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Steven Rosenbaum: New 9/11 Film “The Outsider” May Help Spark Necessary Conversations

Listen HERE I will be publishing a full transcript of this interview for subscribers to my Substack page. Steven Rosenbaum and Pamela Yoder are the filmmakers behind The Outsider, scheduled for release August 19th—assuming the 9/11 Museum’s team of lawyers hired to torpedo the film do not succeed. As the New York Daily News reports: “Top officials of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum want to cut 18 scenes they call ‘defamatory’ from an upcoming documentary about the museum’s inner workings — and the documentary’s makers vow not to cave in to their demands.” The Outsider, unlike the 9/11 Museum, does not…


LIVE RADIO! Mr. Rho and David Kenney on Corruption & Collapse in California; Jonathan Simon Offers Updates on Election Fraud

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at First hour:  Scheduled guest Steven Rosenbaum, filmmaker behind The Outsider, was unavailable, so instead I discussed corruption and collapse in California with Revolution Radio host Mr. Rho and whistleblowing attorney David Kenney. Second hour: Jonathan Simon, one of America’s leading election integrity experts, asks: “What happens when a dangerous and serial liar like Donald Trump blunders onto an inconvenient and disruptive truth? The truth Trump is inadvertently pointing to is not that elections in the United States are rigged, but that our privatized, electronic vote counting system is unobservable and incapable of…