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Vacy Vlazna on “Crybaby Israel”; plus “RU in a patriotic state” and PSAs for 9/11 Muslim March on Washington

Listen HERE Dr. Vacy Vlanza of recently authored a terrific article entitled Cry Baby Israel. It begins: “Israel, one of the most technologically advanced military superpowers, is making a colossal fool of itself on the global stage by crying Wolf – ‘We have the right to defend ourselves from – from ?- hold onto your hats, folks, from  – Kites, Balloons, Stones, Cameras, a Slap, a Poem.”  In our interview we discuss Zionism and psychopathy (the subject of Laurent Guyénot’s brilliant article “Israel the Psychopathic Nation.”) Other topics include how Dr. Vlanza got interested in the Palestine issue, and what…