersons’, George Washingtons’, Ben Franklins’ and Paul Reveres’ of OUR time, and to count myself just AMONG you is one of the great parts of my life, and I spread the word and evidence you all have given the world everywhere I go.
My hat is off to you , Mr. Barrett. You are TRULY a man among men!
Your friend– (name deleted)

“The multiplying villainies of nature do swarm upon him. Disdaining fortune with his * brandished steel, he smote the bloody executioners”! -V

2 Thoughts to “Today’s Radio Show, More Fan Mail”

  1. Kevin I'll take the lack of supporting comments on this blog and the lack of names on your endorsements above as an indication that you are about out of friends who are willing to be named.

    How can we believe you didn't write these messages yourself? You lied to Chomsky when you claimed you'd lost a tenure-track position, and when you promised that his emails would be confidential. You lied to the press when you told them Willie Rodriguez single-handedly rescued ten persons. You lied when you claimed I'd committed criminal acts. You lied to a radio audience reaching half the country when you said every single person executed after Nuremberg was executed for participating in an aggressive war. You lied when you posed as a movie producer to help promote a friend's rock band. You lied when you said a famous rock star had endorsed your congressional campaign. Even when you don't know you're lying, your gullible confirmation bias and incompetent scholarship makes you an extremely unreliable source. The errors in your RT interview made knowledgeable truthers cringe. Why should anyone believe anything you say?

    But then, you're on a truth jihad, right? And when you're on a truth jihad, lying is justified because it's all for a cause greater than mere truth, right?

  2. Damn, Kev, what a ghost town! Don't you get tired of posting stuff nobody reads? You have to pretend that all the action is happening in your supersecret hey-nonny-nonnymouse emails.

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